Video Marketing to Boost your e-Commerce Sales? Beginners Tips to Leverage Video Content

Video Marketing Guide for Online Store Owners: E-commerce Beginners Tips for Leveraging Video Marketing to Grow Leads and Sales


Leverage Video marketing to boost e-commerce sales: Killer Tips for Beginners to drive More Sales and Earn Profits.


When you visit any e-commerce site what attracts you the most? perhaps the answer would be in the following order:

Video>Image>Text. That’s true in most of the cases. So, if you are an ecommerce business owner or if you own any kind of small or bigger online store then you must utilize Video marketing to boost the leads and sales on your e-commerce based portal. If you are a beginner then read this blog post otherwise you may escape it as we have written this article keeping in mind the beginners who are not having expert level experience in running an online store.

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Video Marketing Tips to Promote an eCommerce Business

Why use Video Markeitng for Ecommerce Business Promotion?


Videos are a great way to find right customers and engage them. Thanks to the video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc with so many users to get the visibility.
Users spend a lot of time watching videos online and the average time that an internet user uses to watch videos online is insanely high. Videos have the power to convey the information more precisely and appropriately.
People these days prefer watching videos over reading lengthy texts. Images just don’t compete with videos in terms of a complete product knowledge and satisfaction it can impart before buying decision is made. It is also a powerful tool to problem solving and delivering the right kind of knowledge to engage the right audience.

Many brands have found an escape to the expensive T.V ads to the video sites like Youtube. Innovative and a viral video is all you need and in this era of social media let the viewers become your promoters. The more they find a video intriguing or appealing, funny or knowledgeable anything worth sharing, the more visibility it gets.


The different types of videos that you can make for your e-commerce store are:

1. Product Demo Videos offer a great way to explain all wonderful features and USP/s of your product by the means of a video.
2. Explanatory or illustrative Videos are good for products which require some technical explanation in most cases or varied usage can also be explained to the viewers.
3. Sales and Promotional Videos as the name suggest is a sales pitch in the form of a video.

4. Testimonial Videos empowers you to record what your customer says about you and build the reputation.

Best ways of doing Video Marketing for Increasing Ecommerce Sales


Lets us take you through the following ways you leverage video marketing to boost e-commerce sales:

1. Rank Higher:

Videos are good for SEO. You hold more chances to be ranked higher by search engines like Google when you have both texts as well as videos to your name. It seems more credible and builds reputation. If your competitors are not using videos then you have altogether more chances to be ranked higher in your category.

2. Showcase your USP


Videos are a great medium to highlight and exhibit your USP and drive more interest. An image is worth a thousand words so let’s weigh how much power a video has which is so much more explanatory and visually appealing than an image.

3. Advice

Help out the shoppers and always give honest advice to them to select the right product. Do videos which customers find helpful and make right buying decision on the basis of it.

It will get you more and more repeated purchase and loyal customers that will be there to stay as they trust you.


4. Problem Solving


Make videos that solve some problems of your customers. May be a tutorial of how to use a camera that you launch for the best photography.

Or a guide to the healthy kitchen while you aim to sell your air fryer. Don’t be or sound like you are selling but always aim to help the visitors, sales will come automatically.

5. Demo


Product demos sometimes are important as customers fear a technology or may have some inhibitions which can be shed off with a nice demo video. It is good to understand all features and see them live before purchasing ad they use to ask for demo while traditional shopping.

Don’t let them escape to a physical store or refrain from buying a product in the absence of a good demo video which could have convinced them for buying.



6. Value Addition

A video is a value addition in customer’s buying decision as it is more captivating than an image and /or text and the buyers are reported to buy more after watching a video than just scrolling down the pictures.

It is much more important for customers who are informed and wants to understand all features and specifications properly and compare with other products before buying.
To read thoroughly on how to utilize Products based Video marketing then read this Shopify blog post:


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