5 Best Marketing Tools for Branding & Monitoring your Business Brand

5 Best Tools for the Businesses to Market and Monitor their Brand Online.

Getting more mentions or referrals paves way for the agency’s growth. It leads to more engagement and as a result of it more visibility.

But are agencies really giving attention to this aspect of marketing? Building a brand online is challenging which needs due focus and time. But it gets hard when an agency has to look into the issues of its clients and new projects that comes up and other such things.

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Marketing and Monitoring Tools for your Business Branding


Marketing Tools to Market your Agency Brand

When advanced technology today solutions are available in bulk. So here’s presenting the top 5 tools that can help you stay on the top, make the most of your time & efforts and build a strong agency brand.


Best Tools for Business Branding, Marketing, and Monitoring


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Most Popular Tools for Branding and Monitoring


Most of the new business don’t pay much attention to market and monitor their brands. They are majority concerned about getting more and more sales. However in long run this brings the business towards the downfall. Check out some of the best tools in this article to market and monitor your brand.

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1. Moat


Moat, basically, is for doing heatmap analysis and the tool is meant for brand advertisers in order to make them capable to analysis display ads in terms of engagement, prices, and visibility across the Internet. It acts, like a Search Engine for paid display Ads.

It is a tool that works as a search engine for display ads. It lets you see what ads are running across the Internet. With moat, brand advertisers can figure out which ads are getting most engagement and for the ones which are not working that better, it provides the tools to fix them.

Moat is basically an analytics tools that tracks ad view ability and ad metrics. You can take ideas & inspiration to make your as campaigns better by viewing the ads that doing best on internet or your competitor’s ads maybe. Talking about the price then the ad search tool is available for free.

Some of the Brands that are making use of Moat Measurement to their advantage, are : Adverty, Bloomberg Media, Duracell, Etisalat, Inmobi, iSpot.TV, Meredith, Pandora, Playwire, Teads, TVision, and  Vox Media.

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Free trial: Available. Full version: Available in Paid plan. Contact Oracle for pricing details


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2. Monitor Backlinks


A must have tool for the SEO Experts and Web Marketers. You just need to connect with your Google Analytics account and there this tool will alert you through emails whenever your site earns or loses backlinks.

As the name indicates, with monitor backlinks tool you can monitor your keywords in Google and see where you stand in comparison to your competitors i-e you can compare the rankings. To put it in brief, the competition can be easily monitored with this tools and whenever your competitor get new links with good SEO value, you are alerted.


It even let you see the domain and page authority of the referring site for every link, the referral traffic for each link and number of social shares of that post. In all, you can stay updated with this tool as far as mentions & links are concerned. Coming on to its price, depending on number of domains and usage $24-90 per month is charged.

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3. Sumo.me


Sumo.Me offers many easy to install different marketing tools that can help to increase your website’s traffic. It has plenty of tools like List builder, heatmaps, share, discover, google analytics, content analytics, welcome mat, scroll box and many more.The figure shows 4 lakh plus websites powered by SumoMe. The list builder helps to catch email addresses of the visitors right before they leave.

Talking about Heat Map function, it lets you see where your visitors are clicking on website so that the pages can be improved and visitors can get to see more of what they want. In total, every tool/feature/function by SumoMe helps ultimately to improve and build your brand online. The price is free-$100/month.


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4. Narrow


If you want to drive traffic to content and lead generation campaigns then it is much needed that you have relevant following on Twitter.

When you have engaging and targeted following, the visibility of your brand increases in your target market. To identify the relevant users on Twitter who use your brand Narrow is a tool that helps you.

By using keywords, hashtags and locations it identifies your target audience and attract relevant users to your profile. In brief, it is one of the finest Twitter marketing automation tools that help you build targeted following.



5. Mediatoolkit


Mediatoolkit monitors more than 10 million websites & social networks and that too in real time. Even blogs, forums  are not ignored by this tool. It provides valuable information to the users by notifying them every time their brands are mentioned online.

You can get the most important updates in a glance, track and analyze your competitors’ online presence, receive email and push alerts when your queries are mentioned. To stay aware of what people have to say or are saying about your brand is extremely important to keep up your business strong.

When your brand is mentioned in positive respect online than a sweet gesture of thank you can strengthen the relationship. If something wrong is written about your brand which is not true then you can clarify things then & there and also turn the situation from negative to positive so that the image doesn’t get damaged.


That’s the importance of staying aware about these mentions. This mediatoolkit is a saviour to the business/ agencies.


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  1. I am using Mediatoolkit tool and it is very helpful to find forums and doing marketing on other sites. I prefer to all that must use this tool. Other tools are also amazing. This blog is very helpful for all marketers. Keep posting.


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