How to Hire more Women Candidates for your Company?

Tips for Recruiting Women Employees for your Organization


Hiring more Women Candidates were never so easy before these Staggering Tricks


To hire more women candidates for the company, certain responsibilities lies on the shoulder of employer.

If these responsibilities are overlooked, no women would take privilege joining or working for your company.

Let us a take a look at some of these:-


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5 Most important factors to consider while hiring women employees


Hiring women candidates is not very easy especially when it comes to certain industries like tech industry, automobile industry and more. Likewise there are demands even in these industry to be fulfilled through women resource.

Learn here, how you can hire more female candidates for your company.


1. Be an equal Opportunity Employer


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Be an equal Opportunity Employer to retain female employees


Employer should make sure there is no discrimination on the basis of gender in the workplace and that women should be given equal opportunities be it promotion, freedom of expression, position, placement etc.

The principle of equal opportunity in regards to its hiring & promotion procedures should be taken care of. This would ultimately attract more women for job in the company & retain the existing lot.

A company who does not discriminate between the candidates tend to grow faster as compare to the ones where the cast, color, age, gender, disability etc becomes the reason for discrimination and lack of opportunities for the people.

Employer should keep a professional approach when hiring and should look out for the skilled and able employees rather than searching for a particular candidate with particular caste, color, age or gender.

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2. Offer what they are seeking


Every employee be it a man or a woman seek its safety. It could be safety of payment, timings or any other. In case of women a slightly more focus should be given on what they are looking for and demand out of there dedication & commitment towards the company. What a woman employee needs can be listed out as:



a) Flexible working hours


Strict hours are bad for business as they’re bad for employees. Flexible working hours makes employees more productive. Women who has to take care of family as well as profession would not settle to work in a company which makes her work for too long that she is unable to give time to her family.

The reason why women prefer to work from home is because they want to takeout time for their children and family. Rigid office hours detach them from their family responsibilities and they suffer. To avoid this they often end up giving up on their career.

The immense talent sit back home doing nothing & just looking after family. Employers should provide flexible working hours to women so that they could manage both personal & professional life with full energy, positivity & enthusiasm.




b) Friendly atmosphere


Research has shown that being friends with coworkers increases job satisfaction. The work place becomes more social that leads to greater productivity and engagement on the part of employees. Women when treated with respectfully & friendly feels secure.

The company should make them feel they’re valued in the workplace. Employer should talk to them if they are satisfied with the work environment or if they’re facing any issues they’re free to speak up. Treat women in a way that they take pride in their work.


c) Stringent policies for sexual harassment at work


This is one of the biggest issues faced today. There is a law on the prevention of sexual harassment against female employees which should be brought into notice of all.

Effective sexual harassment policy should be implemented so that women feel safe at work place and if new then do not hesitate in joining the company.




d) Women centric management guidelines


There should be clear guidelines ensuring that:

  • No partiality in wages and salaries of male and female employees;
  • No discrimination with regards to age, gender , color, caste etc;
  • Equal opportunities to female candidates, employees for jobs, job promotion, bonus, etc;


.. and many of such should be taken care of so that more women can be hired and retained.

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3. Hire Women at Higher Levels in Management and Managerial Positions


Women should not be avoided at giving positions on top level if they are skilled and capable. Today no difference is left in men and women.

Women are reaching heights. Thinking them weak and less worthy of holding top managerial position would be injustice to them.

Also the reason why women should be hired at higher levels in management is because there should be someone with whom female employees can share their issues which otherwise they would not as the level of understanding being a female would be more and better advices can be given and decisions can be taken.


4. Friendly leave policies for maternity, etc


Today, most of the organizations are sincere when it comes to maternity leaves. Reason being they do not want to lose the employee.

This is the time when female employees should be granted leave fairly as she would have to look after the newborn which would indeed be the priority. Job can be joined later.

When fair leaves are granted the employee comes back with a zeal and energy and become more loyal to the company. When not, then chances of losing the employee are high.



5. Train the Trainers to effectively Manage their female team members


The managers should train the trainers to treat the female team members with respect, resolve the issues between them in a cordial manner that none of them should feel degraded or demotivated in front of the other.

Rather they should become each other’s strength and work together in cohesively for attaining organizational goals.


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