How to Start Selling Online on Snapdeal- A Beginners Guide for Sellers

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How to Become a Registered Seller on Ecommerce Marketplace Platform?

Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal being its founders, Snapdeal is one of the largest online shopping platforms in India with over 4 million products in different categories and over 50,000 sellers.In this age of e-commerce there are ample of opportunities for the businesses to find their target customers easily.

By selling products via online eCommerce sites, like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, ebay etc, you can easily attract large amount of customers without having to do much on the marketing part and others.


Seller Registration-selling-process-on-Snapdeal-sellers-guide
Seller Registration: How to Start Selling on

Snapdeal’s per minute sales record is touching ‘crore’ figure today.

For all those looking forward to sell through this medium, here’s how you can start selling on Snapdeal. Just a few simple steps and there you are ready to go! For Toll Free Numbers for Snapdeal Sellers, please scroll below.



How to Start Selling Online on Snapdeal- A Step by Step Guide for Beginner Sellers:

1- Registration Process at Snapdeal

The registration the primary step in the process and is “Free of cost”. You need to register yourself as a seller on Snapdeal firstly. Under this stage you would be asked to submit the required documents.This will be including a copy of PAN Card, TIN Registration, Bank Account, cancelled cheque along with the demographic information of the seller.

The registration process takes less time if the seller has an established business as the required tax registrations would be available with it but in case the business is new or seller uses a new entity while registering then certain tax registrations will have to obtained.

Overall the entire process of registration takes 3-5 days to get completed after you’re done with all the registration formalities on your part.

2- Listing your Products


Listing your Products at Snapdeal


Once the registration is done. You can create a product catalog and list it online. Registration & Listing is absolutely free here. Only a small percentage as commission is charged on every unit sold.The seller is required to pay a certain sum as commission on every sale. The commission rate varies with the product category ranging between 7-20%.

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3- Keep the Product Line Unique

You can only be able generate good business via online platforms (Snapdeal here) when you offer unique products at competitive prices. There will be large amount of sellers who would be selling online like you.You have to strategize well in order to keep up your game in the pool of sellers.


4- Professional Help and Customer Technical Support

Snapdeal Seller Support Contact Number : 18004190050


You know once your products are listed, millions of users across India would be able to see it. It would be better to get the documentation, photo-shoots, cataloging, etc. done via Snapdeal’s professional services network.Remember, the quality is what matters. Do not compromise on that front. The product catalog you present will speak for you in the market. Get it done with the professionals in order to get the best results.

This is the Toll free number for Snapdeal Support for Sellers : 18004190050



5- Focus on Content

The customers will ultimately know you for your product. Make sure you use enough of sound keywords that have maximum chances of getting searched on search engine. The content should be unique as it will provoke customers to buy you product.[ Also check:  Free Classifieds Websites to Sell Products Online ]

6- Receive Orders


You will start receiving orders slowly and steadily from all over India. Manage your business by using seller zone mobile app or via seller panel. It would make your job easier. [ Also Checkout:  The basic marketing rules every sellers must follow ]



7- Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping-snapdeal-ads2020-500x376
Packaging and Shipping process at Snapdeal (Image: Reuters )


You just need to pack the product, the order of which you received. Rest,the pick-up and delivery responsibility is of Snapdeal and the courier partners.

The Snapdeal also offers ‘Snapdeal deal plus facility’ where the seller can hand-over the whole responsibility of inventory storage, packaging and delivery on Snapdeal. An innovative order fulfillment tool named as ‘SafeShip’ is also provided by Snapdeal to its sellers to track and manage their orders.

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8- Payments: Getting Paid is hassle free!

Receive payments on orders by way of account payee cheque. The payments are quick and hassle-free once the orders are fulfilled. The next stage you could think is of expanding your business, taking it to another level and growing bigger and better with time.

Post Script:

Once you have become a registered online seller at Snapdeal, we recommend reading more about Snapdeal’s eCommerce system, i.e what is selling hot, what are the best products at it, etc.

What makes Snapdeal a very popular shopping portal in India? Visit here to know more about the most popular products listed at Snapdeal


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