Craigslist Advertising Tips – How to Advertise your Business Effectively on Craigslist Local Classifieds

5 Online Advertising Tips for Craigslist: How to Advertise a Small Business on Craigslist in Best Ways Possible!


About Craigslist ( Very high Google Page Rank : PR7 & Global Alexa rank- 51)


As we all know that Craigslist is the number one ranked classified and online ad posting website for anyone looking to buy/sell anything. Craigslist is a network of local classified sites that have High DA (domain Authority). So, it is very helpful for boosting local SEO for your small business.

Craigslist is a free advertising network that is made up of online communities and it allows people to post advertisements for free. You may post advertisements related to your business to get free leads. It is number one in the chart of international classified advertising websites. This is a great way to do business since there are multiple sellers and multiple buyers available so you do not have to waste time jumping from one place to another looking for what you want.

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Craigslist: #1 classified in the world!


How to advertise effectively on Craigslist?


The post is written for those who want to make their advertisements effective at Craigslist. You are advised to read this post as well to know what are the successfully tested Very Useful tips for online ad posting. You can generate leads for free through Craigslist, but you should know how to advertise your business effectively on this network.

The best thing about Craigslist is that it offers local advertising options based on your country and city. If you want to start advertising on Craigslist, there are certain rules you need to follow. And the present post is a new extension to our “how to’s of Internet Marketing” series.


5 Best Ways to Advertise a Small Business on Craigslist to Generate Free Leads:-


Like you do on any other decent advertising platforms, you need to stick to some basic rules and guidelines while advertising on Craigslist too. I have heard from many of advertisers that they were banned on Craigslist many times in their initial days at Craigslist. But, after wasting a lot of time they discovered that the line- “there is no shortcut to success”- also applies to the activities-efforts made at Craigslist.


Follow the below given advertising tips while you advertise your business or services at Craigslist-

There are several thousands of advertisers who are actively promoting their business and services at Craigslist. The point is there is a hard competition among similar advertisers and to get the desired marketing results you have to use the system smartly enough to get noticed more than your competitors.


For that to achieve, make your ads appear genuine, unique, different, and attractive while following the rules and guidelines designed by Craigslist.


To perform as stated above, follow the below listed tips and guidelines we have prepared for you:-


#1- Be professional and maintain your reliability


Be Professional and Maintain your Reliability-730x300

The advertisements you create should look as professional as possible. It is widely known that first impressions are very important and if you look so casual in your ad, then most probably people may not take you seriously and they may not even consider your proposal.

Some of the things you need to pay keen attention to is the language you use. Never use any slang language. Use formal language and also make sure that spelling is correct as well as your grammar. Your ad should not be going round in circles since people may get tired of reading irrelevant stories. Get straight to the point as you describe your product but give as much information about it as possible. This will get the attention of most buyers.


#2- Always use good quality relevant pictures and ad description


Depending on what you are advertising, you should have photos that are included in the ad.Even though your description of the product may be really good, people love it when they can get a glimpse of what they are about to buy. You can include a few pictures of your product and make sure they are clear and of good quality.

You do not want to downgrade your product with poor quality pictures. Also, include various angles.


Do not have any distracting backgrounds unless it is necessary for the product you are advertising to be shown against a background.


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#3- always fill correct details about your products or services


It has been said that honesty is the best policy and this is something that you should always have in mind when advertising a particular product.State the correct details about it. If there are any defects, make sure you communicate that well so that the buyer can know what to expect when purchasing the item.


If, for example, you are advertising a used car and you state that it is in perfect condition while in reality it has a few problems with the brakes, this can get you into trouble and will damage your reputation so you should not expect
people to trust you or your products anymore.



#4- Post in relevant category. Don’t submit multiple or duplicate ads. Craigslist takes strict action towards any spamming


Choose only one category that you will post your ad on since you risk getting flagged if you post it on various categories. In addition to getting flagged, you may not be allowed to post ads there again and you will end up losing a great opportunity to expand your business.


#5- Be responsible and keep your privacy safe and secure


At times, you need to be careful when dealing with potential buyers. Some are not there to buy products but to extract information from users. If you think that the conversation is not going anywhere, then stop wasting time with such a person.


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