10 Best Website Promotion Ideas – Digital Marketing Beginners Tips for Website Traffic

10 Best Methods to Promote a Website successfully using Free+Paid Ways of SEO +SEM + Social Marketing and Advertising.


If you own a website but you have only a beginner level knowledge about website promotion ideas, techniques, and online tools, then you should read this article to find out what are the top 10 most successful ways to promote and market your website to the next level. A website needs a lot of attention, in terms of SEO, digital marketing, and online promotion. Even good quality content can’t rank your website well in search engines if you haven’t marketed it enough. What i mean here by website marketing is that you should use some fundamental methods and techniques to take your website to a higher level when it comes to online ranking.


With the number of host names hitting the 861,379,000 mark as of January 2014, there is no doubt that having a website is no longer a problem these days. The real issue is promoting it. Businesses running websites and blogs face the challenge of having people to visit their sites and make sales.


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Website Promotion Methods: Best Ways Promoting a Site using Means of Advertising Marketing SEO, etc


Website Promotion: Overview

To Promote a website successfully it takes a lot of good ideas, techniques, ways, methods, Tools, SEO processes, submissions, etc. Sometime, you may even have to depend on paid methods where you have to pay something to increase traffic and overall visibility of your website over the desired geographical locations of your choice.


Though, some traffic generating methods have edge over the others. You have to consciously choose what suits best to your web property!


Social Media, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Video advertising, and email advertising are undoubtedly the top methods to get huge traffic (referral + organic) for your website or blog!


Top 10 Methods to Promote your Website on the Internet:


First of all, submit your website to the maximum possible search engines as they are the ones that send free organic traffic to your website if it is well indexed in every major search engines.


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1. How to do Website Promotion with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most important and successful method of promoting and marketing a website is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most people look for website urls by searching the keywords on search engines.
Search engine optimization SEO-350x250
How to rank Higher using SEO Techniques


A website that has a low SEO ranking is therefore not as visible as one that appears on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages.


There are two ways of optimizing your website for search engines: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.


On-page SEO refers to the methods that are applied online, on the website itself. They include editing the existing website content, linking and back linking, social media sharing, and blogging, to name but a few.

Apart from these, landing page optimization is very important as per the on-page SEO guidelines in order to rank a website well in search engines. Landing pages are counted in ranking factors decided by major search engines.

Another crucial aspect is website loading time. You must have heard too frequently about this parameter from medium bloggers to expert ones.

Now, website speed is counted in a list of confirmed factors that affect SEO for a web page. So, try these tips and tools for optimizing the loading time of your website



Off-page SEO on the other hand refers to the SEO methods that are applied outside the website, such as word of mouth promotion and advertising on the print media among other methods.


You can even outsource your SEO work to the freelancers available on Gig based websites, like Upwork.com, freelancer.com, etc. Get the list of 10 best websites to buy SEO Gigs


Use a powerful SEO software, like this one here – it will help you review your website as per the best practices for on-page and off-page SEO rules.


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2. Blogging and Article Marketing


Blogs have become very popular in disseminating information online. Most websites have a blog in which information on the various services offered on the site is provided. This is a great way to promote your website and you can get good number of loyal subscribers to your email list as well. This opens an entire new way to market your services in long term.


Offering original content for free helps sets you apart from cutthroat competition. You can so write for other blogs and request other blogs to write for you and share links. This is called guest blogging.



Blogging and Article Marketing-400x300
Blogging and Article Marketing – Great Ideas for Website Promotion


It gives you an opportunity to get other customers from different niches and geographical locations. Article marketing has also become one of the greatest content marketing tools that have become very popular in the recent internet marketing scene.


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3. Pay per click (PPC) Method- the Quickest Way To Promote:



Pay per click -PPC-for-website-ranking-350x250
Pay Per Click Ads: Offers great way to promote your site


Some website marketing ways are free while others are paid. Pay Per Click is an example of a paid advertising method. PPC entails using internet advertising to generate traffic from search engines like Google.


Google AdWords and Google AdSense are the most popular PPC techniques that are in use today. In these platforms, you pay a fixed price for each click your ad gets. Your hope is that the click will result into a sale.


Your main task here is to look for keyword phases that will attract rather than distract the audience. SEO PPC Advertising Tips


4. Video Advertising


YouTube is a leading video sharing platform that has provided businesses with a simple way of sharing video clips online. You can embed videos on your website or social media page if you want to clarify or demonstrate the use of a new product.


Video advertising-for-website-ranking-350x250
Video advertising – A great Player in web promotion


Going viral is the most desirable result but if it doesn’t happen, a video will still drive traffic to your site if you use strong call to actions. Keeping in mind that YouTube gets about 1 billion visits every month and that 1/3 of online activity is spend watching videos, you have no reason to ignore YouTube, after all, it is the second largest search engine.


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5. Email Marketing:


Email marketing is a great website promotion tool that allows website owners to reach out to their esteemed customers in a very personal way.


There are several email marketing companies that help you to create mailing lists after which you can start your email marketing campaign. If you would like to succeed in email marketing, you need to start creating your mailing list straight from day one.



6. Word of Mouth Website Promotion:


When you are looking for some goods or services, you normally ask your friends for referrals. Promotion of some businesses such as makeup, women beauty and fashion businesses are better done through word of mouth marketing.


As a website owner, you need to build connections with your fans and friends so that you can get positive reviews on your website and word of mouth recommendations.



7. Website Promotion via Social Media Marketing


Social media helps webmasters and blog owners to reach their potential clients. People are on social networks to socialize, but as you socialize with your friends, you can always encourage them to buy from your website.


If you have created a page for your website, you can encourage your friends to like it. There are many organizations who have a very strong following on social media and the fans of their pages more often than not become their customers.


People also tend to be outspoken on social media, so it is easy for you to get customer feedback and know what people expect from you. Facebook Ads can also be used to further bolster the chances of getting new customers.


LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora and Twitter are others social networks that can help to promote your business.


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8. Public Relations (PR)


Public relation strategies are very essential in promoting and marketing a website. It is through public relations that you are able to brand yourself and convince people that you are an expert in your business. People become aware of your brand, and conversion rates escalate.

For example, writing journalistic articles for magazines and newspapers is a way of connecting with the people, especially those who read the magazines or newspapers.

Being mentioned by a trusted media center is a big plus, as people tend to trust you more.



9. Listing your Website to Online Directories



Getting listed on search engines and business directories is one of the marketing tips that some business owners tend to ignore. Business directories have a way of connecting businesses to their customers in a way that other platforms cannot.


For instance, if you list your business’s physical address on Google My Business, customers can get directions to your registered offices through Google Maps. Bing places for Businesses and Yahoo localworks are great areas to list your business too.

Others are Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Angie’s List, Manta, DexKnows, BBB and Merchant Circle.



10. Press Release distribution (PR Submission)


No one can underestimate the importance of press release distribution in marketing a website. A press release is an easy way of creating promotional content and distributing it to your current and prospective buyers.

You can come up with a regular schedule of sending press releases, such as once a month or once in a fortnight. If you can contact local medial like magazines and newspapers to publish your press release the better for you.


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