How to Join Snapdeal Affiliate Program & Make Money Online with it?

Beginners Tips on How to Earn Income Online with Snapdeal Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Tips on How To Make Money with Snapdeal Affiliate Program?


Snapdeal, as you may already know that one of top 10 Online marketplace companies in India. It mainly focuses on value eCommerce and that’s why you may notice here all kinds of products listed by small sellers to large business houses. The site is already trusted by the majority of the people who do frequent online shopping. So, if you decided to try its affiliate program then one thing is for sure that you are going to promote a product which is already a brand name and that holds the faith and trust of millions of Indian people.


Like several other things, the Internet has evolved a lot. Gone are the days, when people used to access the Internet for just emailing and finding information. Now, Internet not only provides you with info but also allows you watch movies, play games, connect to your loved ones and shop online, and it also helps you to earn money online.

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A Beginners Guide on How to Make Money with Snapdeal Affiliate Marketing Program


In this article we will discuss the Snapdeal affiliate program and how can you use it to make extra money working from your home.


What is Snapdeal Affiliate Program?


Snapdeal Affiliate Program


Snapdeal is one of the biggest e-commerce websites existing in India, established in the year 2010 by Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl. You can find all type of products on this site ranging from electronic gadgets to kitchen equipment and from trendy apparels to makeup essentials. It’s the versatility of the products found on this website which makes it a people’s favorite.


Snapdeal launched its affiliate program which you can call a mutually beneficial program. All you have to do is advertise Snapdeal products on your blog or website and earn money for the same.


For this, you need to place a link to the products on your blog/website.


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How does Snapdeal Affiliate Program Work?


As already mentioned above, you need to place links to the Snapdeal’s products on the website or blog that you own. Now every time, a person clicks that link and visits Snapdeal website and buys that product, you earn a certain percentage of commission on the sales value. The percentage of commission varies for different products.


To take part in the affiliate program, you need to register with the Snapdeal affiliate program. For this, visit the website and sign up for the service. After providing the mandatory information such as name, age, address, email ID, phone number, bank account details and the websites on which you will advertise the products of Snapdeal, etc.You will have to wait for few days for the approval. In the standard procedure, you will have the approval in three working days.

Once the registration process is over, you shall receive an affiliate ID which you need to add to the link of the product you are promoting so that every time a customer purchases a product using the link with your ID, you earn a referral fee.


For example, the product that you want to advertise is mixers, then your affiliate ID for this would most possibly be –  Your Snapdeal Affiliate ID. This affiliate program is absolutely free and open to all people. You don’t have to pay anything to become part of it. Another interesting part is that if the customer purchases some other product and not the one you are promoting, then also you are entitled to a commission.



Snapdeal Affiliate Program: Commission Structure



Commission Structure snapdeal affiliate program-600x300
Commission Structure  at Snapdeal affiliate program. Photo credit:


Snapdeal affiliate commission varies from product to product. The commission rate is also different for new customers and existing customers. New customers are the ones who have never purchased anything from Snapdeal before. Existing customers are people who have placed orders on the website before.


If the new customer installs the Snapdeal app, you also get a commission of Rs.52. However, no commission will be paying if the customer buys the products from following categories: automobiles, jewelry, precious jewelry, Snapdeal gift vouchers, TV shop, click and collect and real estate.


If you wish to check the different rates offering by Snapdeal for the sale of various products, you can verify on the commission rates page ( ). If the customer applies any voucher, then the commission shall be providing on the deducted selling price of the product.


How can you Track the Referrals you Make?


It’s very easy to track the referrals you’ve done. Just log in to your affiliate account and click on the affiliate panel. Every purchase by following your referral link shall be reflecting on that panel. It will help you to keep track of the money you are making. You can also access the conversion report, and the performance report will let you know how successful you are in this affiliate program and what steps you need to take to make more online money from it.



How Do you Get Paid as an Affiliate @ Snapdeal?



There is no minimum payout in the affiliate program of Snapdeal. The commission shall be paying via bank transfer. For this, you need to provide necessary information, like bank account holder’s name, bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, branch and your pan card number.The entire process is easy and just takes few minutes. However, you won’t receive any commission for the orders which got eventually canceled by the customers.


Is Snapdeal Affiliate Program a Scam?



Is Snapdeal Affiliate Program_scam-560x315
Is Snapdeal Affiliate Program A Scam?



No, not at all. As you may be knowing that is one of the biggest ecommerce companies in India. It has trust from its millions of users who have made online shopping from it and had a good buying experience. It has earned a good reputation being an ecommerce shopping store in India.

Several hundreds of users have earned a decent amount of money from Snapdeal referral  program. The payout is good, and you don’t even have to put in much effort.

All you have to do is to generate good traffic to your blog/website. And, if your blog or website is related to E commerce industry then you stand good chances to earn really handsome money every month compared to the others.


How to get paid more from Snapdeal affiliate programs?


The simple answer would be: By Generating Traffic to your money making affiliate site


If you own a website or a blog which got good traffic, you will be successful in this program. The work isn’t technical, and pasting of links on your site will not take much of your time either. It’s one of those programs where you earn money easily.


Also, Affiliate programs are not something unheard of in India. Earlier too e-commerce giants like Flipkart , eBay, and Amazon have launched their affiliate programs with great success. { read about them here:  Tips to be successful with Amazon affiliate program How to make money from Flipkart affiliate program  }



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Snapdeal’s affiliate program is among some good ways to earn money for website owners and bloggers. With the laid back work and popularity of this program, more and more people are getting attracted to it. One thing that matters the most here is the business conversion.

Make sure to promote those products on your blogs/website only which will eventually provide a good business conversion. Which, means you should develop that products which have more chance of being purchased by the customers as it is going to ensure that more money reaches your hands.

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