Why Wix is a Great Store Builder to Start your e-Commerce Shop with it?

Last updated on January 8th, 2019 at 11:52 am

Reasons to Start your e-commerce Store with WIX


WIX has some mind-blowing features and functions which are enticing so many e-commerce business owners to launch their website with WIX. Check out!


If you want to grow your online business, making sound decision when selecting your online store builder becomes imperative. Just like you select your new house or car after going through many of them and selecting the one that is best available for you, similarly you select best from amongst the available online store builders and see what unique they are offering to get you more and more customers and boost your sales online.


Different features of different store builders attracts the merchants towards them. There are many of them available and are doing really well namely; BigCommerce, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify etc.


Shopify being the one very advanced and mostly for the big retailers/merchants/business who needs advanced tools and that too many.


Start your e-commerce store with WIX
Start your e-commerce store with WIX

In this article we will read about Wix and Why do we need to select it for building our e-commerce store?

Let us take a look at some of the e-commerce features of Wix and why it is liked by the merchants?


The reason to prefer Wix can be numerous but here’s highlighting few of these to tell why we prefer it:


1. Content can be inserted anywhere in your site because of one the best features available. Any guesses? Well, yes you might be getting it right. It is a pure drag and drop website builder so you can put the content wherever you want.

2. You don’t need to go look out for a designer and hire him to do the work of designing your website. Wix provides you with over 510 professionally designed templates to choose from. What more to ask for?

3. It has detailed support database as well team including phone support too.

4. To extend your website’s function in case you need more horsepower in e-commerce, marketing or other business related purposes. Wix comes with comprehensive App market for you.



Why Choose Wix?

If start detailing about every single feature that wix has to offer, the list will go on and on. So, let us put it precisely and see how wix stands out from rest of the e-commerce store builders. Wix has a lot to offer you and can do wonders for your online business.


1.       You get to enjoy customizable design with e-commerce templates.

2.       It provides product pages for every single product.

3.       You get product galleries to display your products to the customers.

4.       Different payment processors to choose from. Paypal, Stripe, Wirecard, Authorize.net and others as well.

5.       It allows you to sell physical and digital products.

6.       It takes no transaction fees.

7.       Allows you to control product variations to make it easy for the customers to choose from different variations.

8.      You get automatic email notifications.

9.      Create discount code for your online store.

10.    Manages inventory whether the product is available in the stock or out of stock.

11.    Optimized mobile store. You can access the site from mobile as well as tablets.

How Wix is different from other Store Builders?


So, these were some of the things that Wix offers as an online store builder. Now as promised above, we will highlight where and how it stands out from the rest.

There are other drag and drop website builders with all the e-commerce tools.

Challenges of Online Selling and how to Overcome it ]

All others can help you greatly in taking your online business high but ever thought about how these e-commerce tools available with the website builders help you expand and automate your business?


Now here it stands out from the rest. Others might have all the tools available yet Wix’s App Market is a powerhouse that makes it unique and superior to others.


Wix’s app market has more advanced sales and marketing, social network, customers service and other business tools that can help you expand your business and take it to heights.


It has over 260 apps that can be added to your website to increase your e-commerce store’s functions.


Wix’s app market covers apps like Mailchimp, Free email marketing, SEO Coach, Intelligent live chat, Get traffic, Wave, Google Adwords, Wix hotels, Testimonials etc and many many more.


Apart from e-commerce tools, business and marketing apps, it has apps in other categories as well like appointment scheduling app, gallery apps etc that can be of great help to you.

Create an eCommerce Storefront Website with Wix


In today’s competitive world when there is so much trend of online selling, you need to have much more than just basic tools to run your online business.

Wix provides you with advanced tool to help you lead in online market. Therefore, it is the best choice an online merchant could ever make.

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