Website Load Checking Tools & 10 Tips to Optimize Page Loading Time

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Website Loading Time: Top 7 Tools to Check Page Load Time and 10 Tips to Optimize Webpage Loading Time


Online Tools and Tips for Webmasters to Improve Website Loading Time!


Website speed and loading time are becoming crucial day by day and they even effect how others see at your website and blog, including search engines, like Google and the others. Webpage speed does impact your website’s performance in this or that way.No webmaster can afford to ignore and avoid this important parameter in a web property today. It’s time you start taking it seriously.

We are moving towards an age where time is the most crucial part of our life. Each and every second is valuable for us. We are always concerned about the speed of our internet, and the time a website takes to load its contents.


Website Speed & Load Time Optimization- Top 10 Tools & Tips




Website Page Load Testing and Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization: Top 7 Web Tools to Check Web Speed.


The first step in this matter would be to check the accurate speed and loading time of your website using any of the best website speed checking software tools as mentioned below.

The second most important thing would be to knowing exactly what are the problem areas in your website concerning its speed and load time. Analyse it then try to remove the weak areas as much as possible.

If you are not capable of doing this yourself then you may consider talking help from a web developer.

By optimizing the speed of your site you’ll enable visitors to access your website easily and be able to view what they want, get services or purchase goods from your site without problems in load time.

A website that has a fast loading time, results in the improvement of visitor’s experience and this leads to an increase in the number of return visits and users adopting your site.


Tips for Landing Page Optimization:


The most vital part of any website is its landing page! You should consider improving it as per the best guidelines and practices followed for designing pages for better sales and conversions.

Best Tools To Check Website Loading Time:

-Top 7 Websites to Check Page Load Speed

Below are some of the best website tools and speed optimization tips you can use to optimize your website’s loading time.

1. Google Page Speed Insight [Visit : Google Developers- Page Speed Insights]

Google Page Speed Insight will analyze the performance and speed of your web pages and give you suggestions on how you can make your site faster, increase search engine rankings and performance.

This tool tests the speed twice, both for mobile and desktop and offers different suggestions.



Google Page Speed Insights-website-loadtime-free-tool-400x250
Google Page Speed Insights and website loading time free tool


The GooglePageSpeed Insights is a Google Webmaster tool that tests and analyzes the time it takes for a web page to load in a mobile or desktop device. The results of this analysis reflect the opinion of Google about a particular web page.One should know that these results are very important. If one ignores them, one’s website or web page may end up being not visible in the top list of Google search results.

GooglePageSpeed Insights measures two elements of a page. The first element is the time taken for the contents of a page to be fully displayed, usually known as the page load time.
The second element is the time a browser takes to receive the first byte of information from a website. This is normally referred to as “time to first byte”.
These two elements, when combined, determines how first customers can access information from a web page of a website. Therefore, Google uses this information to rank websites.



Google Page Speed Insight- How Website Speed Optimization is important to have Good Ranks in Google SERPs:


The sites that appear on the first page of the Google, after a search, usually have better results in the GooglePageSpeed Insights results than the sites in the following pages of Google.

This is an indication that websites should have good results in from the GooglePageSpeed Insights for them to appear on the first page of a user’s Google search results.

Web sites that appear this first page usually receive more views than websites in the following pages of the Google search results. Web sites with more views generate more revenues for their owners, especially with the increased internet advertising.

Therefore, one should ensure that one’s website has remarkable result in the Google Page Speed Insights. This will enable one’s website to be highly ranked, which will increase number of visits to the website. This will earn one more revenues from the website as the website achieves its main purpose, which is normally different from revenue generation.



2. Pingdom- A Great Tool for Website Speed Testing and Monitoring

If, you too are concerned about the performance of your personal or business websites and the downtime offered by your website bothers you, than welcome to Pingdom! Pingdom is a smart solution for the monitoring and control of various websites and the flow of data through them globally.


Pingdom-One of the Most used tools for testing Website Speed is a Sweden based website founded by Sam Nurmi that offers complete solutions of website performance. It monitors the downtime of a website and the reasons associated with the downtime and provides the users with the valuable feedback.


Pingdom- How it is Useful for Website Speed Optimization:


The control mechanism of of Pingdom is so reliable that more than 5 million people have trusted Pingdom for its accuracy and reliability. Every day more users are getting connected to Pingdom for a better online experience and for increasing their website’s speed.


Pingdom provides the best website management solutions for your business websites so that your websites are viewed by more people. It also provides great interface and easy to use platform for its users for hassle-free services.


Pingdom tools perform testing on video capture, images, CSS, HTML, iframes, java script and more. It will analyze every page and create a list of things which load slower and elements that should be improved.


Registered users can test their site every minute, and they’ll receive an instant notification in case of problems.

Pingdom can easily distinguish between the access problems and downtime problems and provide a feedback which helps users to rectify the problems. If you are irritated of bad response of your website and want your personal or business websites to provide a good first impression on their users then Pingdom provides you with a reliable speed optimization platform.


It will definitely increase the growth and user experience of your websites by helping you in further lowering the load on your servers which will lead to a greater online browsing experience.

