How to Increase e-Commerce Sales without Increasing the Traffic

You can Increase the Sales on Your e-commerce Portal with the Present traffic with these killer Tips


Increasing e-commerce sales without increasing the traffic clearly suggest that we plan to show you here in this article how to go about increasing the conversion and maximize the results from the given traffic influx.

It is always important to keep putting more and more efforts to get more traction but at the same time it is more important to utilize the traffic to its maximum so as to save upon the efforts and cost incurred.

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Increase Ecommerce Sales without Increasing Traffic
Increase Sales without Increasing Traffic

Ecommerce Tips for Sellers to Increase Sales


1. Increase the Average Order Value


(Upsell using combos and product bundling )

Upselling and cross selling helps you achieve optimum sales targets within the given website traffic.

Many times the shopper gets inspired to buy more when he sees some lucrative offers on the combos or the bundles that may be of his interest. Most of the good e-commerce websites already implement this practice and suggest the relevant combos while making a purchase.

The sight of the related product when combined with an enticing offer inspires the shopper to buy more this way you easily increase the Average Order Value.

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Upselling and cross selling is one of the great ways to increase sales without even increasing the actual traffic to your eCommerce site or products listing page.


2. Make sure your eCommerce Site is quite User Friendly


A user-friendly site with proper product categorization, smooth and secure payment and checkout helps increase the sales per visit.

A complicated site with no proper categorization and difficulty in locating the desired products increases the bounce back rate of the website thus increasing the Per Acquisition Cost.

On the other hand if we have a website which is user friendly and the users can easily locate what they are looking for buying then it makes user spend more time and make more purchases.

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3. Easy Navigation and Checkout


The navigation should also be user friendly and the checkout process shall be seamless so that the whole user experience on the website is smooth and the visitor would like to visit the site again and again.

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4. Look More Authentic as an eCommerce Service provider

Your website should look and feel more authentic as there are so many credit card fishing and insecure payments that the users sometimes do not rely on online payments.Not just this the user also do not trust the pictures because many website are into malpractice of sending low-grade items while they put up a high quality picture.A good return and cancellation policy is also the game winner. All the terms and conditions as well as the policies should be transparent and designed for the mutual interest.

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5. Reduce Cart Abandonment

You should put a lot of efforts and energy in reducing the cart abandonment as it is the most painful thing for an ecommerce site. When the customer reaches the final payment and abandons the cart it is a huge loss. Shipping and payments are the two major concerns that you need to get through to reduce the cart abandonment.

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6. Remember: Shoppers Always Like Free Shipping

Free Shipping is a norm and in online shopping no one want to pay for shipping. However there are some goods, which customers know that they have to pay for the shipping.Keep in mind the market trends before drafting a shipping policy. Must Read>> Why FREE Shipping is a Must for Ecommerce Sellers


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