6 Best Apps to Delete Old/Embarrassing All Tweets from your Twitter Account

6 Useful Apps to Delete Tweets Easily: Free Apps to Erase Old Tweets & Media Fast from your Twitter Account


Bulk Deleting Tweets Can be a Herculean task Without a Solution Like These Apps: Learn About the helpful apps available to Delete Multiple Tweets


Best of the Tweet Deleter Tools. Mass Tweet Erasers.

A lot of Twitter users look out for the solution to this question which is, how can they delete their all or old embarrassing tweets in one go from their Twitter timeline?

This article is going to be your Savior for the aforesaid issue.

For some reason or the other you might want to make your Twitter account look impressionable one free from all the nonsensical crazy stuff you posted earlier or you might be having a Twitter account for professional use like marketing & promotion.

So, in order to give it a fresh start for something new that your business might be coming up with, you would want to clear your timeline which is overflowed with your old tweets & make it look all new.

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Mobile Apps for Deleting Old Tweets- Want to delete All the Old or Embarrassing Tweets from your Twitter Accounts? Find out the 6 best Solutions in Form of Mobile Apps and tools-Tweet Eraser-TwitWipe-304x200
Best Mobile Apps for Deleting All Old Tweets Easily
Mobile Apps and Tools For Deleting All Old Tweets



The 6 Awesome Mobile Apps or Tools to delete Unwanted and Undesired Tweets


The reason could be personal or professional. Irrespective of it, the only thing wanted is to delete the tweets at once permanently.


Now, as today we see there’s a lot of trend going on for apps and these comes to our rescue for various problems.
Here for this matter too, we have a few best applications that can help in making our wish come true. Clear old tweets or delete multiple tweets automatically with the help of these tools. You can delete all twitter tweets in one go!


Let us take a brief look at these:-


1- Tweet Eraser:

[ Tweet Eraser – login with Twitter, filter your Tweets, delete them! ]



A completely free application to help you remove tweets from your timeline in bulk. Best thing about this app being that it allows you to protect your genuine tweets.

Wondering how? Well, it’s got this thing called filter which could be applied before deleting your tweets. You get to select whether you want to delete tweets or direct messages.

Also you can select the time since which date you want to erase your tweets and the options are like earlier, since, between. The app is quite simple & easy to use.


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2- Delete All My Tweets:

Delete All My Tweets App- Mass deleter ]


One of the finest apps to delete bulk tweets in a single click. All you need to do is sign in with your twitter account. It will ask you to authorize the app and confirm.

Now this app will delete 1000 tweets in a single go. The process can be repeated as many times as you want till the number of tweets you want gets deleted.



3- Tweet Delete:

Automatically delete your old tweets with TweetDelete ]


With this application you can delete multiple tweets in one go. It deletes 3200 tweets at one time.

The basic feature that differentiate this app from others is that it allows you to protect your privacy in the way of automatically deleting the tweets that gets older than the specified age given by you.



4- Delete Multiple Tweets:

[ Tools for Deleting Multiple Tweets ]



This tool is equally good like all the above mentioned applications. You can mass tweets can be deleted via this in one go.

The only think this app suffers a little bit of ignorance of the users is due to the ads featured on its page. Users don’t have time and patience for things today. They want everything done quickly. Keeping this ad feature aside, the app is no less than other mentioned ones.



5- TwitWipe:

TwitWipe Twitter Tool to Delete all tweets from your account! Erase multiple tweets ]



Delete unlimited tweets with the help of this uber cool Twitwipe app. Yes, the app is as cool as its name and wipes out all the unwanted tweets as selected by you.

There’s no limit to it. You can delete bulk of tweets at once with a simple click. Just sign in with your Twitter and there it is for you.

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6- TweetDeleter:

[ TweetDeleter.com: Delete all of your tweets fast and automatically ] Mass tweet delete.


Three words describe this application. Just a few clicks and you see the old tweets gets deleted.

Tweet deleter is also widely accepted application for its vary function of deleting multiple tweets from your timeline to make it look clean, relevant and fresh, thereby protecting your genuine tweets.


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