12 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Opening and Clickthrough Rates

Last updated on January 29th, 2019 at 08:35 am

Improve your Email Marketing Campaign Effectiveness with these 12 Killer Tips and Get more Email Open and Click Through Rates


When done in the finest way, email marketing can prove to be magical for a business. The reason why companies/marketers fail to take advantage of it is because they fail to design the mails that could grab the attention of the recipient.
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Email Marketing Tricks Tips to Enhance Your Email Opening and Clickthrough Rate
Email Marketing: Improve your Email Campaign Performance


How to Get Maximum Results out of your Email Marketing Campaigns.


Email marketing is the most popular and cost effective marketing methods that brands employ to begin with. But it is equally crucial to get optimum click through rates for better performance of email campaigns.

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In this article we are shedding light on some of the tips to help you improve your email open & click through rates. Have a look:-

1. Follow the Rules


There is an act which was passed in the year 2003 known as CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non- Solicited Pornography And Marketing) and the rules of which must be abided by when email marketing.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.The law makes no exception for B2B email. It applies to not only bulk email but all the commercial mails too. Be it for promoting content or so. Therefore, comply with the rules of CAN-SPAM.

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2. Within 24 hours send email to new contacts

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The game is all about taking advantage of the opportunities. To engage your existing contacts, the best thing to do is to send across the mail when your brand is fresh in the minds of your prospects.

Means to say that as and when they sign up for an offer or subscribe, within 24 hours of their action you must send the email to them.


3. Send email from Real person

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The test results in the past have revealed that recipients often ignore the mails from generic email addresses. The email sent with the personalised sender name has greater chances of getting opened by the recipient.

Therefore, it is recommended that emails must be sent from real person and not by the company name.


4. Clear, understandable and clickable subject lines


A compelling subject line would help you to stand out and will attract the recipient interest towards your mail as you never know he/she might be flooded with the emails in the inbox. Add clickable subject lines and make sure you are able to tempt them to click.


Few Tips:


– Use the language that recipient is familiar with.

– Be clear.

– Keep it within 50 characters.
– Include recipient’s first name.
– No spam triggers like “Quote” or “Cash”.

5. Short and Compelling emails

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Life of people is extremely busy, therefore nobody cares to read Long emails. People give attention to short & concise emails.

Try to make them more compelling whilst being precise by writing the email as though you are talking to someone in real or in person.

If you think that the email is a little bit long. Split it into multiple paragraphs. It will be easy to read then and won’t frustrate the recipient but moreover try to keep the email short.


6. Easy to spot CTA button per email

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One clear call to action button per email is much needed because very often the recipients scan the email without reading your copy completely.


Including CTA button that too in a way that it’s easy to spot will provoke the recipient to take action that will ultimately for their benefit and also which in return will benefit the business as well.

7. Add links to the Images in your email


Getting people to click through to a web page is what the goal of email marketing is. Isn’t? So, in order to increase the click rate you can insert a link to the images in your email.

8. Add clickable elements


“Atleast one”:- Be it CTA “Call to action”, clickable image link, just a text link or of any other sort, atleast one is a must to include in your email. This will make your email more clickable.

9. Add social sharing buttons

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The more the number of people see your link, the more the clicks it will receive. But how to increase the visibility? Well, adding social sharing button will do it all. This will keep your email alive for long.

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10. Optimize the plain-text version of your email

Yes, doing so is important because not every client would prefer to view your email in rich text version. Some would go with viewing messages in plain text.

Therefore, consider cleaning up/ optimising the plain text version of your mail so that you don’t lose some of your target customers.

11. Remember mobile users


With the increased use of mobile phones, people manage their work from mobile too. In fact as per the reports, maximum percentage of people use mobile to check their emails. So, it is recommended that marketers must design the emails while keeping the mobile users in mind.


12. Preview before Sending the email


Before you hit “send” button, do not forget to check the email twice. Test the quality of your mail and preview before shooting it across so as to ensure that it looks exactly like you wanted it to be. You can sent a test mail to yourself. I think every email marketing programs offer the facility.

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