30 Best Travel Apps, Holiday Mobile Apps in India to Plan your Journey via Bus, Train or Air


Introduction : Holiday and Travel Apps in India for your smart phone. List of best Indian Apps for Travelling and Planning your Journey


When you are puzzled to plan your trip within 30 mins; here is the systematic guide for your reference to fasten your decision. Your android phone has got access to millions of freewares and it is quite confusing which one to select out of them? You need to find apps that suit your psycho and will save your time. Find out which App shall address your need within your limits. This Blog post certainly directs you towards planning the worry free journey in 30 mins with the help of these top Indian Apps.


Top 30 Mobile Apps in India for Travel and Holiday (for Local or Global locations):

Below mentioned list of MUST Have Holiday APPS which shall not only SAVE YOUR TIME IN ANDROID MARKET NAVIGATION but will also leave an impression of creative pleasure that this cellular age has to offer you.

In case you are outside India you may still not get confused instead you have to download local apps in the same category. And rest of the apps are GLOBAL e.g. If you are travelling in London, you need to download Transit App instead of Delhi Public Transport in local transport category. But Expedia will still guide you to London.


Mobile Apps Parameters:

  • 10 Millions + downloads
  • 4 star + ratings
  • Usability features
  • Average user reviews & performances
  • Category remains same for any Global unorganized trip planning
  • Free Apps


Whether it be a business trip, weekend hangover, blind dating or adventure trip – where you will be landing into unknown territory- you can rely upon these superb apps.


31 MUST have Travel Apps for Holiday and Traveling Purpose

List of the Best Mobile Applications that offer great help to plan and enjoy your Holiday and Travelling successfully:- 


Google map:


An unavoidable friend in an unknown territory is Google maps. Be it greedy taxi drivers or local tourist guides or a self-driven car route finder. Google map consumes less RAM & battery and goes well with low signal quality. It makes you aware of traffic time ahead,with colors red,yellow.blue etc, alternate routes, compass directions, distance, and travel time precisely.

You know exactly where you halt on the highway through GPS & surrounding travel destinations as well. It is an inbuilt App nowadays with every mobile carrier inculcate, which need not to be downloaded, however, it must be updated before your journey.


All in One go ! Car + Hotel + Flight + Bus travel


i) Tripadvisor: 

With 100+ Million downloads and 4 stars + rating app backed by the beautiful website. The web designers have kept no stone upturned in terms of designing usability and reviews platform to mark it best. If you throw a stone randomly on global tourist map you will be delighted to read TripAdvisor reviews of that unknown location.

Categorically be it flight, hotel, car, cruise, site seeing, photographs by hotel owners or travelers everywhere it rocks !!!. The second part is comparisons & lowest prices auctioned by any portal, owners, vendors globally it will reflect here along with people trending feature. So for accommodation, flight, local travel, long rentals, weather updations, car, a cruise every segment of the industry is covered on this portal. It’s the most reliable App in terms of ratings & price comparisons.


ii) Expedia: 

NASDAQ Listed US travel agency with a local presence in more than 30 countries.They provide search engine platform, lowest price comparisons and independent travel consultancy for overall dealing. Along with decades of global presence, they have survived every recession through more acquisitions and adding online portals each time of bearish trend, in their kitty. e.g. Orbitz & Trivago


iii) Kayak:


US based travel company having owned search engines enhances their presence on google play in 10 Million + downloads. The user base reflects presence and services presented through APP are highly appreciated. Hence best-rated the app, specially for flight search user ratings to 4.5*.

iv) MakeMyTrip: 

Best rated App in India with highest downloading and prompt services through its dedicated BPO covering all Indian destinations, few SEA region and few of European & American destinations as well. An app allows you to book Indian Railway tickets directly without interruptions.


v) Cleartrip:

Another parallel app to make my trip is here Cleartrip ! The organised online travel portal backed by the app gained the best customer reviews and Editors pick by Apple inc. Rail, Bus, flight, car and hotel segments. Especially for hotel booking, there is an option of pay@ hotel features.


vi) Travelyaari:


If you are in North India and willing to travel by bus, specifically looking only for Bus App, this is the best option for you. Bus bookings with a choice of seat map and special feature for women safety feature inside it.


Best Apps for Flights:

Don’t you wish to compare flight deals?  Be it flying domestic or international you may download folowing apps &get the cheap deal done!


i) Skyscanner:


The best app that is actually backed by the own search engine. Skyscanner does not sell anything but just acts as a search engine to facilitate users. It helps to find cheap flight desired and redirects users to seller app or portal. App is also available in 30 languages globally. It won many awards and recognition in the shortest span of time.


 ii) Flight radar24 (free & paid):


App basically designed in Sweden by folks to collect data of local flights. Now this data organised for users globally to provide most updated information on price comparison and flight features.


iii) Tripadvisor:


Again best App for flight comparisons with best ratings.


iv) Cheapflights: 


App also backed by blogs & travel search engine that provides vast features and filters, such as saving the searched flight. As the name suggest App is dedicated for searching best deal in the market.


v)  American Airlines:


App provides an advance feature like Mobile boarding pass & also provides smart features such as parking reminders.App is a national carrier to US citizens.


