5 Best Tools for Women Entrepreneurs to Organize Their Work

Last updated on January 15th, 2019 at 05:04 pm

Popular Tools and Mobile Apps for women Entrepreneurs to Organise the Work and Save time


Women today are no less than men in almost every field. Be it business, sports or others, they are standing equivalent to men everywhere.
The responsibility gets doubled for the working women. They have to manage their work as well as home but this doesn’t stop them as with the latest tools & techniques these women entrepreneurs are making the best out of their efforts, performing work in a more organized way.

This article is focused on some of the best apps that helps the women entrepreneurs to manage their workalike.
Marketing Tools for Women Entrepreneurs
Work Management Tools for Women Entrepreneurs

1. Dropbox

When you’re into a business or you have a profession, there is a need to maintain the record of various documents every now and then. As a women entrepreneur many a times due to some or the other reason you tend to postpone meetings & discussions. It could be because you have other priorities too.


Here’s when you Dropbox tool has a role to play. It makes the life of women entrepreneurs easy and paves way for them to rise high. Dropbox is a tool that lets you store all your documents at one place as it’s a cloud storage system.

It bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. You can easily access any document anytime anywhere without any hassle or confusion and also keep track of them all.

2. Awesome Note

A lot of workload falls on your shoulder when you’re an entrepreneur. You have to look into and manage various tasks simultaneously.

Multitasking is not easy until you have some support system. Awesome note is one tool that is proving to be of great support to the women entrepreneurs.

Yes, it is an all-in-one organizer that lets you organize your combined notes and to-do-lists. Awesome note has some really interesting features and extremely good interface.
As we know that professional women needs to strike a balance between work & home so, managing work becomes easier for women entrepreneurs when their to-do-list is right in front of them. It saves their time and keep them organized.

3. Pepperi


To up their sales game, a lot of women entrepreneurs are looking out for different methods, tools & techniques. For these kind of women entrepreneurs who are sales focused, Pepperi is one of the best tools available.

It equips you to sell smarter, bigger, faster. This number one mobile order taking and sales order taking tool increases the productivity threefold.
Pepperi, a leading mobile CRM app makes it easier for the professionals to present their catalogs, take orders, upsell and cross sell, communicate with their team through tasks and reminders synchronized with their Outlook and what not.
It is integrated to popular accounting and ERP systems and fully integrates to CRM and payment systems. The app is fully automated with a lot in store for you and serves all sizes of businesses right from independent sales reps to multinational manufacturers and distributors.

4. Time Master

For the women entrepreneurs who have to deal with their clients at every hour, time master is the app very apt for them. This tool lets you keep track of time and accordingly defines the billing rate.

With billing here it is meant that on the basis of how much time is spent on/with one client, it becomes important to calculate & process the billing. This billing calculation would not be easy when done manually.
Therefore, Time Master app comes to your rescue here. Without much a do, with this app you can  keep an account of time calculation so that billing of the client is no more a tedious job left.
Herein, time entries are by client and can be sub-categorized by project, task and/or category. Those who need to keep track of time and expenses, there’s no better app than Time Master.

5. Expensify


Business and expenses goes hand in hand. The business needs to keep a track of all its expenses be it travel and other operating expenses.

To calculate these expenses accurately and with full ease, Expensify App is available which can be taken advantage of by the women entrepreneurs.
With this application in your mobile you can track expenses, snap pictures of receipts as well as create & submit expense reports, all in one go. They call it business travellers dream app that scans, logs, and creates those tiring expense reports for you.

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