13 Reasons Why Freshers and Female Candidates are more Attracted to Startups

Last updated on November 7th, 2021 at 11:57 am

Jobs in Startup Companies: Find out Why Freshers and Female Candidates are more Interested in Jobs from Startups


Let’s Dig out the Attractions for Freshers and Women Candidates in the Jobs at Startup Companies

Today it is seen that the youth is running towards joining new businesses, the startups as they say. Freshers and women want to join startups as they see the opportunity of growth within a short span of time.

Reports have conveyed a massive influx of freshers and female candidates in the Startup ecosystem. It is helping the Startups as well as the freshers and women candidates to get the most from their mutual associations.

Youth want to do something new, something exciting, they hate monotony and conventional things is what making them embrace more startup jobs.

Women Candidates are mostly juggling between household responsibilities and professional roles. They also need special kind of comfort and association at work to make their life easier.

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Startup Jobs Attracting Freshers & Female Candidates-400x280
Startup Jobs Attracting Freshers & Female Candidates



13 Common Reasons Why Freshers & Females are more Inclined to the Jobs from Startup Companies


1. More Flexibility @ Work


A startup business moreover offers flexible working environment for employees. The employers being new into the market encourages its freshers to deliver the best they can without any rigid rules.

This kind of business is more adaptive of new changes, new techniques of working. Both employer and employee tries to work in a balanced way that is mutually beneficial for both.

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2. Gives More Exposure


The startups are more enthusiastic, more collaborative, more innovative and above all it helps the freshers, the women to see how the business grow from its root.

They learn skills that will help them start their own business someday. Less office politics helps in staying focused resulting in fast learning experience which otherwise could be hardly possible in big companies.


3. Independent Working


The freshers as well as women does not have follow a long chain of command like in large companies where decisions stay pending because the one sitting on a superior level is busy to give a damn to your point.

But in startups the employee and employer relation is such that both are open to communication and you have freedom to take decisions and do things without many rules. This kind of independent working motivates the employee.

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4. Opportunity and Room for Excellence


A startup business provides a platform to learn to manage things in different ways. The employee here will learn in 2 years what he/she will learn in a large or MNC in 3-4 years.

The problem solving skills, decision making skills, collaborative efforts, adaptive approach etc makes the employee an expert in different areas and they develop entrepreneurial skills overtime.


5. Be More Creative


More independent working results in more creativity on the part of employees. They feel the need and importance of being innovative and creative towards the work in order to get better results and appreciation.

When you join a startup, its like a new born baby. You take care of it and try to give the best of you for its growth. This motivates you to think out of the box and do things in a unique way to get best output.


6. Work on Innovative and Exciting Ideas


In a startup the suggestions and ideas of employees are always welcomed. The employer and employee with the collaborative effort tries to search the ways of doing things in the best possible manner which increases the knowledge and skills.

They are constantly finding solutions to different problems that affects the business. Unlike in corporate jobs where you have follow a certain structure and have to stick to your main area of work without any opportunity to try your hand in other areas as well.

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7. Conducive Work Environment


Because of less politics, no competition amongst peers, sense of responsibility and various other such factors the relation between employer employee or employee & employee remains positive.

Everyone is there to listen to what the other has to say. This results in a very helpful, cheerful & conducive work environment that ultimately benefits the business.

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8. No Hierarchy Battles


In corporate jobs it is seen that there are conflicts every now & then between employees, superior & subordinates, top level, middle level, lower level due to different reasons one of which being not getting heard by the superiors.

The grievances and issues not being given due importance. The result comes in the form of resignations by the employees. In a startup there are no such conflicts at hierarchical levels. Everyone is the master of its area of work.

The problems are heard & discussed properly and solved for the betterment of all.


9. More Freedom of Expression


The startups have relatively flat organizational structure unlike large companies. The skillset of everyone working would be different.

Therefore, the advices and ideas from each are taken in a positive spirit. Also if an employee is facing any kind of problem while working he/she can directly talk and share it and it can be solved then and there.

Everyone there is free to communicate, express, share, create and choose. The freedom of expression can be understood from different perspectives.

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10. Better Salary


Startups are seen paying more than the large companies do. Reason being they have small team, less people working, every individual involved is skilled in distinct area, everyone needs to get motivated via way of fair pay and many more of such reasons.

Large companies have huge teams, big departments working of different areas and consequently less pay. The startups therefore pay more than corporates although this is not guaranteed in all cases.

Some which are running into losses might not be doing so.


11. Get Recognition

The hardwork of every employee is visible to employer and to the others. Transparency is one of the features of a startup business.

A job well done is never ignored here. The work gets noticed by the team & the boss. Therefore, in order to retain them and keep their morale high and motivate them to do even better, the employer give due recognition to such employees.


12. Less Complicated Rules and Regulations


One of the best things about startup. No tough rules and regulations. More independent approach towards the work leads to effective results.

That is the reason freshers and women prefer startups over large companies.


13. Opportunities to Lead & Control


As a result of small team you have to take decisions yourself most of the times, when there is only one with the required skill and that is you then you have to guide and lead in that situation.

You get the opportunity to take the business in the direction of growth with your way of doing things unlike corporates where a structural format is to be followed and abide by the decisions taken.

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