10 Ultimate Beginners Tips for Lead Generation- LinkedIn Marketing Ideas for Leads

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Top 10 Tips for Beginners to Generate Leads through LinkedIn

10 Most Fundamental Things to Do to Start using LinkedIn like a Pro and Generate Free Leads Everyday.

‘Generating 5 to 10 leads everyday over a cup of coffee’- If this sounds an exaggeration to you probably you have never tried LinkedIn to generate B2B leads. LinkedIn is the most powerful business networking website with over 300 million members.

Ever since its inception, LinkedIn is growing by leaps and bounds as a professional network where the “like-minded and same profession people” connect irrespective of their global boundaries.

In this article you will discover how to employ LinkedIn to generate cost effective leads on daily basis. The present article is the new addition in our series of articles on social media marketing. Read the previous article which is based on how to promote your business smartly on Quora  – the new social media giant.

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10 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Beginners Tips for Getting Leads from LinkedIn:


1. Revamp your LinkedIn Profile:

Creating a compelling LinkedIn profile works wonders. Revamp your LinkedIn profile keeping in mind what you want your prospects see when you reach out to them. Recreate your profile headline and the summary.

Personalize your LinkedIn URL. The more innovative the better. Think from the potential prospect’s perspective how you want them to get attracted toward your description. It should call out and show the value proposition that you are offering to your customers.

The information presented in a concise form should be intriguing to the prospects to take an action and reach out to you.

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2. Connect and keep connecting:


Keep active and don’t miss out any one you come across. Your old client, present clients, references, ex-colleagues, acquaintances, everyone is as important. A very common mistake most of us do is to add a connection and forget them forever.


Connecting brings you together while reconnecting will build the rapport required to talk further. So, keep connecting again and again. Wish on those birthdays, new job, promotions, etc. 


Also, actively reply and engage with potential prospects or an indirect connection which engages your potential  prospects.

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3. Join LinkedIn groups where your prospects are:


Join LinkedIn groups where your prospects are-400x229

Make sure you Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your niche  

LinkedIn allows joining up to 50 groups. Don’t miss out the opportunity to engage outside your direct connection through this medium. Join groups relevant to your businesses.

The most common mistake here again we do is that we join groups where our competitors are most of the time. It won’t hurt to join one or two such groups but hunt out for the relevant groups where your prospects are. Engaging with group posts which engages the prospects. Posting discussions which engages is a big tool to earn more relevant connections.

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4. Regular updates don’t hurt:


Visibility, visibility and more visibility. The more visible you are chances are more for you to come across the prospect when they are looking for you. So a regular update is prerequisite to a good visibility.

Those with a good visibility and better engagement are found to have better experience with LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. You will also notice an increase in number of profile views and other engagements.

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5. Don’t ignore the profile viewers:


LinkedIn views are in most cases the prospects looking out for someone like you. Don’t hesitate to connect with them and ask for is they need some help in a short and precise manner keeping it subtle.

Don’t scare them away to never visit again ever by not sounding like the sight of a scare crow.

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6. Use Advance filter:


Use advance filters to connect with businesses those are your potential prospects. Keep building your list, but keep in mind to connect with only those you know and send them personalize invitations only.


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  7. Share more Content:


Share more articles, videos and presentations and become an interesting source for content which engages your prospects. Keep sharing stuff that will be interesting to your potential prospects. 

But don’t write coffee when you are selling tea. Keep making your tea more interesting and focus on tea lovers only.  If it interests a coffee lover and he tries out your tea your battle is won.

But never try to deceive. Keeping honest with the product or services that you have to offer and your specializations will get you more business while a deceit will only turn down your growth graph.


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8. Introduce others to your connections:


Introduce others and ask for introductions to your connections. This will further help you to build your list and increase your network by connecting with more and more potential prospects.


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9. Give out Recommendations:


Recommendations increases credibility. Try to get as many recommendations from people you have worked with or you are currently working with. A nice recommendation from your colleagues and ex colleagues actually presents good image of you.


Give out Recommendations on LinkedIn-500x200
Give out Recommendations to make a good image on LinkedIn


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10. Sending Well planned and Strategic Messages to the new and Existing Connections


Now with all above in place here is your recipe to generate 5 to 10 leads everyday when you are regular with all the aforementioned practices as well as the below mentioned tips.

Most of the business owners who were previously struggling with leads were able to generate good response through this practice.

Send out one message a month to your entire list and keep it regular. For example, you have 3000 connections and all you need to do is to send out 50- 150 messages every day to complete sending to the complete list in a whole month.

On an average 100 messages will get you 5- 7 leads depending upon how much potential prospects are there in your connections.

The message that you are supposed to send out should not be a sales pitch. It needs to be a brief introduction about your product or service and a gentle question asking if there is any way you would like to connect and find some synergy between for mutual benefits.

Don’t spam your connections and customize briefly what you would like to send cross to the set of connections. Innovate and try out what message gets you better response. Frame and re-frame the content to get the best according to your industry type.

For all this you don’t need to spend whole day on LinkedIn. Just 30 minutes for daily engagements and 30 minutes for sending out messages and you are done for day to sit back and check out the leads that you generated. It’s that simple.

LinkedIn is also used as a Job Board by companies and recruiters around the world for prompt hiring solutions. Also see the list of 60 Job Boards for employers and recruiters

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