How to Gain Subscribers on YouTube- 20 Best Tips to Get YouTube Subscribers Quickly

How to Get Youtube Subscribers and More Followers on Youtube? Best YT Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Youtube Channel


Video Marketing Tips for Youtubers. How to be More Successful on YouTube with your Videos and Channels.

YouTube lets you enjoy videos, movies, shows, songs, spiritual and other different type of content and share it with your family, friends, near & dear ones.

It is one excellent platform to make money out of your videos, grow your business, transfer message to audience and much more. All this is possible if only your video content is powerful and has the ability to attract traffic to your channel.

20 Quick Tips to help you Increase your YouTube Channel Subscribers Fast:


Tips to Grow your YouTube Channel Subscribers


There are certain tips and tricks to grow your YouTube subscribers. The more the subscribers, the bigger your name and the more money you can earn.

YouTube channel with more subscribers becomes like a brand. Now here’s presenting some of the best ways to get more subscribers to your Youtube channel. Have a look!



20 Actionable Tips and Methods to Grow Audience at your YouTube Channel


Make more money or business out of your videos and drive more traffic. Learn to grow your YouTube subscribers and promote more via YouTube with these 20 practical and quick tips.


Best ways methods Tips to Grow Youtube Subscribers
Best ways and methods to Grow Youtube Subscribers



1- Be Regular


Consistency is the key to success. Increase your uploading frequency on YouTube. New videos should be uploaded on regular basis or according to the schedule you follow. For instance; if your schedule is to upload videos on weekends then, your viewers would be expecting for your video on weekends. Also the subscribers receive notification when you upload a video.

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2- Proper and Efficient Tools


Using proper tool is extremely important. There are various tools available that could help in increasing your viewers organically. Some of such tool are Tubebuddy, GoPro Hero 3+, etc. Try them, work wonders.

Some of the most necessary tools for a Youtuber are-


  • High-End DSLR Camera,
  • Wireless Microphone,
  • LED Film Lights,
  • Video Editing Software

3- Eye-Catching and Aptly Written Video Titles


The length of your YouTube video title should be limited & not very long. The ideal length for a video title should not exceed 50 characters.

Be creative while framing the title as the viewers must get a sneak peek into what’s the video about.



4- Script & Structure


Plan the structure of the videos as to what your channel is going to be all about. Whether related to fashion, technology, comedy or others. Video with its own content performs better. Do not try to copy from other trending channels. Create what you love, something of your own. Properly designed scripted will ensure the video doesn’t get sneered off from the main theme.

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5- Use Well targeted and Search Engine Optimized Keywords


The video has great chances of showing up in the Google search results as well as YouTube provided if the relevant keywords are used.

You can test before choosing the keywords as to whether there are video results for these keywords. The more the results, the better the chances of showing up in search rankings.

Haven’t tried Google Adwords Keywords yet? You are loosing a lot if you not!!Visit here to find the tips and tricks to use Google Adwords keywords Planner to find out the most appropriate and high volume and better earning Keywords for your niche!


6- Put only the Well Planned Content on your Channels


Content of the video should be good. Good in the sense, it should be informative as well as entertaining. It’s great to have trending videos on your YouTube channel but it should also contain the videos that are not affected by the passage of time or fashion/ trend.

Taking advantage of trends is good but don’t run after them blindly otherwise you will loose your identity. Your channel should be focused on a theme or a topic and should publish relevant and similar videos because your subscribers have subscribed to your channel for that specific topic or theme.

If you you divert too much from the central theme of your channel you may loose your subscribers too fast.



7- Channel Customizations


If you want to establish yourself as brand on YouTube, you need work on this front. You can use custom personal background header including sections of your blog.

Keep your bio short. Make use of all the elements that make you recognizable (example, if you already run  a blog and have followers). Make the most of custom URL and customization choices available.



8- Custom Thumbnails


Random thumbnails hardly makes sense. It would be the best if custom video thumbnails for each video is created.

Relevant images must be used for custom thumbnails with a little annotation.



9- Introduction For Video


This will help the viewers in remembering the brand and stick to your video. An attractive intro is a must and cannot be overlooked.


10- Captivating & Engaging Trailer


A 30 to 60 seconds trailer giving a reason to the viewers to visit your channel.


11- Call To Action Annotations


Call to actions annotations like download, visit website, like/share, learn, watch more videos etc can do wonders for you if used in a proper way. Make your visitors click them and this way you can get more subscribers.


12- Subscribe Buttons


If you have your official webpage, you can link it to your YouTube. You can add your blog/website URL in the channel description and also ‘Subscribe’ buttons on your blog. This will  help in driving more subscribers to your YouTube channel.


13- Time Limit


Keep the videos short without compromising on the information. The length of the video should be kept under 5 minutes. Make sure it is entertaining.


14- Video Editing

Do not just make a single recording for your YouTube channel. Make a lot of them and then select the best to upload on your channel.


15- Ask Viewers


Ask and you might get it. Ask viewers to like/share & subscribe.


16- Get Influencers

Looping the influencers and other bloggers to promote you and get more visibility using their followings.

17- Be Responsive


Reply to your fans in the comments section. Listen to the requests that are being made. Negative comments will be there too. Take them smartly. Do not be harsh in your tone.


18- Personal Side


Show the making of the video, bloopers, behind the camera fun etc. People love to see this kind of stuff.

19- Memorable Ending


Ending should be impactful that the viewers can just can’t wait for your next video. Be creative.

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20- Experiment & Explore:


Keep on exploring and experimenting. See what’s getting more liked by the viewers. Create more of what people love to see.

Watch this outstanding Video by James Wedmore to understand every point about how to increase the number of subscribers drastically.

Also read the outstanding post by Jayson Demers at Forbes about the 50 Free ways to grow your audience at YouTube.

…And, don’t forget to add a Video widget on your blog or website to get more traffic on your videos from your source web pages.

….Also, replying the comments made by the viewers regularly creates an atmosphere for more people subscribing your video channels!

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Over to you-

Please share your views and opinion on this. What are the ways and methods you personally use most to drive traffic and number of subscribers to your channel?

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  1. Hey vslamba, These are simply amazing tips. Some of these tips I was familiar with and most of them are new to me. I give more importance to content because “Content is king”. Content should be unique and valuable.
    Custom Thumbnail plays a very important role. It is like a key to the door. It forces the viewers to click on the videos. If your video thumbnail is not attractive then viewers are not going to click your videos.
    I agree with you 5-minute videos are enough to convey your information but keep it entertaining and informative.
    I have implemented most to these tips and believe me it works after taking some time. These tips require a lot of time, hard work and patience. Usually, I buy youtube subscribers and viewers from because it saves me time and hard work.
    Ask the bloggers to embed videos, show your personal side, promote on social sites are new to me and I have never read these tips before. Surely. I’ll try these tips because as you said to keep trying exploring and experimenting new things.

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