What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use it for Website Evaluation and SEO

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Alexa.com and Alexa Ranking- An Introduction, its Usefulness, and How to Use it to Analyse a Website

Alexa Ranking Tips for Beginners: How to Improve Alexa Rank for your Website


There are many factors which make a blog or website well-known. So what are these factors which a webmaster should know to make his business or blog stand out in the marketplace?

Thus, to know about these factors, there are many websites and tools present in the digital marketplace by using which you can make your online business or business blog even more successful than ever.

And one of among these useful tools is Alexa Tool Bar, and one of these ranking factors is Alexa Ranking.

Alexa Ranking is basically an indicator for a website and it is not very accurate, but gives you a general or vague idea about a website’s popularity, in terms of visits, traffic, and SEO value!


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Alexa Ranking – What is it? How and What it Indicates about a Website


What is Alexa and Alexa Ranking?


Alexa or Alexa Internet is California based company which deals with providing the information related to a particular website regarding popularity and Ranking. Thus, in short, it is a web Analytics Company provides analytical insight of about 30 million websites, which was founded in the year of 1996 and later owned by Amazon in 1999.


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What is Alexa Ranking?


How it Analyses various websites?


The primary factor behind which Alexa works is the eminence of a company in terms of traffic. Thus, according to that the Alexa Ranking or Alexa Traffic Ranking is the measure of traffic recorded by Alexa for a company from its users who use its Alexa toolbar installed in their  browser extension within the duration of 3 months. This measure of three months is a combination of the average of daily unique visitors and pages.

Download Alexa Toolbar Extension for your Browser


Also, Alexa collects the information about traffic stats through their “Certify Your Site Metrics” option. Although Alexa shows results publicly if you have certified your metrics on Alexa and want to keep your certified metrics private, then you can go for it.

The parameters which Alexa includes in the calculation of its traffic stats are reaching and page views of a particular website.


How to Use Alexa Rank Indicators for a Website’s Evaluation in terms of SEO and User Engagement?


It is well-known that Alexa categorizes websites popularity in terms of traffic it possesses. But it is also a truth that it is not limited to it; it also provides some other factors which can be used to evaluate a website effectively.

So how to use it for website evaluation and SEO, let I tell you that:-


Audience Geography


Along with providing the traffic details, Alexa also provides data related to audience geography which helps to demonstrate the popularity of the company location wise. In simpler terms, it helps you to find the visitors of a website from different location means how popular a site is in various places.


Audience Geography for a website in Alexa Ranking-350x200
Audience Geography for a Website – Find where most of your Viewers come from!


It shows its statistics in the form of the percentage of visitors and rank in the particular country. Thus, you can also see the Alexa ranking of any website in a particular country as well.


Bounce Rate


Alexa also provides the detail related to bounce rate which is, in fact, important in both the conditions – for evaluation of a website and SEO.

It shows the bounce rate of a particular website along with the daily time on that particular site. As lower the bounce rate of a website, the better it is for the visitors of the site.


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 Bounce Rate – The Lower the Better


Low bounce rate indicates your site is good enough to engage users and compels them to stay on your site without pressing back button of the browser to search for another option in search engine results.

Thus, in this way by putting emphasis on this factor, you can better optimize your website to lessen bounce rate and hence to get higher chances of ranked well in search results.


Top Queries from Search Engines


Under this section, Alexa provides the information about the search queries or keywords. It shows the keywords or search queries which send maximum traffic to that particular website.


Top Queries Keywords in Alexa Ranking for a site-350x200
Find the Top Queries and Keywords related to a site in Alexa Ranking


It will not only help in the evaluation of a site in terms of keywords it uses but will also help you to better target those keywords which
bring traffic to your and hence helpful in SEO as well.


Sites Linking with Your site


Yes, Alexa also provides the information about the sites linking to a particular website. It will help in evaluating a site concerning how strong the link profile of that particular website is and how authorized, trusted the site is.

Also if you are performing a check for your competitors, it will help you to make you aware about their backlinks.


Impact Factors


Yes, it is also a factor about which Alexa provides information and which can be a perfect factor to consider under evaluation of a website. This element tells that how impactful your site or blog is for any particular keyword.

The better the impact of your used keywords the better will be your place in search engine results. Also if your keywords are of high competition and are still having a good impact factor, then it is icing on the cake.


Impact Factor in Alexa Ranking-analysys of a site-350x200
Impact Factors- The Crucial Indicators for any Website


Also, if you want Alexa even to track the users who visit your website and do not have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, then you can insert. http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? before website URL of yours. It will permit Alexa to consider redirected links even when users do not have the tool.


Hope this post will help you to provide a deep insight about the Alexa and Alexa ranking. Along with that how it is useful for the evaluation of a website and SEO?


Thus, if you liked this post or have some questions to ask, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. We would love to answer them. Also, don’t forget to show your love by sharing the post over different social media channels.

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