DIY Ecommerce Product Photography: An Ultimate Guide for Capturing Best Pictures

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Online Store Products Photography: A Startup Guide to Capture the Best Pictures for your e-commerce Website


Selling online is all about what you see. In this online selling age, the shoppers know and understand very well that they don’t get to see the product physically before making a buying decision.

So, while in conventional shopping a shopper would touch and feel the different products or demo products on display, in an online shop they would judge the product on the basis of how they look in that particular picture on display.

Therefore, for this reason, product photography is such an important factor in selling online and is so much talked about in e-commerce arena.

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Ecommerc Product Photography Guide to Capture Best Pictures-640x406
Beginners Guide on How to Capture the best Pictures for your Ecommerce Storefront site


Product photography and display is also one factor which distinguishes a good and brand from a poor one as conceived by a visitor.

Yes! visitors associate the overall quality of pictures available on your site to you brand value. It is such an important aspect yet most of us don’t do it that well as we don’t understand it that well but fret not. In this article, we will help you guide through the procedure of taking the best pictures for your product and outshine your site.


4 Tips for Online Store Products Photography


Following Photography Gears will be required and find out below how to use them to capture the perfect picture:


1. A High-Resolution Camera


You need A High-Resolution Camera for Product photography-350x250
A High-Resolution Camera is the First thing you need for Product photography


You need to have a good camera with high-resolution but, it necessarily does not mean you need to possess the best camera for the best pictures. If it was the case why would you at all need this photography tutorial. There are so  many other factors to click that perfect images which have been discussed under.

So which camera you will need? If you already own a decent one I would suggest not to invest in camera  but, if you don’t have a camera and planning you but one I recommend this guide to buying a camera for product photo shoot.

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2. A tripod Stand



A tripod Stand for better photography-350x250
A tripod Stand is very Important for better clarity in your photographs


For best clarity and no blur in your pictures tripod stands should always be used. I will keep your camera steady while you make the requisite settings or getting the right angles.

It is an inexpensive device and you can opt for anything you find best, no technicalities. Just keep in mind the height adjustments, that’s all.

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3. Lights



Lights-Reflectors Light Box Movable Light-350x250
Use the Light in Right ways to get the Best Results


Make sure you have a lot of lights and falling at right places on the product. As you take the pictures, identify the best angles for the product and then adjust lights accordingly to get the best click from that angle.


You can get the lights to bring out the best product picture by employing some of the following ways:

a. Reflectors


Use small of medium to big reflectors depending upon what products you are using. For small-medium products, you can you use DIY reflectors using Aluminium foil and cardboard etc.

b. Light Box


You can make an exclusive Light Box for product photography with white backgrounds and lit it when you wish to click a picture. You need to see that it is well lit from all the sides and you can also place reflectors inside it for more focus.


c. Movable Lights

You can have movable lights for focus. You can also choose lamps like shown below for focus on small-medium products like this.


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4. Background ( White/ Black/ Gradients etc)


Background-White Black Gradients-350x250
Shoot the Product Images with different Lights and Shades


A background can make all the difference. To keep it simple and easiest just use white backgrounds for all products except those products which are white in colour or other light shades which don’t come out good on a white background because of no contrast.

You can also use the relative products along with the products you are shooting so that the shopper can visualize the complete setup.

You can use models for clothing apparel and accessories so as the shopper can have an idea how it actually looks when wore.

The more a shopper is satisfied for the product by looking at the pictures the better chances it is sold easily. You can also use some cool looking backgrounds or gradients to set up a background to make it more appealing.

Use all the above techniques and make it work for you as this is what brings out the best product pictures that you want to click. Click more and more. Explore right angles. Adjust right lights and angles. Use right backgrounds and find cool relative products and backgrounds. There is no chance with a little practice you can’t tame the art.

Let us know if you have any questions or queries in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them for you to best of our knowledge and expertise.


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