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Ultimate Selling and Conversion Tips for your Ecommerce Store Website

Some Quick Tips and Tweaks to Convert Website Visitors into Buyers: Generate more Profits from your e-commerce Store


All of us are looking to generate more and more traffic to our websites. We are spending a lot to generate more traffic and increase the number of visitors on our websites to get more sales.

However, very few of us have been able to successfully lower the bounce back rates on our websites and convert most of the visitors into buyers.

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When the bounce back remains high, the acquisition costs also go high resulting in low profits. You need to put cost every time on every new sale even if it is not a new buyer. It becomes frustrating to the marketers to keep pumping so much of money all the time and not getting good profits. It also takes a toll in the competition and disrupts the core businesses.

Selling and Conversion Tips for your Ecommerce Store
Increase Conversion

Considering the importance and urgency of a proper planning of customer retention, converting visitors into buyers and getting more visitors we have covered in this articles the tactics which you should apply to get that desired results and increase profits.

9 Website Conversion Tips for ecommerce online store owners

We pump in lots of money to get more and more traffic for our websites but if we do not ensure that we minimise the bounce backs then we would end up loosing so much money on marketing. Lets discover some tactics to get more conversions.

1. Live Chat Support

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When a visitor is surfing through your site and seeking an information which is not available over there or a query which he is not getting answered from merely the information present on thee website he might leave and move to a next competitors website.


In this case, if you have a live chat support it becomes easier for the visitors to get their queries answered instantly and chances are that they make the purchase when they are fully satisfied with all what they are seeking.

2. Referrals

Referrals are great to generate traffic that converts. When you are being referred to by a friends or colleague who has already shopped you tend to trust more on the credibility of the site even for the are a first-time visitor/ buyer from that site.

3. Unique Product Descriptions

Instead of going by the product description already present on the catalogue it is advisable to write a unique product description for every product. The more unique a description content is chances are the search engines will rank it higher.

4. Social Media integration

Social media is a great tool to generate more traffic however are are looking for more traffic which converts also.

If we have proper integration for all major social media networks where we are promoting chances are that visitors and shoppers share the products like pin it of tweet about it or share on Facebook which will get traffic from their acquaintances who hold high probability of becoming a shopper.
So, a well integrated social media enables not only a good traffic but also traffic that converts.Website Promotion: Best Practices

5. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns which are well optimised for both the mobile as well as desktop users yields high conversions as compared to email campaigns which has no clear cut call to action.

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6. POP up windows

POP up enables increase in subscribers and more conversions. Creating a sales funnel with discounts and offers entices new visitors to shop for redeeming the discount coupon or availing the offer flashed.

7. Encourage more product reviews

More product reviews indicates that the shoppers are actively shopping from the site and it creates a pull factor for the visitors in case they are skeptical about the site security or have some other trust issue when they are shopping for the first time from your site.


Reviews are a great way to inform and educate the customers who are looking to make a purchase and when they read about the reviews from other buyers who have already bought and used it then they get more inspired to shop for them and use them.

8. Easy Navigation

If the navigation is not easy and visitors are not able to find for what they are searching, the chances are they will abandon your site and move to another shopping site.

If you have an appealing interface and user friendly navigation it helps in getting more conversion from the visitors and reduce the bounce backs.

9. Reduce shopping cart abandonments

Reducing the cart abandonment by solving the problems which results in cart abandonment also ensure more conversions.

Provide free shipping or keep it lowest as per the market and products that you are selling.
Keep the minimum order value reasonable and create a sales funnel when the user to returning back.

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