Best Logistic Companies in India for Logistics, Shipping and Delivery Services

Best Logistic Companies in India: Choose the Finest one which suits your Business the Most.

Indian Logistics Industry- Introduction and the current trends and scenarios:

With the growth of Indian economy and influx of more and more companies, logistics industry in India is witnessing rapid growth. There are three different mediums for logistics in India i.e air, land and water. For faster and long distant deliveries, air is the most opted medium.

Land, with an extensive network of road and railways this is the most traditional medium of logistics in India. It is been most popular for especially the shipments of heavy goods, machinery, etc.

Indian logistic industry is growing at 15% annually according to Cushman and Weikfield study. Other than the buyout growth of industries increasing the demand of logistics in India the new entrants in logistics is also increasing thus making the industry more competitive.

The reports further suggest that with the poised growth of e-commerce industry in India logistics will also witness an exponential growth.

Along with the increase in demand of logistics, there is an increased demand of improvement in speed, quality and customized logistics by the e-commerce companies in India.

The Highest Popular Logistics Companies in India for B2B eCommerce Shipping Delivery
The Highest Popular Logistics Companies in India for B2B


In developed countries while the logistics spend is 17-8 % in India it is 135 which indicates the wastages and additional costs. So the comparison highlights the inefficiencies of Indian logistics sector.
Infrastructural bottlenecks, varied and vast terrain with a comparatively lesser number of roads especially highways, connectivity to remote and rural areas, can result in high transit time and raised costs that Indian logistics sector is struggling with.

Railways have been one of the most trusted and traditional methods of goods transport however it is losing its market share which has come down to 31% from 60% in 1980s. The major factors for this are capacity constraints and administrative delays as well as a complex tax structure.


List of  8 Best Logistic Companies and Service Providers in India

1. DHL

DHL Express is a division of Germany-based company Deutsche Post.

Founded in 1969 now, it is the world’s largest express mail or logistics company. With around 325,000 employees, DHL express is now operating across the globe and is one of the biggest logistic companies in the world.


2. FedEx

America based Courier delivery services company FedEx was founded in the year 1971

The total number of employees working with FedEx is a whopping 300,000 around the world. The total revenue as per 2013 records have been reported to be USD 45 Billion.



3. Aramax

Dubai, UAE based company Aramex is an international express, mail delivery and logistic company. It was founded in 1982 by a Jordanian, Fadi Ghandor. Aramex is the first Arab company to get listed on NASDAQ. Its revenue was reported to be USD 993.62 Million in 2014.

DTDC Courier services was started by Subhashish Chakraborty in 1990. DTDC in India is the biggest logistics company today with delivering in about 10,000 pin codes. Other than the Indian Postal department if we talk about the private networks DTDC is the largest in India.Website:

5. TNT

With its headquarters in Hoofddop, Netherlands, TNT is an international express, mail delivery and logistics company. The total revenue of the company was reported to be USD 11.329 Billion in 2010. With a total of 156,125 employees, it is operating all across the globe.



Founded in 1989 Gati is an end to end leading logistics solution providers in India. Other than India it is also operating in more than 200 other countries worldwide with a workforce of 55,00. They have a reach to 594 districts of India out of 602 total.


7. First Flight


First flight was founded in the year 1986 with its offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. In India, it is serving in over 6700 pin codes with its 1200 offices in India. It is operating in 220 countries across the globe.

It has over 2300 authorised collection centres and 452 franchisee offices.


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8. All Cargo Logistics

All cargo logistics was founded in 1993 with its head office in Mumbai India. It is a Avvashya Group. At present, the company is operating in 90 countries wit its 200 offices.

With 8000 employees, All cargo logistics is serving in following domains ship owning, warehousing, chartering, other than logistics and supply chain.


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