What are Common Logistics Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Some Common Logistics mistakes that most of us are doing: Learn How to avoid it and save money.


Some common mistakes that you might be making in logistics might be hurting your reputation.

Consequently, you lose out customers and revenue. Read out this article to find out some common mistakes and how can you avoid them effectively and implement your shipping policies wisely.

Consequently, you lose out customers and revenue. Read out this article to find out some common mistakes and how can you avoid them effectively and implement your shipping policies wisely.


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How to Solve the problem areas in regarding Logistics, Shipping, Packaging and Delivery


9 Tips to avoid Common Logistics Mistakes:



1. Wrong Packaging


A poorly packaged product will ruin the very first impression howsoever good quality and genuine product you have sent. It would all not be sent down the drain when we talk so much about customer experience in this competitive world.

It will cost us a lot if we ignore this. Customer’s buying behaviour is largely impacted by his experience while shopping. When a shipment arrives it says a lot about the quality of the site and products.

Customers would associate a downgraded experience with a non- reliable product or service.



2. Choice of Shipping Vendors



Shipping vendors is for obvious reasons the lifeline of shipping channel. It is crucial you do your research well before finalising a shipping vendor. The biggest and most talked about are good if they suit your need and fits in your requirement else find out the most reliable that can offer services according to your need and is reliable.

Before finalising ensure you have all terms and conditions intact and you genuinely read, understand and agree to all of them. Also, see to it that you have talked to many vendors before finalising this one so that you know what you want and what is available in the market and never fear to move to a better vendor in case of dissatisfaction with the present one.

Keep a choice of more than one shipping vendor as if he fails to deliver you fail. Don’t let your efficiency tarred by the inefficiency of a single shipping vendor.

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3. No Inbound logistics check


Unhappy customers are a nightmare to any business and a huge cost with a big loss.

Nevertheless, no one want unhappy customers and returned goods, but have we taken time and analyse to work upon the root cause?

Unclear and vague return policies render customers viable to move to a better site which offers them easy returns and they don’t suffer the blow.

Lack of understanding of shipping policies by the employees who are accountable and who interact with customers also pose a serious threat to losing such customer from returning back ever.


4. Cost Vs Value analysis


The customer doesn’t know about your shipping cost they only understand their experience and what value do they get for by shopping at your site and how are you better than others.

We sometimes mistake and calculate the packaging cost depending upon the price of the product however its a wrong practise and packaging shall never be degraded depending upon the cost of the product.

All customers are equal and all products sold by you talks about your reliability and quality which you would never want to compromise with. So don’t even compromise with packaging and shipment quality.


5. Limited Shipping Options


Limited shipping option means lesser sales and more bounce backs from those who are looking for other methods of shipping. Why would you at all want that?

Every customer that is coming to your website is a cost which you have put on some advertising or marketing of your site ad products across different channel.

Why would you let it go waste by not offering various shipping options?

So include all shipping options like: Global shipping, Speed or express shipping at additional costs, gift wraps and deliveries, choice of delivery date flexibility, free and discounted shipping, etc.



6. Not choosing to Outsource


If you don’t have much experiences resources to dedicatedly hold accountable for shipping and logistics requirement and the people from your core business and multitasking then you sure are suffering the brunt of poor management.

Hire and /or outsource your complete logistics to an experienced company who would directly connect with your warehousing managers to get hints right.

This way you have someone taking he complete responsibility and you can always analyse their performance and hire better once if not satisfied instead of making your core business suffer because of employees been engaged with shipping related issues.



7. Wrong approach to stocking and inventory management


For all wrong inventory management stocking mistakes, you should read this article for a better understanding.

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8. False Delivery commitments


Wrong commitment and failure to deliver is a biggest mistake business can do.

Never make a commitment to deliver a product which you fail to deliver.

Wrong commitment about delivery date may ruin a birthday or an event of the buyer and he will never rely again.

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9. No Proper Planning


Acting upon when a situation or a crisis arises is the worst thing managers do. It is solely due to lack of planning and coordination among the team mates. With a proper planning and set strategies as well as steps of actions a lots of time and money can be saved and productivity be increased to a larger extent.


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