8 Killer SEO Tips for Beginners to Rank your Website Higher in Google Search

Last updated on August 25th, 2021 at 07:29 pm

Search Engine Optimization Beginners Tips for Website Ranking: How to Rank better in Google Search Engine Result Pages


Increase your Ranking on Search Engines Like Google with these 8 Quick SEO Tips



Blogging Tips for getting Search Engine Traffic from Google SERPs. Every website wants to show up in the top results of any search engines. But what does it take to make it possible?

Moreover it is seen that entrepreneurs struggle hard on this front. Well, here is a piece of advice for them in the form of this article which lays down certain tips to improve ranking in Google.


SEO is the most effective of all the ways to get free organic traffic from various search engines. It costs you nothing. But, you would have to learn it the right way. SEO could be very tricky at times and it can even harm your search engine ranking if done incorrectly and wrongly.


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8 SEO Tips to Rank In Google

Take a look and see if you can get a hint of what exactly you need to do to achieve good ranking goal.



SEO Tips for Ranking your Website higher for Google Organic Searches


With increasing competition and more and more websites coming up in the different categories it has become crucial and difficult at the same time to get a good rank on search engine.

Find out 8 of the best SEO practices to make the website ranking job easier.



1. Keyword Selection:



The first thing you need to do is pick the right keyword which you want your post to show up for. If you are confused about what keyword to go with then to help you there is a tool called Google keyword Planner which gets you keyword ideas and ascertains how a certain keyword would perform.

This tool is available for free although you might need to create an Adwords account to gain access to this tool, if you don’t have an account there already.



2. Know Your Competition:



Learn to use the keywords researching and see all the content that appears in the top search results pages on Google. That’s where your competition lies. Look deeply what they are missing out on.



Know Your Competition-to-rank-your website blog higher with SEO tips-400x250
Beat your Competition by using the right tools in the appropriate ways



Can you deliver better than them? In what way you can stand out from the competitors and attract the traffic towards you? Strive hard to provide what competitors are missing on. This will improve your ranking in the search results and give you space in top results.


Best Tools available Online for Spying on your Competitors

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3. Powerful Content






It is difficult but important either. Your content is what makes your audience stay and listen to you. Powerful content that blow the competitors out must be created and shared.


You have to be better than all others existing in the competition. Let your audience notice you amongst the crowd. Give due focus on your content and create outstanding one.


Which is the Better: SEO or Content Marketing?



4. Framing Page Title:


This is the first and perhaps the most impactful thing in a blog post to that you pay enough attention. Craft your blog post title keeping some important things in mind. Writing a powerful title is an art and skill and you get to learn it to the perfection if you take it seriously and spend a good time cultivating this part of an article.

In general, A title must be concise, precise, compact, eye catching, interesting, unique, and somewhat mystifying.

But, in blogging you must have to follow some other things according to make it SEO friendly. For example, you must consider putting the primary keywords in your page title. That too, you must arrange in a proper order. Like, the most important keywords should be nearest to the begging, if possible.

The title should be exciting enough to motivate the audience to click on it. Boring, ordinary and regular titles would hardly get you any audience.


5. Keyword Phrases in Header Or Sub- headers:


Relevant keywords are crucial for your blog or website pages and for headers and Home page it is more so. It is important to properly organize your webpages. Title, header, sub-headers all make a part of it. This organization helps Google know what the blog/article is all about & accordingly it appears in the search engine results.

Try to put the main keywords of your website/blog at least once in your header or sub-headers for better placement in google search results. Use any freely available SEO Tools on the Internet and analyse your whole blog in respect to keyword density and then use the main keywords in the SEO Title and SEO Meta Description of your Home page.

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6. Use Keywords in the Name of your Image or When Renaming it:





If you are using image or images in your blog post than do put keywords in the name of your images. This is quite easy.

All you need to do is change the name of the file saying “ 264932.jpg” and rename it with your keyword phrase on your computer before you upload it.


➤ How to Write SEO friendly content



7. Keyword in The URL & Post:



Yet another way to show Google what your blog is about. Put keyword in your URL. Not getting it?

Well, let us put it in this way, in your website URL what comes after .com, .net or .org etc.

Now when you use keyword in your URL, it shows up something like this;


www.healthandbeauty.com/workout-routine instead of  www.healthandbeauty.com/926426784-1.


The later can ruin your SEO efforts while the former can help you in getting good placement in search results by Google.


8. Internal & External Links:


External links are like third party votes and are most important source of ranking power. When your content is great, it can get you links easily. Link building becomes an important part here.

Insert your best links no matter if they are old, you can edit and adjust it and link it to other pages on your website. Let audience notice  your best content.

They will see when you will show them otherwise why would they bother until you yourself are not caring to put your best work forward. Coming onto the big thing at last which is external links.


In order to decide how good your post is, google depends on external links to a great extent. You praising yourself weighs less than others praising you, It can be simply put this way.


Have you not submitted a press release about your online business yet? I strongly recommend adding 2-10 PR articles in some well ranked PR sites.


Top 10 Blog Directories to get backlinks

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