Holiday Marketing Tips for Facebook. How to Sell More in Festive Seasons

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips to Increase Leads and Drive more Sales in Festive Seasons


Are you looking to give your Facebook marketing a boost this festive season? If you are looking for ideas to drive more sales through your Facebook marketing look no further.


Go through these holiday Facebook marketing tips shared in this article for building the ultimate Facebook holiday campaign this season.


All over the world festive seasons are the happiest moments for any sellers and businesses as most of the people  are ready to spend more money to buy things to make their moments memorable. Holiday periods, such as- Christmas (Christians), Diwali (Hindu) , Eid (Muslims), Black Friday, New Year – are the best times for any sellers.

For the sellers who also use Online ways (Facebook) to generate leads, we have written this post to provide them some general and basic tips for making more sales in holiday and festive seasons.

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8 Tips for Sellers to Drive more sales in Festive Seasons from Facebook Holiday Marketing:


1. Holiday Themed Facebook Timeline


Include a tinge of Christmas or new year colors in all your post. You can do so by choosing backgrounds relevant to the holiday theme, by shooting product pictures in a setup which relates to the Christmas or new year decor, winter and snowy themed backgrounds are also good to depict the holiday season which audience can relate to.


Have a look at Starbuck’s holiday-themed Facebook timeline:


Use Holiday theme on Facebook-460x640
Starbucks: Facebook Timeline

2. Make your Cover Picture Holiday Themed


Display a cover picture with a holiday sale or offer that you are running. A cover picture is the mist important part in branding on your Facebook pages as it attract the highest attention span.


Starbucks: Facebook Cover Picture-400x197
Starbucks: Facebook Cover Picture

You would not like to get this attention span waste and to get the most out of it design a cover picture with a right mix of all the offers that you are highlighting this holiday but try not to at all clutter it. Keep it simple and attractive and easy to read and eye-catching with right colours to appeal to the eyes.


3. Run more contests


People are in a mood to play and shop and they have more time as well due to holidays. So give them all what they are looking for understanding the stated fact. They are looking to merry around and is they are even getting a attractive deals for that nothing more better than this.

They also wish to party and showoff their belongings more as they dress up everyday for their some or the other trio, party or get together or just a casual hangout.


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4. More budget for Holiday Marketing


Put little more budget on Facebook holiday marketing. It helps you gain more visibility and consequently drive more traffic for your website and increase sales. Invest in Facebook ads and start running ads to immediately get results and start getting sales this holiday season.

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5. Facebook Shopping Campaigns


Facebook shopping campaigns are a right mix of Facebook photo campaigns, discount coupon  marketing through Facebook, other contests and games for engagement and Facebook paid ads campaigns. If of these are carried out in an efficient manner it is bound to give results that you have dreamt of for this holiday season.

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6. Create Events


Create Facebook events and invite more and more potential audience to join the event this holiday. Many big e-commerce websites are effectively marketing through facebook events by inviting the shoppers to join their online marketing event.

So now the Facebook event which earlier was confined to an invitation for physical events only is open to online sales and shopping events also and getting great results. It is a good tool to reach out to the audience and increase  Awareness about their sales and shopping event happening.

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7. Boost Engaging Posts


The post that is most engaging or important from the customers perspective shall be boosted by adding budget so that more and more people see it and get attracted by it consequently adding to the engagement further.

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8. Show your real Holiday preparations


Customers are very much attracted when they see their favourite brands doing things like they are doing this holiday. It helps the to relate to the brand by a little more personal affinity.

Show the picture of your team preparing for Christmas, they office party picture, office decor picture or any other such attractive picture which your audience will be elated to see.

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