6 Types of Best Online Advertising in 2020 for Website Marketing & Business Promotion

Website Marketing and Promotion Tips though Digital Advertising – How to Choose the Right Kind of advertising Methods for Ranking your Website Online

Website promotion through Online Advertising. Find out Top 6 Online advertising types and techniques of marketing a Website. Beginners tips to Promote a website with digital advertising.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of digital advertising for your website it becomes quite difficult. To solve this, We have highlighted Top 6 Methods of Online advertising for Website Promotion.


Which Type of Online Advertising to Choose to Market Your Website?

Internet advertising of the site is very important to attract visitors, but at the same time right advertising of a website is not the easiest task. Creation of a site that is beautiful, functional, with a clear and user-friendly interface and navigation system, it is not even half of the story, but only the first step in the birth of a demanded portal or site.


The main task that the creator of the site is facing, is to attract as much visitors as possible, namely those users, who are the target audience for the site, in accordance with its theme.

Only competent online advertising of a site can solve this difficult problem. Even an experienced PC user who has decided to present itself on the network through the creation of the website, will not to be able to conduct an advertising campaign independently due to the absence of necessary experience.


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Tips to Know What type of online advertising to choose 


6 Most Popular Types of Online Advertising for Website Ranking


There are many kinds of the Internet advertising. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It becomes quite a tough task to select only the best for your website. We have explained all the basic and most popular methods in the article to help you make a choice.

Let’s discuss the most popular ways and methods of online advertising and the scope of their use.


#1. Social Media Advertising


At this time, the most relevant social networks for advertising are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that allow to use different approaches. The most popular is the SMM (Social Media Marketing), which is presented by the creation of communities, brand-pages, placing materials, etc., and extensive targeting advertising aimed at a particular group of potential customers.


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Use Social Network Advertising to market your site


Through the use of a variety of different settings, extensive targeting ads are shown only a certain category of users. It is a good base to present the audience new brands. The main disadvantage of social network advertising is that there is no 100% guarantee of the result. Moreover, usually it is not possible to calculate the budget of advertising accurately.


And this type of advertising is for patient people, because it does not give immediate results, a significant amount of time may be required to achieve visible results.

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#2. Banner Advertising for website promotion


Banner advertising– Such advertisements are also called media advertising, although this concept is much broader and includes video advertising. The placement of graphic media (static and animated) on web pages allows you to reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness. However, it is costly. Media advertising has a negative side.



Banner Ads-advertising-to-market-website-300x200
market your website with Banner Ads and advertising



Due to the abuse of banners by some sites your brand can receive bad image. Banners cannot be displayed in case of ad-blocking by a browser and they have low efficiency due to the lack of competent targeting.

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#3. Product Placement


This term refers to hidden advertising in a neutral context. This type of advertising is common in online games and is part of the game play or periodically appears on the screen. Product placement can be effective for the launch of a new brand on the market or in case of exact choice of the target audience.


But it has several drawbacks: it is quite difficult to predict and assess the extent of its effectiveness; negative response from the audience is possible; and this method of advertising is not suitable for any or every kind of products.



#4. Viral Advertising


The peculiarity of this type of online advertising is distributing promotional materials by the users themselves: they view a promotional video that does not leave them indifferent, and share it with friends and acquaintances. The main advantage of this method – the possible awesome result at the low cost, although “low-costs”is a questionable matter.


You need to find a team of experts, screenwriters and others to create a video. And this leads us to main disadvantages: difficulties with creation of material, capability to cause the desired reaction, unpredictable result and short duration of its effect.


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#5. Search Engine Marketing, SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO or website promotion) – this is the placement of sites on the first page of search engine such as Google. This type of advertising is the most effective in terms of cost to attract customers and result.


To raise a website on the top of search engines pages, a team of professionals needs to work on its structure, materials and tags carefully, as well as to create as many useful links as possible, as they are considered by search engines when determining the place of your site in the search results.


Using SEO allows to reach a wide audience and to do it gently. Clear direction of this type of advertising enables users to find relevant information easily and quickly. But SEO has certain disadvantages.


First of all, you need to understand that SEO promotion is a slow process. If you’re lucky, the effect will be visible after two months or perhaps even after a year.


Second, no one can guarantee the result.


Third, it can be very expensive. Services of the quality SEO-copywriters cost a decent amount of money. Interestingly, the customers are willing to transfer their money each month on accounts of various companies engaged in the promotion, taking into account that a good result might be possible only in half-year. Or it may not be.


The negative side of SEO advertising is that various search engines can apply sanctions. You can be banned or your position in the SERPs will be lowered.


#6. Contextual Advertising


Contextual advertising is showing the advertisements of the relevant category of the page on which they appear. Contextual ads can be searchable (on pages of search engines) and thematic (on the sites that participate in the ad network).


The use of this type of the Internet advertising allows you to reach the desired results almost instantly. It is very simple to monitor the effectiveness of advertising and display ads only to users that belong to a given target audience.


But at the same time ads are not shown in case of ad-blocking by a browser. There is one more downside of this type of advertising. It requires significant financial costs and deep knowledge to set the right efficient settings.


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To sum it up, any kind of advertising can bring a huge success, or it can become a big failure. So you have to choose the most suitable kind of online advertising based on the specific situation. The most optimal approach is to use several forms of advertising in the complex, but it requires human and financial resources.

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