10 Best Sports Apps 2022 – List of Awesome Mobile Apps for Sports Fans

What are the Best Mobile Apps for the Sports Fans in 2022?


Best Apps that Every Sports Fan would Love to have!


Wonderful Android and iPhone apps for Sports News and activities around the world.


Today is the time of smartphone and with the mobile apps in fashion, one can’t even wonder about missing out on their favorite sports be it live streaming of matches, sports news, talk shows, favorite team, players, great moments etc.


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Mobile Apps for a Sports Fan


List of Best Apps for Sports: Must Have Mobile Apps for Sports Fans

Bringing you top 10 mobile apps for sports fan:



1. ESPN Sports App


With over 10 million downloads & counting, standing on the number one position in the market for sports app, ESPN app helps you get news on time scores, latest news, important highlights, live video & audio streaming of matches etc.


This app is a huge craze amongst sports lovers. Once you sign in through this app you start getting alerts on various sports, teams & leagues. If you think you will have to watch or go through all of that than no, that’s not an issue to worry as it’s a customized app wherein you can select your favorite team, sport, athletes etc and get the personalize sports news.

No matter you’re busy or away, this app keeps you updated & connected the moment you want irrespective of your location. ESPN provides updates on every sport or team with the latest photos, videos and social media content from around the sports universe.

What more a sports lover would ask for when he’s got the most convenient & friendly app on sports. It’s free & is available for both iPhone as well as Android users.

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2. CBS Sports App


The award winning app with over 5 million users which gives lightning fast scores, stats, news and tweets for all major sports. You get to watch top events telecasted on CBS sports live also get to follow the live action with game Trackers, scoreboards, box scores.

Get real time stats for all major sports like hockey, football, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, auto racing etc. Enjoy live radio streaming too. The USP of this app is user get access to  on-demand video of game highlights, analysis of experts and video programs. The app value the users’ privacy and has no access to emails, or any other personal information ensuring safety.


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3. The Score


If you are sports fan and want to follow the premier league, champions league, European league and all other major sports and competitions then the score is one of the best apps to go for.

Talking about the status of this app with over 5 million downloads then it stands as:

– One of Google Play’s ‘Best Apps of 2015’
– One of Business Insider’s ‘100 World’s Greatest Apps’
– Phandroid’s ‘Best Sports App’

– One of PCMag’s Best Android Apps

The app gives real time stats, score information, customizable news, alerts which keeps the user updated on his/her favorite sports.


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4. Yahoo Sports App


With this sports app you get to set event alerts so that you could never miss a kick-off, goal, or your favorite team’s last minute winner.

The most interesting thing about yahoo sports is it allows you to follow live sports news from award-winning bloggers and experts.

Also allowing you to follow your favorite sports, leagues, athletes/players etc and get detailed statistics on game, team as well as specific player. It is also a customizable app which never let you miss on the close game fight.


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5. Thuuz Sports


Now the sports lovers don’t have to get disheartened on missing out some precious & special sports moment because with  thuuz sports app you can watch all the great sports moments.

One of the coolest app for your phone that rates all the upcoming & live games on a scale of 0-100 making it easy for you to select which sports to follow having your favorite teams & players.

Also delivering added advantage of acting as world class TV guide telling you where to watch a particular sport live action on TV/ cable channels. If you miss out on TV then it lets you know where the game is streaming on your phone & online.


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6. NCAA Sports App


For college sports experience on your android NCAA is the best app wherein you can select your favorite schools & follow them to get access to live scores and schedules for multiple NCAA championships, Regular season scores & schedules for basketball, field hockey, football, soccer volleyball & others.

Get custom scoring alerts for your selected schools with team hubs bringing to you your favorite school’s latest scores, news and social media feeds.

In all it brings to you all the important sports updates on your favorite schools ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.


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7. Fanly: A News App for Sports Fans


One of the fastest growing sports news app. Its major purpose is to bring in all the latest news feed on your favorite team in one place updating you on real time basis.

It also allows you to share your opinions, have a look on the rumour that are trending and join in the conversations taking place on twitter about your team. Interesting! isn’t it? Fanly saves your time by covering all your teams in one place, giving you every story, highlight & tweet.


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8. 120 Sports


Requiring no cable subscription, this app features over 10 hours of live programming regularly.

Provides real updates on highlights, expert analysis & interactive TV show for mobile phone.
The app is free of cost.


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9. Fancred


The app creates your sports identity by capturing everything you see & do as a sports fan.
In other words, it organizes your sports life into albums of your photos, thoughts, the game you attend, article you read, the people you are with and the teams you love.

You can talk about & look back on your sports life.


10. Team Stream


Team stream app bring to you scores, stories, pictures and videos featuring your selected clubs. You get the hand picked notifications of your favorite team.

The app also brings you the sports news from newspapers, blogs, websites & bleachers reports too. It delivers your team’s news with real time alerts making sure you’re always the first to get the big news.

More of the Popular Apps for Sports Fans:

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Sky Sports



CBC Sports




BBC Sport

MSN Sports



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