Top Mobile Browsers in 2022 for Android, iPhone based Phones

The Most Popular Browsers for your Mobile Phone: Discover the Best one for you!


Mobile Phone Browsers: Handpicked Listing to bring to you the Best of all the available ones. We haven’t made this list as per market share.

A good browser for your device is very necessary requirement. Slow loading, downloading issues, buffering annoys all. So here are few browsers which are the best in all respects.

If you are tired with your slow browser or not able to surf seamlessly on your mobile phone you might be having issues with your mobile phone browsers. Explore the best mobile phone browsers and select the best one for your phone right away.

If you want to know which mobile browsers get the most market share then visit here at Similarweb to find Best Mobile Browsers 2022 as per number of users. Here you will get a listing of browsers based on usage data, number of users, trends in the last 12th months. But, we have based this list totally on user experience and useful features and facilities.


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Find out the Highly Popular Browsers for Mobile Devices


List of the Best Mobile Browsers on the Internet for IOS and Android: Download Free



Safari : a Versatile Mobile Browser by Apple


Safari, developed and founded by Apple Inc. Safari was launched in 2003 and it was mainly made for Mac and other devices by Apple. So, if you are an iPhone user or if you are using other devices by Apple then Safari browse should be the best choice for you as it is Apple’s native browser. Though, Safari works on most if the digital devices for GUI based web and Internet connectivity.

Safari: a versatile mobile browser

Safari mobile browser is truly a versatile player and it offers most of the advanced and modern features which are made available today by all and any browsers.


Some key features of safari Browser:

  • Very fast, private, and secure browser.
  • Best available mobile browser for Apple based devices (iOS, Mac, etc).
  • User friendly with batter life and loading speed
  • Best for video streaming and graphical experiences
  • Comes loaded with several useful extensions and tools
  • Made for better web surfing and developers


1. Dolphin Browser


With 50 million users this browser stands in the list of best browser for Android. Dolphin Browser has fast loading speed, flash player & HTML5 video player.


Dolphin browser for mobile users-256x256
Dolphin – an awesome Browser for Mobiles


Features like AdBlock, tabbar, sidebar, incognito browsing and Adobe Flash player forms part of this browser & make it worth. It offers a more personalized search option & its incognito browsing mode offers private browsing experience without leaving any history data.

Visit here to Free download Dolphin Browser for Android and iPhone

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2. Opera Mini Mobile Browser


The browser has 5O millions users already. In order to get fast & complete experience opera mini is the one for you. It not only allows you surfing your content in fact you can also save data while surfing & downloading it.

Opera Mini keeps a check on your daily mobile data savings so that you may know how much data has been used & how much is left.


Opera mini- a top browser for mobile phones-320x240
Operamini- A Very Popular Browser among Mobile Users


It offers the feature of private tabs to prevent your browsing history from saving on your device. Along with many more unique features, opera mini browser provides the option of language selection. Yes, you can easily change the browser’s language from the settings menu therein.

Download Opera Mini for Android iPhone and Tablets

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3. Chrome- Google’s own Browser for Android


When you talk about best mobile browsers, it is impossible to miss out chrome. Well, the most demanded & used browser with 1 Billion users. Allows you to open multiple tabs along with the option of choosing incognito mode for tabs to ensure privacy.


Chrome browser for Android users-320x213
Chrome- A Great Browse for web experiences


With chrome browser you can pick up where you left off on your other devices with tab sync, search by voice and save up to 50% of data usage while browsing. The fast browsing helps you getting instant results.

It also gives you suggestions based on the previously visited websites or content you type. Very simple & easy browser.

Download Chrome Browser for any of your mobile device

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4. Firefox


The most customisable Android browser yet with 100 million downloads. Fast, Smart & Safe browsing is what makes it a good browser. Just like chrome, it also  syncs your firefox desktop tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords to all your devices. Supports over 59 languages which needs to be selected through the settings option.


Firefox- top browser for mobile phones-196x200
Firefox- a Very Safe, Secure, and Strongly built Browser for Mobile devices 


You can customise your Web browser according to your choice including Ad-Blocker, Password Manager and others. Allows you to access your favourite feeds through customizable home panels. Firefox covers all the important features which a good browser should include.

Download Firefox for iOS and Android

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5. UC Browser


With this browser in your phone you don’t have to test your patience when it comes to web page loading or videos, downloading. With more than 100 Million downloads, it is one of the most popular mobile phone browsers.


UC Browser- one of the top downloaded browsers-200x200
UC Browser- A Trending Browser for every Mobile Device 


It has powerful servers that make fast & stable downloading possible. UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation which helps saving precious MBs of your internet package & reducing wastage.

You also block ads on main sites as they appear to be very irritating. By gestures in UC browser you can easily control  volume, brightness, progress, etc of videos. As we mention videos now, not to forget that videos for all tastes are available for the users. The browser is best for downloading purpose.

UC Browser for iOS Android Windows Phone and Java

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6. Puffin Browser


This web browser has incredible page loading speed. It has a total of over 10 Million downloads. Once you start using this & notice the speed, you can’t ignore it. It includes Adobe Flash Over Cloud 24/7.


Puffin browser- a light and fast browser for mobile phones-225x225
Puffin- For a Faster Web Experience on Mobile 


Puffin shifts the workload from the resource limited devices to the cloud servers, which speeds up the browsing process. It has virtual trackpad and gamepad, theater mode for Flash videos and games & various other features which you won’t like to miss out.

Download Puffin Browser for Windows iPhone and Android


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