Generating Leads & Sales without Cold Calling – 6 Beginners Tips for Sellers

How to Generate Sales Leads without Doing Cold Calling? Tips for Beginners 


Prospect without Cold Calling: 6 Ultimate tips for success in Sales without a Single Cold call.

How to Start Generating Qualified Leads without Making Cold Calling?

Sales people often complain about cold calling. Nothing beats an inbound call. The very fact why sales people are apprehensive about cold calling in most of the industries is the quality of leads they get to work upon when it is an inbound call and not from a cold call. An inbound call in certainly a more qualified and a quality call which every salesperson loves to breakthrough. In this article we will highlight some of the best ways to generate leads without making cold calls.

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Say No to Cold Calling Forever!


Tips for Generating Leads without Cold Calling


Certainly, cold calling is not meant for every business. And, not all businesses want to use cold calling for leads and sales. In this article we are going to discuss some really result-oriented ways of generating leads without using telecalling or telemarketing.


1. Events and exhibitions


Business exhibitions, events and trade shows are a great source to prospect without cold calling. Industry specific trade shows and exhibitions have been proven to be an effective marketing platform to generate leads. Within a small time period it puts you in front of a large number of prospects and potential prospects.

The exhibition can be about product sales or just promotional one. In both the cases you should have a proper plan as to how make the limited time period with such a large audience work for you.

Selling and/or building credibility, data collecting and segregating as well as post event follow-up are the three keys to successful exhibition campaign.

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2. Social Media Marketing


Thanks to digital media which has made the reach so easy. The world is just a few clicks away. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc have all been effective depending on what you are selling. Identify one or two platforms which suit your industry type best and focus on only those. Find here Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners.

It is not wise to keep promoting everywhere in void. Engage with the potential audience with appropriate content which interest them to connect with you. Utilize the digital presence to gain more and more visibility and engage appropriately to generate leads.

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3. Email marketing


Keep building your email list by collecting emails of those who signup from across various platforms be it social media or trade shows. Never miss out on any chance to collect and get prospects signed up or subscribe to your newsletters.

Giveaways and freebies are also good for a push. A free access to a problem solving video or free download of an ebook have worked well for others.

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4. Whatsapp Marketing


Whatsapp has changed the way cell phone devices have been used for marketing. It enables businesses to increase the visibility of their products and services by promotions, interact with customers and close the deals.

From text content to video, images and audio all kind of promotions can be effectively carried out through whats app. While other social media platforms have a drawback that you interact with prospects more formally but with whats app it has an edge of talking more to the point and informally with the prospects.

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5. Webinar Marketing


Webinars have been identified to be the No. 1 sales tool without having to spend a lot. Nothing converts better than a webinar not even a video. Nothing generates more qualified leads than webinars. It helps you connect with the audience better than anything. Earn your selling time by reaching out to a qualified audience.

Exude confidence in your product as webinars put you through the audience which have already shown interest in you and registered to attend your webinar.

Webinars not only bring you a consistent stream of blog readers and subscribers but buyers which results in genuine sales. Create a webinar that consistently converts.

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6. Referral Marketing

How to Build a successful Referral Marketing Program ] No matter your type of business, referrals or word of mouth marketing are the most cost effective ways to get you sales leads. Recommendation from an already existing customer is a hot lead the moment you connect to it as the customer has developed a trust in your product or service.

Referrals can be of any type personal, professional, customer all effective in getting us qualified leads. All we need to do is satisfy our existing clients and produce more and more happy customers.

When the customers become your promoters nothing can beat that. Show appreciation to your customers, give them something extra, and develop a system for referrals and enjoy an expanding network of promoters who help you grow your business.

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