SEO Outsourcing: Tips for Hiring Freelancers, Agencies and In-house SEO Specialists

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Beginners Tips for Outsourcing your SEO Work- Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agency, In-house Specialist and SEO Freelancer


Business owners are often faced with the problem of whom to choose for cooperation on SEO. There are several options: to hire someone to the staff, to find a remote freelancer or to contact the SEO company. Let’s find out what will be better and more optimal. The choice will depend on upon the requirements and they are different for everyone. For someone, a budget is the only important thing, while another one wants to solve problems quickly and scale the use of marketing techniques.

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Things to Know for Getting your SEO work done with Agency, In-house Specialist, or Freelancer 


Whom to Choose to Work on your SEO needs- an Agency, In-house Specialist, or a Freelancer?


I have included the most important aspects and pros & cons of working with different types of workers for getting your SEO work done. Read each them carefully and please type your valuable opinions in the comments on the topic. I am sure you will have something new to be added to this article.

Here we go:-



Outsourcing Tips for Hiring Freelancers for your SEO Work



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What are the Pros and Cons of hiring freelancers for SEO


Working with a freelancer has two major pluses: often it is affordable and it is easy to communicate directly with the performer, rather than an intermediary person. Thus, a business owner can set objectives even on weekends or late at night and monitor the position changes after the update. Freelancer can devote maximum time to the project, as well as to quickly resolve problems.


But there are some cons of working with a freelancer. The main thing is that there is no control of what the freelancer is doing. There must be a complete trust, as part of the information about the site can be confidential.


Another disadvantage is that at any time a person can get sick, go abroad or have no Internet connection, most likely at the very moment when a business owner wants to solve the problem quickly. Not all freelancers have sufficient expertise and, perhaps, they can take a project just to get the experience and add the site to their portfolio. There are many good freelancers, but it is not easy to find them. Often collaboration with professional freelancers is more expensive than an in-house solution.


The right thing to do is to attract freelancers for small, single and relatively urgent tasks when having an internal specialist does not make sense. For example, when there is a need to write a series of product descriptions (this is very important for SEO), to move a website to another CMS with changing the structure, or to search for thematic platforms for placing advertisements, articles, press releases, and other materials with links.

Consultants or analysts are the separate issues. It is useful to interact with them to make an additional examination of the project or the promotion strategies.

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Working with your own In-house SEO Specialist


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SEO Work- Outsourcing or In-House agency?

In-house solution suits well for start-ups when a person should be actively engaged in the same project. Medium and large businesses also should have an SEO specialist among their staff. The advantages are obvious.

A person or team is deeply devoted to one project and know the specifics of the client’s business. Moreover, they are fully responsible for the result and can quickly implement the necessary changes to the project. The staff can be trained with the help of internal conferences, seminars, and training.

This will help to scale the project if needed. Of course, an in-house solution is not a cheap option, as well as there may be the lack of teamwork or some specialized tools. As in the case with a freelancer, it is difficult to find the right person. And another problem with the in-house solution is to keep a specialist in the company. But it is, rather, the issue of management.

For major companies, it is recommended to have an internal specialist, even if freelancers and agencies are engaged. This person or team will always be aware of what is happening inside the project and will be able to optimally interact with external contractors.

Tips for Outsourcing your SEO Work to an External SEO Agency


Cooperation with SEO-company has a lot of advantages. Companies are more responsible than freelancers and the relationship can be strengthened by the agreement. The representative of the company is much easier to reach, of course, if it is a serious agency.

There is an option to call, come to the office, or send a message via social networks.
The company has many different specialists who share their experience and tools. The SEO-company takes care of the training of staff by itself. Thus, a business owner can be sure that the work is conducted in accordance with the latest trends.

The company has the ability to make analysis, to experiment, and to develop the missing tools. The biggest disadvantage of work with the agency is that a project will be dedicated not much time (unless of course, it is a VIP-client), as the SEO specialist can have 50-100 or ever 500 projects at a time.

And by making “good” only once, a business owner will be charged on a monthly basis, and these funds could be spent on the development of new directions. Of course, there are companies that pay maximum attention to all clients and have an extremely positive reputation in the network.


Usually, these are small and often young agencies. They have not yet accumulated hundreds of clients or do not plan to grow in order not to lose the quality of services. Cons are definitely scary, but it would be wrong to ignore agencies because only here specialists and new technologies are concentrated.


So, which Option is the best for you for your SEO Work Needs?


So, what is better to choose for the business? To find this out, business owners should review the requirements, evaluate all the pros and cons, and talk to colleagues about their experience.


The riskiest, but along with that the most reliable option is to sign a temporary contract with a company, or a freelancer, or to hire a specialist. Only after that, it is possible to find the right decision.

According to the experience of successful businesses, the ideal scheme would be the following: there is an in-house specialist; freelancers are involved for a number of tasks. Along with that, the agency works on the development strategy of the project and its implementation.


It can also be an external analyst who sets goals for an internal specialist. It depends on the specifics of the business and customer requirements, and of course, the budget allocated for promotion.


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