20 Best Camera Apps for your Android Phones- Most Popular Camera with Editor Apps on Google Playstore

Last updated on November 7th, 2021 at 11:57 am

Top 20 Alternatives to your Default Phone Camera: Best Camera Apps on Google Playstore for Android Phones

When you take a picture, you capture the moment. The moments later becomes memory. People even earn a living on the basis of their unique talent in photography. It is an art & nothing best than enhancing the beauty of it.
Yes, we love taking or if not able to take good picture than making the pics taken look beautiful. Who could have imagined that this will be possible at sometime.

Mobile apps are becoming craze nowadays. Especially in case of camera apps if we talk. People love playing with the camera apps making pictures look stunningly beautiful using filters & other features of the app.

Free Picture Editing Apps

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Best Camera apps for Android based mobiles 

Top 20 Camera Apps for Android Phone Users

Below mentioned are a few of the top mobile camera apps for Android phones:-


1. Camera Zoom Fx


5 million users already. Yes, the number says it all. The app proves to be one of the best in giving extremely good results.It’s got a lot to play around with. Action shots, stable shot, photo filters, collage, photo composition and much more. The app is divided into two parts in terms of its features i-e Free Features & Premium Features.

Through Premium or I shall say paid features you can enjoy extra additional features other than already available ones for free. Also you can download various packs like Fun camera props, Famous ‘buddies’, Shutter animations, Scary Halloween ghouls, Frames, etc for free.


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2. Camera Fun Pro


Guaranteed to be the most entertaining photography app. Lots of filters are available in this app to make the picture look at stunning.Unlike other common apps which offers you camera filters modes to click the picture first & then add effects to the same. This app allows you to enjoy different filter modes/effects as you on the camera & choose the best filter you want to take your picture in. This way it let you see how the effects will look before snapping the picture.


3. DSLR Camera Pro


Paid camera app with features that gives you results same as that of DSLR camera. It doesn’t consist of fancy filters, photo frames, stickers etc rather it is an app that’s  solely designed for the purpose of pure photography.
It has got tons of features some of which includes; movable viewfinder (to set focus-area anywhere you want), live histogram, exposure compensation, two-state shutter button – press to focus, release to take a shot, ISO, white balance, auto flash on/off etc.

But not to forget that many features in this app depends on your hardware. Means to say they will be  available for you if only your device support them.


4. Google Camera

With over 10 million downloads, Google camera stands out as the best apps for photos. It unbeatable creative modes makes it unique & delivers amazing results. With its Auto HDR+ feature the app automatically detects when HDR+ (High Dynamic Range + Low Light) should be used to capture great photos in low light.

It lets you record slow motion videos. With Photosphere or Lens blur mode you take a different kind of picture creating stunning effects.


5. Open Camera

Open camera very firstly is ads free. The app has gathered a lot of attention showing over 1 million downloads with a good rating.The app comprises of some great & useful features like zoom, multi touch, single touch feature, auto stabilizing of pictures, flash, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, exposure lock, face detection, Video recording & many more which you could enjoy after using it. The list is endless. Very user friendly with easy interface.


6. Line Camera

One of the most popular camera apps available for Android right now is Line camera app. It has lots of editing tools including in-app photo editing, filters, frames, stamps, and many others. Once you have taken the picture, you can play with it using this app giving the photo different looks.

People are happy with the result of this app as we see millions of downloads of this app by android users.


7. Camera 360 Ultimate

Oh yes indeed! The camera without any doubt goes perfect with the name of the app. The app has 100 million users & this is enough to prove its effectiveness.

Ranked number 1 on photography ranking charts in 7 countries, the app offers numerous features right from filters to beauty selfie, collage & the rest. Well, for more insight you need to go checkout the app.


Popular Camera and Photo/Video Editor Apps 2021 on Google Playstore:

  • Vector Camera App
  • A Better Camera
  • Bacon Camera App
  • Camera MX
  • Cymera – Photo Editor Collage Apps
  • Adobe Lightroom – Photo editor that easily edits your Photos
  • Simple Camera: Photo & Video App
  • Snap Camera HDR
  • Open Camera App
  • Pixtica: Camera and Editor App
  • Filmic Pro
  • VSCO Cam
  • SayCheese
  • HedgeCam 2
  • Camera360

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