4 Recommendations of How to Choose a Freelancer or Remote Worker

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Business Development and Outsourcing Tips for Hiring Freelancers or Remote Workers.

In any business, cost reduction is one of the main goals. To achieve this, many entrepreneurs are looking for different alternatives one of which is the transfer of certain functions to outsourcing, or in other words to hire a remote worker or freelancer.

The fact is that the salary of a freelancer is less than the salary of a staff member, especially if the business is located in the capital or big cities.

Tips to promote a small business via Freelancing and outsourcing

Freelancer performs the same work as a staff member, but the advantage is that the business owner does not need to carry the overhead: to create jobs, pay for a vacation, sick pay, rent premises and organize a workplace of the employee, etc.

There are many more advantages of hiring a remote employee or a freelancer. But this approach has disadvantages. Knowing these disadvantages will help you to be prepared, and of course, such knowledge will significantly reduce possible losses.This article is written specifically to protect entrepreneurs from many pitfalls of hiring a remote employee or a freelancer.


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Tips for Recruiting Freelancer Workers- Work Outsourcing Tips 

4 Tips to Hire Remote Freelance Workers

It is not always an easy task to get a good freelancer for your entrepreneurial ventures. To make your job easy we have come up with some solid steps and tips that you should follow in order to get the most suitable freelancer for your projects.

#1. Why the low price is not always the best solution


Your first impulse may be a hasty decision to choose the cheap freelancer, but you should avoid doing so. Have you ever been in a situation that you bought something very cheap, considering that this is a very favorable purchase, and then, at home, it breaks down in a few days? The same often happens when a customer selects a “favorable” freelancer.

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Pricing part: The low price is not always the right option 

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Of course, sometimes you can meet quite good freelancers, who work at low prices, but this is very rare, and most of the “cheap” freelancers, in fact, produce low-quality services.In order to earn a living, such freelancers set low prices to get as many customers as possible and they put a minimum effort for each project. The Internet is full of stories about such freelancers who do bad work.

Keep in mind, you will risk too much if you agree on a very cheap offer.

#2. Where to Search for Freelancers?


There are many ways you can search for the online freelancers of your choice. Choose the most suitable method as per your business or needs. Different needs ask for different solutions.


Acquaintances, as the first step of the search process

Instead of looking for cheap labor through ads, the best way to start hunting for a good freelancer is to ask a friend. You can reach the right person with the help of both friends on the Internet, and their real friends.

Just ask all the people you know if they can recommend any freelancer for you. You can get a surprising number of responses.


Here is a list of people whom you can contact:

– Family members;

– Friends;

– Colleagues;

– Acquaintances (for example, neighbors);

– People with whom you are communicating on the Internet (Facebook friends, Twitter subscribers, classmates, etc.);

– Members of your club or organization.

When people recommend you a freelancer, pay special attention to the fact whether these people used services of a recommended person by themselves. ➤ Some Great Apps for remote Workers

Here are the places where you might want to look for:


LinkedIn:. This is a professional network, where people of different professions communicate. Many professionals have their own profiles. You can search for professionals on the specialty you are interested in, and choose the most qualified person in this field.

Professional organizations:.


Most freelance professions have the relevant professional organization. For example, the association of freelance designers is called AIGA; STC is for the preparation of technical documents, ASJA – for journalism. Most communities have local branches and the bank of proposed work, where you can post your ad for a qualified freelancer.


Freelancers’ sites:. You can see the examples of articles and papers on the websites of individual freelancers. Many of those who succeed in their field, thus share their experience with colleagues and freelancers.


Though, most of the hired freelancers happen to be on online Freelancing platforms. Such as, Upwork.com is a very popular website where you can hire quality freelancers from around the World. Fiverr.com is a very popular micro gig based platform to hire freelancers on quite a lot rate compared to other sites, though the site is good for small types of freelancing work. If you have identified a few freelancers that you are interested in, now it is time to do a little homework.


Other Ways to find Freelancers

If no one from that list knows a good freelancer (which happens rarely), you still can find it.

There are freelancing websites on the Internet for every kinds of freelancers.


#3. Do a Homework Before Hiring

If you have any recommendations in relation to one or another freelancer, you are ready to contact him, right? No, wrong!

First, you need to do a little homework. Look at the websites of freelancers and their professional (social) network accounts. Read what people are saying about them. Look at their work portfolio. If they have a blog, read what they write about.

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Do your Homework before hiring any freelancers 


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Here are a few signals that should alert you:

– Lack of website;

– Poorly designed website;

– A blog that has not been updated for a year;

– Lack of online contact information;

– Website or blog filled with bad content or posts with errors;

– All messages in the freelancer blog are criticizing former employers;Homework may seem to require a lot of extra work, but it will save you from disappointment.

You are ready to contact several freelancers. So, what is next?

Now you have narrowed your initial list to just a few people. You are ready to contact them and ask about the conditions of performing the desired work (this is called a request for proposal).

Provide the information very carefully. Any freelancer does not like surprises during the project.

Thus, you should include in a request the following information:


– Service that you want to get;

– Deadline period of the project task;

– Personal contacts in case of any questions;

– Any special requests;

– Number of inspections (especially, if the project must be approved by more than one person);

– Your approximate budget for the project;

The more information you provide, the more likely a freelancer will be able to meet your requests.


#4. Contract with the Freelancer

It is likely that some freelancers would not be able to work on your project. Therefore, most likely, you will have one or two options. After you choose one, a professional freelancer may ask you to sign a contract, which will contain all the items of your agreement.

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Always Make a Contract with your freelancers before hiring them 



Of course, you should read it carefully to make sure that there are no discrepancies, but we strongly recommend you to sign it. A well-written contract will protect both you and the freelancer if something goes wrong.

This article would not be complete without the last recommendation. Once you have found freelancers that satisfied your needs, do not hesitate to contact them again (and again). And also do not forget to recommend it to your friends.


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  1. Very good recommendations! Thank to your article i’ve found myself a job! I posted my resume, as you said, and with a short delay i receive an invitation to an interview at http://vip-writers.com/. Now i’m working from home, thank you very much for everithing!

  2. The first definitive post written on the topic. The world of freelancers is so full of posers and scammers that people have started to prefer Agencies and companies which can offer the same solution. If someone can do the homework well, a freelancer can be the biggest asset for their company. But to get the real pearl, one must learn to dive deep into the waters.

    You've mentioned the steps well. Anyone who follows your post will end up with a great freelancer to work with.


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