Top 10 Search Engines List 2022 – Free Url Submission Sites for Starting SEO

10 Most Popular Search Engines in 2022 where you must Add your Website Url (Free)


Listing of Best Search Engines on the Web for Indexing your Content for Better Search Engine Ranking in SERPs, resulting in improved Free Traffic.

There are many websites present on World Wide Web (www) or the internet. And many different sites are present to solve a single query of the user. But do we know all of these websites? I think no, it is because most of the websites don’t get crawled and indexed by search engines. And crawling and indexing is one of the most important parts for any website url to get ranked well and appear in SERPs.


Although search engines from time to time crawl, and index web page urls of websites present on internet, you can also manually submit your websites and blogs to search engines to get indexed your Web pages.


And, these submissions are known as Search Engine Submissions. Both paid and free search engine url submission are available to you if you are willing to pay some money for a few engines that ask for some amount.

PDF Submission Sites List for SEO


Top 10 Search Engines for Free Website Submission-600x350
Submit your Website Url Free at Top 10 Online Search Engines in the World



List of Top 10 Web Search Engines on the Internet in 2022 for Free Url Submission


You can submit your websites and blogs to these sites popularly known as Search Engine Submission sites either by yourself or with the help of any agency depending on your suitability.

On that note, if you want to index your website urls then today I am going to share with you top 10 search engine submission sites which you can use to submit your web properties for better indexing.


So here the list begins:-


1. Google Search Engine Submission:-


Google Search Engine Submission-400x300
Submit your Site at Google Search Engine


Google Search Engine Submission is a search engine submission site by Google where you can make search engine submission for your website and blog url if you want better indexing on Google. By doing so, you can make Google aware of your new sites, blogs and also helps to update its database if your website or blog url is among already existing ones.

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2. Bing Search Engine Submission:-



Bing Search Engine Submission-400x300
Submit your site free at Bing Search Engine



Bing Search Engine Submission is second in the row and is one of the known search engine submission websites. Thus, if your targeted audience is from Bing, then you can also submit your site to Bing Search Engine submission site to index better your website urls and a chance to achieve good search engine rankings.


How to Submit your Business in Bing Local Search Engine



3. Yandex Search Engine Submission:-



Yandex Search Engine Submission-400x300

Submit a url to Yandex Search Engine


Yandex is also among one of the best search engine submission sites. It is a search engine submission site by Yandex, which is a recognized internet service and products provider company. Thus, if your target market is Russia or even not you can submit your website url to Yandex Search Engine just to get traffic.

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4. Baidu Search Engine Submission


Baidu is a search engine by Baidu a Chinese web service provider company. And Baidu search engine submission site is also an offering from Baidu where you can submit your website urls to get better indexed and gain benefits from it.



Baidu is the biggest search engine in China and top 4th in the world as per the number of users who make online searches.



5. ScrubTheWeb Search Engine Submission



Scrub The Web is also a good search engine url submission site where you can submit your site to get better indexed. ScrubTheWeb is a website which searches for the best sites on the internet, so you can also submit your website url here to be on the list of best websites.


You can also analyze Meta tags here, use SEO tools and Meta tag generator on this website. Learn more about Scrub The Web here.



6. EntireWeb Search Engine Submission


Entire Web Search Engine Submission is a search engine Url submission site by EntireWeb (a search engine) which provides relevant results for different websites, images, and many more things. It is one of the best websites which claim instant indexing of submitted urls.


Free Search Engine Submission-300x250


Thus if you want to get indexed instantly, then you can go for submission of your website url here.


7. InfoTiger


InfoTiger is a web search engine providing the services of search engine submission where you can submit your website url and blogs for better indexing and hence to get targeted traffic. You can either submit URL of your websites and blogs one by one or can send them a list of URLS of your web properties at in one per line format.



8. Anoox


Anoox is a social sharing search network which also provides the facility of search engine submission. Thus, you can submit your website url here to get free traffic. Along with that, you can also share, answer, discover and discuss and can connect with new opportunities.


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9. Beamed Search


Beamed Search also provides the services of search engine submission where you can submit your site to get indexed fast. And consequently get better organic traffic.

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10. ExaLead


Exalead is a software company which provides the services related to search platforms and search- based applications. It also provides the services of search engine submission where you can submit your site for better indexing and higher search engine rankings.


Hope this list will help you in a realistic manner to get your business name familiar and indexed well in SERPs. Thus, use these sites to  submit your website urls and blog here and also don’t forget to share your experience with us related to enhancement in organic traffic, ranking in search engine results, etc. Also, don’t forget to show your love for the post thereby sharing it across different platforms.

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