Top 10 Duplicate Content Checkers Tools & Sites to Stop Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checking Websites – 10 Best Online Tools for Plagiarism Detection


These Free online tools will be very helpful for anyone whose concerns involve: Website, Blog, SEO, and content originality.

For every blog or website, the most important and crucial element is content in the present era of online marketing.  Quality content has become the prime need of every online business. It is because it plays an important role in each section of online marketing whether it is SEO, SMO, Marketing, Press Release or e-books. But as the digital industry is growing different types of threat are also growing with it, and one of among that theft is content theft. Also known as duplicate content, copied content problem, etc.

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Checking Plagiarism Online- The 10 Best Content Checker Tools


Thus, how can we solve this problem or is there any way to perform a check on the content? Well, yes there is many content checking or plagiarism tools available online and by using those tools we can test the content.


10 Best Tools to Check Content Duplicacy and Plagiarism


So today I am going to share top 5 duplicate content checker SEO tools for checking plagiarism online.

The list begins here:-


1. Copyscape: Undisputed Lead in Plagiarism Checking Web Platforms


Copyscape is one of the oldest and trusted online tools for checking plagiarism in content. To test the content all, you have to put the URL of the content where content is present, and then it will show up you all the results. It is available in both versions – free and paid. The paid version starts only at $4.95/month.

The Number one online place to be to check the originality of any content


Along with that, you can also get automatic alerts about plagiarism if you go with paid version with the help of their copysentry option. It just provides you the information about the pages copied from your resources as Copysentry routinely checks the internet for replicas of your web pages and emails you with the details as soon as they come into view of it.

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2. Grammarly


Grammarly is yet another great tool to check plagiarized content. It is a complete package tool as it provides many different facilities on a single platform as it provides spelling check, grammar check, sentence structure, style and many more options. And at the same time, it also helps to enhance the vocabulary which in-turn result in excellent writing.

The Best website to Check Grammar as well as Plagiarism


Thus, all you have to do is to signup for Grammarly, and if you want to use its premium package, then you can select from its premium packages list according to your requirement. You can also get the premium for one week thereby inviting your friends if they do accept your offer and install Grammarly extension. is also the best Grammar Checker Tool Available Online



3. Plagiarism Checker by SmallSeoTools


Plagiarism checker by SmallSeoTools is also among one the best SEO content checker tool.  It is very easy to use as all you have to do is to copy your content and then paste it in the box given, or you can also upload a document of your text content.


SmallSEOTools- A Website that offers a collection of seo tools including duplicate content checker

And as soon as you press “Check for Plagiarism” button it will show you the results. It shows the un-copied or original content in green and copied or unoriginal in red so That you can rephrase or rewritten it to remove duplicacy. Along with that SmallSeoTools provides many SEO tools which are useful for purposes.

The best thing about this tool is that it is entirely free and don’t even require any account creation. But still, if you want to have an account there you can go through this Link to register at SmallSEOTools to stay updated with the advancements in the tool.


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4. Dupli Checker


Dupli Checker is fourth in the row and also categorized under the category of one of the best content checker tools.

Here to check content, you have only to copy your content and paste the content in the given text box. And after that, you have to click on “Check Plagiarism” button. You can also upload a document of your written content for performing a check on your content. In one time you can check the content of 1000 words.


Dupli Checker- another great tool for detecting duplicate content


The tool has a limit of checking once in a day until you are not a registered user. So thus, if you want to check content multiple times in a day then you can register on Dupli Checker by following this link.

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You can also upload a file of the same text content which you want to check. As soon as you do so it will show you the results for your content – Red for unoriginal or plagiarized content and green is for unique and original content. Thus, if you also want to check your written content before placing it on any of yours online assets, then it is the best option for you.




I hope that this post will help you all in writing better and original content. Also, if you like the post doesn’t forget to share it on your social media profiles to make others also aware of it. And do share your experiences and views on the post to let us know in the comment section given below. Also, share by emailing it your friends.


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6.PlagScan – a Versatile Plagiarism Checker Portal

This is a versatile tool for checking plagiarism of different kinds. They offer several services for different types of content and file formats. They also have a specoalization for checking education related content and documents in different formats. Apart from checking duplication level in texts they also scan if the content is against any legal compliance or not.

PlagScan is mainly focused on content related to education, thesis, projects, books, essays, assignments, etc.

Plagscan: a Versatile Plagiarism Checker

They offer following main solutions concerning to plagiarism:

  • PlagScan for students & private users
  • Ouriginal for Secondary Education
  • Ouriginal for Higher Education
  • Ouriginal for corporate & businesses

Salient Features of PlagScan:

  • Document Manager
  • Plagiarism Reports
  • Assignments
  • Author Metrics
  • Administration for Organizations
  • Statistics
  • LMS integration and API
  • Algorithm and Sources
  • Plagiarism Prevention Pool



#7.   Article Checker –

#8.   Plagiarism Check-

#9.   Plagium-

#10. Paper Rater-


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  2. Copyleaks is also a free plagiarism detector. It's perfect for students, teachers, bloggers, and of course SEO agencies and writers. It's a great way to make sure your search engine ranking isn't affected by duplicate content.

  3. Hi Ads2020, Copyleaks is a free plagiarism checker that is great for students, teachers, publishers, and of course SEO agencies looking to make sure their google ranking is not affected.

  4. Hi there! Don't miss a tool, visit and try Unplag plagiarism detector. This online software is a smart alternative to some of the tools mentioned above, just because it saves precious time and worth every penny spent on it.

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