Best Apps for Hotels:


i) Booking:

App has access to 0.8 Million properties across the globe and BPO services available 24*7 in English and 40 languages globally. 52 Million verified guest reviews accessible through the App.Hence they got highest 4.6-star user ratings so far seen for any other travel app.


ii) Hotels.com:

One of the top and best hotel only App that gives best features for last minute hotel deals. Rewarding points of 1 room free on 10 rooms etc. Great features for finding the cheap room.


iii) Agoda:

App that is so prompt to revert on every single review, imagine how much careful they could be on providing you the best services.I have never seen such a prompt revert on any of the travel app. The App provides good payment options, all your payment details receipts and online check-in is stored and made available within the app are handy while at the Hotel desk.


iv) Airbnb:

App is Editors`s pick in Google Play. App has got potential to touch the sky undoubtedly ! Having strong back up of listings of rented accommodation in 190 countries 34000 cities globally. The App has its focus on long term rentals of every category such as studios, villas, service apartments etc.


v) OYO hotels:

This App focus on hotel rooms across 140 Indian cities.An  App is providing very warm hospitality through its facilities. Such as BOOK NOW AND PAY AT THE THE COUNTER. Also features food facility & restaurants in nearby the booked hotels.

Best Apps for Car Booking:

Cab booking App performs though GPS vehicle tracking system hence they are safest, most reliable and affordable in Indian. Every cab App is connected and regulated by the back office. Executives are available for escalation on 24*7 basis. Security concern is also governed through technology inside the cab. App allows you to see the cabs availability in your vicinity with time required to reach your spot.

i) Uber:

Company has its origin through APP. It’s struggling for survival in legal terms, however, the common man has benefitted immensely. App & the company operates globally through App in 58 countries and 300 cities generating jobs to millions of taxi drivers. Started in 2009 and such an unexpected global reach out is possible only because of its business model, services & incubing the technology. Services are rated best globally by users.

ii) Ola:

An app with similar features as Uber. You can travel CASH FREE through Ola money feature. Ola rates are highly competitive with Uber.


iii) Meru:

This App backed by services in 23 cities across India in various tariff plans. Its 360 degree featured App having best possible features already included into it.  With aligning to its competitors additional features such women-only taxi with female taxi drivers can be found. In Delhi NCR Carpooling is featured to facilitate enrouted people and reduce air pollution of the Capital.


iv) Lyft : 

App focused exclusively on ridesharing concept. During intercity travel or within Metro areas you can find this App is much helpful.You pay through mobile transfers & its cashless ride with drivers & vehicles are prior verified by Lyft.


v) Jugnu: 

The Most recommended app that could put Auto rickshaw owner in law and order to charge tariff as per the meter rates settled by the government. This features GPS tracking and paper bills of tarrief rates generated at the end. App functions just like taxi Apps but the tariff is much lower. There are issues with availability of Jugnu Autos, you will catch one if your are lucky enough to!!!


Local transport & tools:


i) Government Tourism app: HPTDC App

It may not be updated thoroughly but gives you correct and reliable information about location, weather, destinations, loclity etc. You need to call government local tourism office to get recent updates.

ii) Local bus transport:

Delhi Public Transport App

Supports a comprehensive idea on total distance, walking distance(if required), catch bus no 000, walk 200 meters left, the on mmm bus stop catch bus no 111, walk 50 meters to catch gate no 4 of BBBB Metro Station, Get down to NNN Station on platform no nnn to catch kkk Metro  etc. … to reach your destination .It shows map as well GPS navigation , compass navigation as well as day-night mode. Any stranger can find his destination with this google App in Delhi.

iii) Delhi Metro:

App designed by DMRC is most authentic and well-informed with respect to any private APP developers.

iv) Weather: Accuweather App

Volume speaks strength . This is the best app in weather category having 50 Million downloads and 4.3 user ratings. App show hourly changes in the weather & predictions. App designed in such a way that for unpredictable natural formations, further trends are automatically corrected bringing it 90 % accuracy in overall weather forecast. Also excellent graphics for cloudy weather and sunshine.

v) Currency converter App: Xe App

With the live updations of fluctuations currency is auto updated & stored for offline calculations there after.


Train Apps: Indian Railway tickets are now available through apps


i) IRCTC connect App:

App Login and verification is a lengthy process. Booking through App is restricted on specific time, days etc. TATKAL tickets also available for confirm journey plans. Railway server has got extremely high traffic, seasonal rush etc. Hence, there are supporting apps that can be used to do your rough work. But once you have fixed to book tickets, keep your mobile, credit cards, netbanking passwords handy as tickets are sold in fraction of seconds.

ii) NTES App:

NTES App Is designed by Indian Railway, for real-time updating like running status of the live train, arriving & departing time in the real system, platform number etc. It’s a must app if you are travelling by Indian Railways.

iii) erail App:

This is private but regularly updated app. It can be used to take on complicated itineraries, connecting trains. Also connection of local subūrban trains in the metros, fares availability, travelling time etc. However, you must remember this is not based on the live system. This is being made available for easing your railway planing.

iv) Travelkhana:

App Is not designed by Indian Railways. It’s the good option to IRCTC catering services which end up customers in bad taste, un-hygienic food quality and total disappointment. An app will provide you freshly cooked food you order, nicely packed & with toppings etc to deliver you on time. For those travelling in odd hours and long distance journey these services are available 24*7. You just need to enter your PNR no and station you wish to get food delivery,you will find delivery boy ready before your train arrives. Moment you get food smell the food and then pay money cash. Last but not least App reviews are addressed regularly by the company.

v) In Train Alarm App: 

This App performs upon GPS tracking system with an error of 1 km and radius of 20 kms. It provides stations listing within where these services are available. This is useful to catch the train as well as to get down if arriving at odd hours.

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