SEM Rush Tools – 10 Reasons Why I Use it for Ranking my Website

“SEM Rush” – Why i think it’s an amazing Web Ranking Tool to Market my Website online


SEMRush- One of most popular web based software program tools for Website Market Research.


SEM Rush is a tool used for finding profitable keywords for your site. In the fast pacing world, web content has gone SEO friendly.In order to make your blog a success and have a top ranking among Google rank results, you have to be ahead of your competitors and this SEM Rush tool can create all the difference.

It’s a tool developed for you to optimize your sites, create the content your audience wants and create a better experience for your visitors.

With increasing number of it users, SEM Rush is gaining importance among upcoming startups.



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SEMRush – Does it have what it says? Find out!



Here are the ten reasons why SEM Rush usage is must for your website ranking:



1. Ranking Meter- Increased blog traffic



Get Full Organic Keyword Researching for your Blog



SEM Rush prepares a fresh ranking of all your web projects and websites in every 24 hours and you get to see your current rankings.


Overall ranking- It serves you with modified rankings of your web projects ( you can have several websites as projects in your account as per your monthly or yearly subscription plan). You get to know about the latest overall rankings of your websites everyday for different countries and different search engines.


Keywords level ranking- This is really an outstandingly great feature in SEMRush. It tells you everyday about the ranking positions of all of your keywords. You get to know which keyword went up or down and how much! It provides you all that in a listing format and you can see the results in ascending and descending orders. I mean, which keyword went up with highest percent increment and vice versa. You see then in green and red colors.


SEO optimization tips- It tells you what pages of your blog you need to optimize and what are the errors and what kind of improvement you can do with them.


Visibility score and trends-It is also a very useful feature for any website or blog. It tells you where your blog or webpage stands online in terms of overall search engine visibility score. Is your score improving or decreasing over the period of time? You can have a very clear clue about how your blog is faring in SERP’s.



It’s a dream for every blogger to generate traffic for its blogs and nowadays this is not easy as there is a lot of competition in the internet industry. In such a scenario, this tool is like a boon for your site and can help you in improving blog traffic.

This tool will help you learn more about your competitors’ research, will show their traffic from organic search and ads keywords. By using all such information you can create your strategy and increase your blog’s traffic.


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2. Social Media Analysis-


SEM Rush is a requisite to fulfill every need of your website. It helps in doing keywords research, keyword tracking, back links, audits, site audits, doing advertising research for PPC campaign, social media analysis etc.This tool helps you to move ahead in the competitive social media world.



3. Niche Finder –


It’s a handy tool in helping you to decide your niche for you so that you can narrow down your work and can easily generate lots of traffic for your site or blog. It tells you about which type of keywords, pages, posts, and content of your blog is most dominant.


You get to know What kinds of keywords you should focus in and what your competitors are ranking in. It lets you know what kind of keywords to use more in your content by comparing it to the sites similar to yours! Overall, it keeps you focused and informed about your niche. It saves you from being diverted from your main niche!



4. Easy to Use-


SEM Rush is a very convenient tool and helps you in keeping track of your present along with the past ranking reports. The bloggers or site owners who are not familiar with this tool are not armed with the updated information regarding the most conducive keywords which can do wonders for you in generating lot of traffic and making your blog or site a hit among the visitors.

This tool keep you updated with the new keywords as the keywords which gave you benefits in the past may not work in present.



5. Detailed Information-




This is how Your Dashboard looks



This tool is the answer for your every need regarding SEO and website ranking. It is a bundle housing all the detailed information about your websites which gives you go-ahead in making changes as per the requirements and needs.



6. Performance Measure-



SEM Rush helps you in knowing the actual scenario of your site. Through this tool you will get an insight of the traffic overview screen which will help you in knowing about the actual traffic which you are getting through organic as paid channels. This result will give you a systematic position about your site or blog performance with respect to your main keywords and your ranking through SEM Rush.


SEM Rush makes you became an active master towards every minute decision which you take for your blog and bring pleasant changes in the site and this will lead to success of your site and blog.



7. Paid Advertising-



This tool provides you the paid advertising prospects. SEM Rush offers you an easy and better way to advertise for your site or blog by connecting you with the companies based on the keywords, you want to rank. You get to see who is spending how much on a particular keyword and you can have a good idea about how and what to invest in your paid advertising campaigns


This tool helps you have ideas to generate paid traffic without hurting your budget by paying hefty charges.



8. Preview Facility-



With the help of SEM Rush you can trace the actual ranking scenario of any website or blog before you think to make a guest post there. Nowadays, guest blogging is one of the best tools to generate traffic for any sites or blogs.

As we all know, Guest blogging is an art which if practiced in an intelligent manner will yield you great results and helps you making your site and blog a success.

But sometimes you encounter the the sites and blogs that use unethical ways to change their real authority stats. If you get backlinks from these pseudo high page rank or authority sites then this may mark a negative impact on your own blog or site. This is very SEMRush comes in as a handy tool to determine the real essence of any web property.

So, by using this tool you get a real chance to review or research a blog before making any advancement for getting a backlink from it.



9. Positive Feedback-


There is a penalty if you practice Black Hat SEO practices, in this you have duplicate content, invisible text and stuffed keywords, links from sites with non-relevant content and SEM Rush comes handy during this scenario as it helps you generating new keywords, keeps you updated with the fresh content and other benefits.

SEM Rush will change your situation and will make your blog as lively as you actually want it to be. This tool helps you in following White Hat Strategies that are having relevant content well labeled images, relevant links and references and unique and relevant page titles.

This will help you in generating positive feedback for your blog and sites.


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10. Competition Awareness-



sem rush Competition analysys-table-300x200
Get Total Competition Analyses for your blog rankings



One of the best ways to be ahead of your competitors is to have all the important web ranking information about them. You should be aware of all the strategies and rankings of your competitors so that you can also plan your moves according to this. Through SEM Rush you can enter the certain websites for locating the competitors and this will give all the information by going to Domain analytics followed by choosing organic research and then competitors.

These relevant uses of this tool will help you generate traffics for your site and will make your site or blog a success.



SEMrush tool-best seo tool for web ranking

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