Best Ways of Generating Leads through Facebook – FB Social Media Lead Generation Tips for Beginners

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Facebook Lead Generation Tips for Beginners


How to Generate Leads Using Facebook : Unveiling some Best Practices and Methods to Start Generating Leads for your Business Instantly.


Are you using your Facebook page just for branding purpose and not getting leads from it? Have you ever considered using Facebook for lead generation?

Every Business is looking for leads. A continuous steady flow of leads and a decent pipeline is what makes the sales department content with the job done by the marketing department.

Most of the time the sales people are not happy about the leads been given by the marketing guys. Either there is no continuous medium of inbound lead or it is not reliable enough to serve the purpose.



The Most Fundamental ways used in generating Leads sales Via Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM)


With every opportunity that you are missing to generate quality leads for your business, you miss upon some revenue that you could have generated otherwise.

More than 50 % of marketers are reported to have used Facebook for lead generation and the other half has on some point on another considered generating leads for their business.

What is more lucrative about Facebook than any other medium? What draws more attention to Facebook as one of the best lead generating sites?

Simply because everyone is using Facebook. With 1.49 Billion monthly active users, Facebook has surpassed any other website.

In this article, we would take you through the complete procedure of generating leads through Facebook.

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Best Ways of Generating Leads through Facebook – Social Media Tips for Beginners

Follow the below given tips for beginners for Facebook social media marketing. The below mentioned SMM tips will be very helpful for getting you leads and sales from Facebook platform.


# 1. Using ‘Call to action’ button for leads

[ the simplest starting point to do for lead generation ]



Facebook Call to Action Buttons for Lead Generation 

Facebook realized what its business page is lacking and they introduced ‘the call to action button’ in December 2014.


The Call to action button can be selected for any of the following seven actions:

a.       Contact Us
b.       Signup
c.       Book Now
d.       Watch Video
e.       Shop Now
f.        Play Game
g.       Use App


This can help you get leads from your e-commerce portals by using ‘Shop Now’ button. Trap email id’s with ‘Sign Up’ button or generate leads for you consequently. All of them, when used aptly by marketers with different products and goals help them generate direct and /or indirect leads.

We all understand how Facebook pages been functioning as landing pages for website traffic but now with this call to action page you can directly trap leads once a prospect is already convinced and doesn’t need more detailing.

It saves the time  of the prospect and we understand how important is the time factor in earning or losing a prospect from making a buying decision.


#2. Start using ‘Facebook Events’ to search leads


Facebook Events for Lead Generation 


Facebook events have been a great medium to generate qualified leads. Right from the night club to health club, all events and exhibitions and happenings open to attendees launch their events through the Facebook page.

It generates massive awareness by its flexibility to invite end number of invitees and by friend’s Facebook feeds.

People may choose to be attending or not attending the event. It not only help in leads but also helps analyze to some extent and prepare for the volume influx.

How to use Social Media for Event Marketing 


A. Events for Festive or Big sale day


Not only the industries with the physical event but now even the e-commerce giants are launching their online shopping festivals as an event on Facebook. They are drawing huge awareness and number of attendees.

Have a look at the event by Snapdeal for its Monday sale during Diwali this year.  ➤ Snapdeal fashion Monday

More than 59,000 invited for the Snapdeal Fashion Monday and 38,000 opted to attend the event. Other than this even store launch and other activities are also being launched as Facebook events to attract and ensure more and more attendees.Check out a recent H&M store launch Facebook event page Check out a recent H&M Store launch Facebook Event.

About 16,000 were invited and 39,000 opted to attend the event.  ( Best advertising sites to generate free leads online )

B. Events for Webinars

Webinars across all the have industries been gaining massive influx and some are solely generating leads through Facebook events. Hosts are in better position to analyze their audience as a Facebook page gives a fairly better sneak peak of customer’s profile than any other medium.

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# 3. Run Contests




Make Use of Facebook Contests for Leads Sales Generation 


An intelligently optimized contest is likely to get more qualified leads down the funnel than any other Facebook methods.

Keep the contest ads promotion and visibility targeted so as to get more clicks of the prospects.
Keep your contest running for a couple of weeks before you announce a winner so that you get maximum coverage and thus leads. Have a look at this Facebook Contest Hosted by Snapdeal.

The prize that you are going to offer also affects the leads that you generate. Cash prizes often tend to generate more leads however it does not give a long term benefit as people who subscribe do so for the cash and may or may not be interested in your products in future.

So such subscriber would unsubscribe once the contest is over or you will not get long term benefits.
So it is always recommended to keep the prize related, like cash back, gift vouchers or gift cards.


#4. Facebook ads


Facebook ads have been quite an effective tool to get some of the highly targeted and cheapest leads in certain industries. Learn all about Facebook for Business Here
Learn how to create your own Facebook ads Using Facebook ads Manager.

To generate highly qualified leads funnel, go for a highly targeted Facebook ad otherwise you will not get a good ROI.

➤ Facebook Ad Tips for Business Advertising


Tips to Remember while Creating Ads on Facebook


Following should be kept in mind while designing a Facebook ad:

A. Kind of image you are using highly affects the click through rate.
B. Ad headline is the second most important factor in getting you both quality and quantity of clicks.
C. An appropriate ads targeting will decide who is clicking on your ads and what is the potential of the click.

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Share your Views-

I hope you will give your Facebook promotion a boost by getting quality leads from it reading the above mentioned important tips. A more than 50% of marketers use Facebook today for lead generation and other half aspires. What are your specific plans to trap quality leads from Facebook? Which method to you is more successful than others? Please share your opinion and ideas into the comments!

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