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Are you looking to penetrate a new international market? Looking out for different methods to start selling in the international market?

Starting to explore international markets might sound to be a costly affair but it is not always necessarily the case. Find out in this article how to set your foot right in international market without burning a hole in your pocket. Also explore the best ways and that get you maximum branding and profits

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A Seller’s guide for tips to sell in Global markets


Tips for Starting to Sell your Products in Global Markets?


One size does not fit all so you need to choose from the different available methods mentioned in this article. You need to decide upon after analyzing your aims and goals.

First of all. you should know that you can sell internationally in two ways:

  1. Through online marketplace (in this option you only focus on minimal things and most of the burdens are taken care by the online platform. Online marketplace can be of many types, shapes, and sizes. For example, you can sell your products internationally through B2C ecommorce players, like Amazon, eBay, etsy, etc. These online platforms mostly do B2C retail selling. So, for retailers, they could be the first choice. Similarly, for B2B retailing there are famous online trading platforms, like Alibaba,, TradeIndia, etc.
  2. Selling Internationally by your own online store. There are many benefits of doing this but you will have to handle many complex tasks as well. If you are not very well familiar with all the challenges of running an online store then you can choose a marketplace and start your own online store once you get the good knowledge of the process.

Considering your budget and resources you may wish to choose one or more of the following:-


# 1. Direct Selling


Directly finding and selling to the customers is always more profitable than any other methods. You get a benefit of repeat clientele as well. Finding a customer can be a little costly affair to start with but yields better results.


You may Start Selling products Directly


It involves marketing, advertising and promotions cost. Some of the ways to start with international marketing can be local print and digital marketing along with online and social media marketing.

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# 2. Sales Agents


Hiring a sales agent in the target market location is one of the best ways to start selling your product across international locations.

With the onset of websites like aimed at hiring freelancers with different skill sets. One can hire sales persons across different industries and locations from Other websites to find sales representatives are,

Other than this you may also find sales representatives on various LinkedIn and Facebook groups of specific industry.

There are many other conventional consultants who provide for sales agents who work full-time or part-time. There are many companies also who work as outsourced sales representative in foreign lands.

Outsourcing the sales force is a good option as it saves upon the fixed salary cost when a sales employee is hired full-time.

Usually these outsource sales agencies work on a commission ranging from 5% – 20% depending upon the industry type and the competition.


Companies often outsource sales representatives or sale agencies for two major benefits-


Firstly, they get to explore a new market which is not their base country. They get the advantage of having a local sales representative who is well aware of their market hence is ready to start working.

Secondly, they have more chances of increasing sales revenues multi folds by hiring sales representative across different locations of their interest.

They save upon cost as usually they work on percentage commission or fixed commission basis.

Even if some agencies and/or renowned sales representative asked for a retainer ship amount, it is often on a lower side and just to cover their basic cost and a token of assurance as well as work security.


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# 3. Make Partnerships to Get Good Sales


Partnerships, association and tie-ups or cross selling and marketing also help generate good sales for businesses.

For example, if you are looking to explore Australian B2B markets to sell your event supplies in Australia you might get into an association with companies like which hires spruikers for events.


Make Partnerships to sell effectively-400x250
Make Partnerships to Sell Effectively



They might be looking to target Indian event market as they have started in Australia and looking to expand.

All you need to do is a little research in your industry in the target market location which you are planning to penetrate.

Using LinkedIn advanced filter option choose the founders, CEO’s, directors, marketing heads, marketing managers, etc in your industry and connect with them. Send them your proposal as a message and know their interest.

The more you connect the better options you will explore so don’t hesitate in reaching out to many.

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# 4. Find Distributors


Look out for the distributors of your industry in the target location. Many locations have different sources of finding distributors.

You may also look out for those interested in becoming a distributor for your product and not already working in the market.


Lookout for the Distributors from your Industry


The advantage with a distributor is that he buys from you and sells in the market on his responsibility. Selling through distributors is more like B2B selling or wholesaling as they usually buy in bulk.

It always gets easier selling through distributors and especially if they are a trusted distributor in that market.

The only disadvantage in case of selling through distributors is that you get low-profit margin as you sell on wholesale rates. There can also be credit deals involved in the case of selling through distributors.

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# 5. E-tailing on Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay


Selling retail through marketplaces like eBay and Amazon gives sellers a mass exposure to international markets. It benefits the seller an access to a market through a platform which already has credibility amongst the customers.


start e-tailing products on Marketplaces-400x250
Sell Retail products through Online Marketplaces


They get an access to quality buyers and customers from all across the globe. There is negligible startup cost and it is a good method to check waters to begin with.

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