Paid Advertising on Instagram -How to Get Leads sales with Instagram Sponsored ads

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 09:33 pm

How Instagram is continuously evolving with more marketing opportunities for the Businesses: Introduced Clickable Links for the Instagram ads.

Instagram has recently announced about it coming with the new and improved options for the advertisers. With these new ads, advertisers can put together various photos in sequential form which could best help the users to know more about the brand or product. A “Learn more” button along with the brand’s choice website link will be accompanied in the last photo of series. This website link will open in an internal browser within Instagram.


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Instagram Advertising with Clickable Links with their Sponsored ads


Marketers needed more advertising options via Instagram. Business were using “Link in my bio” approach until now because there are no clickable links option available within Instagram. This was hampering a lot of businesses as they are not able to showcase more to their audience.

Allowing in-app clickability will turn out to be a boon for the businesses that use Instagram as one of their marketing platforms. See Also: Instagram Tools and Apps for Social Media Marketers ]


How the Sponsored ads at Instagram are more beneficial for the advertisers?


Till now businesses were using ‘Link in my bio” approach to promote their work but with in-app clickability marketers/advertisers will be able showcase more of what they want their audience to see. This feature will be limited to advertisers, so that users can click to learn more about companies.

These new features were a response to feedback from the “Instagram community” as well as from advertisers themselves. 

Today people are hooked to their mobile phone and social network. Businesses too want to tap the opportunities that exist because of social networking. It wants to use this platform to drive more and more traffic as well as sales to their own website and this is nothing very surprising.
When opportunities exist, everyone wants to make use of it.Some believe that this in-app clickability is an attempt by Instagram to get involved with e-commerce brands. According to the reports, 50% of all e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices.


Carousel ads on Instagram


On Instagram people can only browse photos and not the web. URLs are never allowed by Instagram. But mere photo was not enough for the advertisers to advertise and promote their product or service. [ See Also: How to make Impressive Instagram Videos? ]


They demanded more refined and impactful ways to attract people who can grow their business. In order to advertise the product companies need to show off more than one image to the audience.

Say, for instance, a car company would require to show off its product from all the ends so that the customer can have the idea of what actually the product looks like, what all material has been used, ascertain the quality, etc. Not only cars or bikes rather fashion houses, real estate and others too.


Carousel ads on Instagram-450x300
Carousel ads on Instagram



The ones into designing, say Fashion brand/Fashion house can showcase their model wearing dress, accessories, bags, shoes, from all the ends, close up etc in their series of photos. Those in real estate can show the exterior, interior, surrounding of the house to the customers in their sequenced multiple pictures.

With multi photo carousel ads you can swipe through more than four branded image in a sequence. With the ‘Learn more” button embedded in the link, a URL will be opened within the Instagram (internal browser). This will allow you to get back to your feed by tapping on the top bar. These ads are very creative, impactful and in a way they are storyteller.  [ Check also: How to Use Instagram for your Business ]

Brands enjoy more flexibility in telling their stories through carousel ads as these allow viewers of their ads to swipe left to see additional/multiple images and link to brand’s


Instagram wants to keep things clean. Link/ URL sharing is not allowed here because it gives a smooth feeling unlike Facebook or Twitter or other social platforms where people just keep on discovering new links jumping from one site to other.Here on Instagram, links will be allowed only on succeeding slides of carousels and people will be able to see it when they engage with an ad.


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