5 Reasons Why your Website is not Ranking AS EXPECTED in Search Engines

Website Ranking: If your Website is not Ranking on Search Engines you should possibly check out if you are doing these things wrongly.

The Mistakes to avoid and the things to implement on your website for well optimizing it for Search Engine Traffic

There can be numerous reasons why your website fails to do well despite of writing good content and every detailed planning. Things look easy when planned but they are way more difficult when executed. 

Things even get tougher because of the ever growing competition, ranking calculations and fluctuations and various other factors that affects the ranking.

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Website Ranking Tips- Find out Why your Website is not Visible in SERPs

As far as engagement is considered, thing is that the keywords we use to get optimum engagement does not go as expected because the relevancy of keywords is different for different age group.

You might have done the best from your end to make your website a success yet it fails to go as per your expectations as you might have missed the vital factors or went wrong on certain aspects.

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Search Engine Website Ranking
Search Engine Website Ranking

Now, what can be done to get rid of this failure issue and make your digital marketing a success?

What could be the ways and solution to fix your SEO?

How  to boost up the website ranking to make it count in the list of successful websites?

These and many other such questions need answers and our attention.


Top 5 Website Ranking Tips for Beginners


Let us see some of the ways in which we can make it happen:

1- Be Aware of The Tough Competition



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There is really a Tough Competition for ranking your website


One obvious reason that leads to the failure of website is failure to match the with the competition. You need to be creative and think out of the box. be aware of the competition for the target keywords you use.


Often the highly competitive keywords are used by the companies for their website but they tend to forget that already there are leaders that are leading on search engine with those keywords. Therefore, you will require a huge SEO budget to compete.


In order to rank top and appear on the first page your website needs to be stronger. Do not ignore the fact that first page is moreover dominated by popular established website.

Before you create content and links for the website and select keywords, do watch out for the existing competition for the target keywords.

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2- On-Page Optimization



onpage-seo-for -search engine ranking-300x200
Onpage SEO Search Engine Ranking



You might be having strong backlinks and relevant content but still you are not showing up anywhere in the rankings. Ever gave it thought why is that happening.

Well, the reason could be poor on-page optimization that means your page is not properly optimized for organic search. Page Titles, keywords etc plays an important role here. Title tags must be effective, on-page SEO structure must be right.

There are various other tactics that could help like creating XML sitemap for the website so that no duplicate content issues arise and Google is able to find your site and index all its pages. Do not forget to add meta descriptions. There are tools like Yoast SEO for WordPress and others to help you start with on-page optimization.

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3- Content Relevancy



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Content Relevancy is very important for website ranking



Google shows up good ranking as a reward for those website that are helpful with its content in the form of results for the users and has relevant content.


It is designed in this manner. Short and simple content will not be good enough for Google to show it up as the relevant result for the target keywords because the content which is not unique and is quite thin in nature does not prove to be of much value for the users. Therefore, it does not show up.


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4- Links Do Matter



Links Do Matter Link-building-website-ranking-300x200
Links Do Matter for ranking a website in search engine



Targeting keywords which are simple and has less amount of competition with good on-page optimization, it gets good ranking comparatively. 


To make it to the first page, you need to create good content targeting your niche with great links. Chances for you to appear in the list of top five results will be more.

And remember more links adds value. So more the links (but pertinent), more the views.

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5- Unethical Link Building



Stay Away from Unethical Link Building


Stuff like paid links, hacked links, spam links etc are not successful in cheating with Google. Google knows it all. It is aware of all the bad link practices, black hat SEO practices.


Use Natural Link Building Techniques as mentioned here


If your website is great with content and links and rest of everything as well but does not rank for its keywords anymore, then probably it could be due to manual or algorithmic penalty. 

Actions are taken against unethical link building. Make sure you are not into such activities so that Google webspam team does not take any action against your website.

If you want to check if any such action is been taken for your website, you can check by clicking ‘search traffic’ and then opening ‘manual actions’ tab.

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