Many big business websites use Pingdom for their website management and loading time optimization. If you are looking for a good experience like many others, then Pingdom is definitely worth a try.

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3. GTmetrix- An Awesome tool to check Page Speed [Visit: GTmetrix for Website Speed and Performance Optimization]

Website optimization is an important aspect of any website. Since many people are very busy, they get bored by waiting for a website to load. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you test a website and ensure that it is displayed within a very short time before a user closes it and moves on to the next website.


GTmetrix- Full Website Speed Optimization


I use GTmetrix to test my website and see how best the website can be optimized to load faster. GTmetrix is indeed one of the best tools available, it is loaded with many advanced features that will assist you to improve your website and maintain more visitors.

Once your website has been analyzed, this tool gives you a detailed list of issues for each criteria your website does not pass with a 100 percent score.


GTmetrix- How it is useful for Website Speed Optimization:


Using YSlow and Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix grades your site against forty five different performance criteria by type (cookies, server, CSS, content, JavaScript) and priority (low, medium, high).


One of the best features of GTmetrix is the ability to send me alerts informing me about page load time, total page size and page speed among other things.


One of the best features of this program is the fact that I can set alerts to let me know how the website behaves on different platforms, such as on tablets, mobile phones as well as ordinary computers.


Even better, the alerts can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This indeed allows me to actively monitor the website and continuously make the necessary improvements.


Another notable feature I find very useful with GTmetrix is the ability to set my personalized threshold about the various aspects of my website that I want to monitor. The improvements that I make of the website are based on the reports that are sent automatically via email.

The GTmetrix reports are well represented with different colors. In addition, they are displayed using graphs that make it very easy for me to understand them at a glance without the need of a technical person interpreting the details. I personally recommend that you sign up and try GTmetrix; it is indeed a very useful tool!


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4. YSlow YSlow – Open Source Website Speed measurements Project ]

YSlow - Open Source Website Speed measurements Project-400x250
YSlow – an Open Source Website Speed measurement Tool


Yslow analyzes a given webpage and then determines why it’s slow based on the Yahoo!’s rules for high performance sites. It summarizes the displays statistics of the webpage, webpage’s components, and provides suggestions which could help in enhancing the performance of the webpages.



5. WebPagetest – Website Performance and Optimization Test


Webpagetest helps developers run a free site speed test from different locations around the world at real consumer connection speeds and using real browsers. You can use it to perform simple or testing including content blocking, video capture, multi-step transactions and much more.





Website speed also depends on how well the server can scale and perform. Load impact offers users with on-demand and automated performance testing. You can use it to test your site, API, web app, or mobile app instantly with up to 1.2 million concurrent users.



7. Show Slow


Showslow is an open source tool that webmasters use to monitor various site performance metrics over time. It captures the results of Google Page Speed Insight, dynaTrace Ajax Edition rankings, Webpage Test and YSlow and graphs them to help the developer understand how the elements of site are affecting its performance.

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10 Tips On How To Improve Web Page Loading Time and Speed up your Website

10 Tips to reduce the load time of your website!

1. Optimize Images


Browsers only start to render a page after the images on that page have been loaded. By specifying the dimensions of the images on your website you will reduce the time taken by the process and therefore reduce the load time of your website. The size of the images also determines the load time of the website, therefore you should try to use smaller images and formats are smaller in size. Unnecessary comments and colors on the images should be avoided since they increase the image size.


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2. Optimize Multimedia Files


Multimedia files like flash, background music and Java animations can improve the appearance of your site but they’ll also increase your website’s load time and as a result repel visitors from your site.

Some of your website’s visitors might also be using browsers which do not have the necessary plug-ins to listen to or view the multimedia files, this can make your site to be unusable by them.

Therefore you must carefully consider the options you have before deciding to add multimedia files to your site.



3. Reduce The Number Of Unique Domain Names


Reducing the number of domain-names which are unique, from which various resources are loaded will reduce the total number of DNS resolutions which have to be made by the web browser and consequently result in a decrease in round trip delays.




4. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Visit here to take free CDN services of Cloudflare


By using such a network you will be able to deliver your website’s content effectively since they use a number of web servers that are distributed worldwide. Based on where a given visitor is located and the response time that is quickest it will select a server and deliver the content of the website as fast as it can. Use Cloudflare CDN for optimizing the speed of your web pages. It’s the best CDN on the Internet and most importantly, it is FREE!



5. Enable Browser Caching


It is one of the ways you can reduce the load time of your website, instead of loading all elements from your server whenever a visitor accesses your website, it may load elements such as images from cache of the browser.


6. Avoid Using Nested Tables


Tables are used to control the page-layout. Nevertheless, if they`re used carelessly they`ll increase your website’s load time. You should avoid using nested tables due to the fact that the browser takes a long time to render them. Break up big tables into several small ones, by doing this the browser will be able display the small tables one-by-one, instead of having to far a longer period of time for the big tables to load.


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7. Enable Gzip Compression


By using gzip compression to compress your site’s HTML and CSS files you will reduce the files by approximately 30 – 50 percent. The will significantly reduce the time visitors take to access your website due to less bandwidth being used and a shorter website loading time.

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