Classifieds Designing Tips- 32 Must have Features in a Classified Site

What features to include in your classified website? 32 some basic and most desirable features in a classified advertising site, in terms of Admin Panel, Front End, user end.


Things to Remember while Designing a New Classifieds Site

Classifieds advertising is a very popular mean of online marketing on the Internet and there are hundreds of thousands classifieds websites.

Are you going to develop or create a new classified website and looking for some basic+ highly wanted+ most desired features that you want to use for your own new classified website?

Whether you are developing it by your own or you are making the classified through a web developer or designer, you should know beforehand about what to include in your classified design.


Get here a list of 30 key design features for a classifieds advertising website.


This guide will prove very helpful and handy to anyone who is considering to start a new classifieds website. Designing an advertising website is important BUT the concept and ideas behind it are what makes a classified website successful and desirable among its users.


Classifieds Designing Concepts for Rich Features & Cool design



2 Ways to design a classified site- 

[ Web Designing Tips to Create an Impressive Website ] Classified Designing and Development Features.


What are the fore most basic and the most desired features in any classifieds site? What tools to use, add and include in your new ad posting site?


There are two ways to go about getting a classified designed :-


#1 Custom made classifieds designing –


In this way you get your website designed by a professional designer who will use custom coding and designs as per your choice and the options you ask for. This may cost you quite costly compared to the second option.


#2- Theme or open script based designing-

Here you could use any of the popular WordPress Classifieds themes or use any open system scripts (like, OSS Class)


Purpose of designing or starting a new classified website-


This is most important question you must ask to yourself :- what are going to do with your advertising site? how will you run and develop it later? plan beforehand!

Classifieds business- most of the people design a classifieds website to start an online business to make good money on the Internet. While a few start it to backup their own already existing business. 

Whatever reasons, but classifieds business remains very easy, effective, cheaper, and successful on the Internet if you have some good business ideas and plans to run it.

If you already have a classifieds site or new to it, read the post to monetize it effectively- 

10 Tips to make money online via Classifieds Business


Here are some most wanted and basic Classifieds website development and features requirements- ( I may have left some points which you can advise me and some are very basic that don’t need to be mentioned, like ad image insertion facility, etc)


I have used 4 and 5 ratings ahead of every feature to mark their priority –


5- Must have/ most wanted/ highly desired.

4- Very good to have.


Here are the 30 key features i think that are very crucial While designing a classifieds website


Admin penal:-

#1 Multi location based. Auto redirect as per the user’s area or geo location (like, OLX and Quikr use) (5)


#2 SEO title meta description plugin or script (5)



#3 Strong filtration system for detecting Spam/ duplicate ads through titles/ description details. Better filtration system is a must have feature for any advertising site (5)


#4 Ads Management– Admin ad moderation and publication system-  bulk ad publishing/ deleting and quick edit option where admin could use meta tags, titles, etc.


#5 User Management system– where admin can easily manage registered/ verified/ unverified users and can perform multiple actions, like- add new/edit/delete/ Add or Lower rating/reputation score.


#6 User Reputation/ rating system, for ex- if a user has 1/2/3 ads already published then their  ads could be set alive without any moderation.


#7 Featured/ premium ads feature– featured ads category wise. Show featured ads on top of the relevant category (5)


#8 Payment Gateways system– CC Avenue+ Paypal =for international users (5)


#9 Separate Blog page option (5)


#10 Advertising panel– campaign manager for admin (for banner/ featured/networks ads)


#11 Custom forms, fields. (4)


#12 Ad Keywords field at the time of ad submission from user end. Limited tags for every ad. Make an option where users can ONLY SELECT already existing tags/ keywords. Don’t let users create their own tags or keywords otherwise they will fill up your data base with useless tags (this feature is wrongly used in many advertising systems.


One of them is- Apptheme’s Classipress Classifieds theme.Though, overall, Apptheme is one of the top 5 classifieds themes for WordPress CMS.


#13 Enable Google Analytic tracking tools (4)


#14 Email Notifications to users via SMTP and POP (4)


#15 Site security tools, like IP block, captcha, etc


Front end :-

#1 A Classified site’s front end should be the end user oriented and not mainly as per ad posters, though must have some common features- post free ad/ register/ login buttons for ad posters.



Home page must have all the categories displayed and arranged separately with all the sub categories in them.(4)



#2 Custom search– advanced search option  on home page as well as on every category listing  page (5)


#3 Responsive Design– PC, mobile phone, tablet, ipad or iphone, the site should auto adjust to the viewer screen size (5)


#4 Related posts/ ads (5)


#5 Ad Subscription option for end users (RSS) (based on particular categories/cities) (4)


#6 Smart SEO links (4)


#7 User friendly seo urls (5)


#8 Show ad views for each ad listing (4)


#9 Social login (FB/ Google) (5)


#10 Custom Registration form (4)


#11 Push/ bump ad feature (4)


#12 Google Map Supported (4)


#13 Smart Captcha for ad+ comment submission (4)


#14 Social icons/ buttons for content sharing (4)


User end panel ( advertiser/ ad poster ):-


#1 Ad submission without registration, but ad verification by the user a must- in order to publish an ad live (5)


#2 User Dash board with features of some profile details- about me+contact+ main advertising area, etc. Quick access links along with ad listing status (views/ modify/ delete/ new)


#3 Ad poster can see their rating/reputation status

Here are two of the some cool pre-made classifieds themes or scripts for you to develop a classifieds site without having any technical knowledge of coding and designing.

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