Facebook Page Advertising Beginner’s Tips for Successful FB Ad Campaigns

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Facebook Page Advertising Tips for Social Media Marketing for your Business and Online Success

[ Using Paid Advertising on a Facebook Page- Business Marketing Tips for Getting Successful with your Facebook Ad Campaigns. 8 Things to remember while making advertisements for your Facebook Page.]

In recent years we can see that social networks have become a powerful marketing tool. With the help of social networks now, it’s truly possible to successfully compete for consumer loyalty. How to do this with a company page on Facebook? Read more in our article.

Do you need any advertising on Facebook? If your target audience is youth or “progressive” middle-aged people, you are welcome to Facebook.


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Tips to Get the Most out of your Paid Advertising from Facebook Ad Campaigns


Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. This factor is one of the key signals to the mandatory use of this social network in business. By the way, Facebook overtakes other networks, such as Instagram and Twitter.


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So, if you want to increase the loyalty of the target audience of your FB page using a variety of reputation, branding or advertising campaigns on social networks – use advertising on your Facebook company page as one of the high-performance tools.

So, we will not stop on how to create a group or a company page on Facebook as you can learn about this from the various Internet resources. Let’s focus on those exclusive moments that will help to successfully implement the campaign.


We all surely know that one of the employees of your company is using social networks during the office hours. Why not use this fact? We are sure that you employees would be glad to help with the process of development and updating of the company page on Facebook.

You will just only need to moderate the new information. By doing this, you will show the subscribers and potential subscribers that your business is “alive” and functioning.

Moreover, it will help to share the positive reputation of your company by making product or services reviews and discussions of the intra life.

Remember, a live page on Facebook is an excellent advertising itself.


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2. Don’t be a Copy of a Million of Same Pages


Come up with a unique design for your Facebook page, use interesting infographics, and entertaining video during the advertising campaigns on the Facebook page. Read about the benefits of viral marketing, and use it for the promotion of your Facebook Page.

Clear, legible fonts can attract users to your ad. Bright colors of fonts additionally highlight your ad on the Facebook page.

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3. Always Stay in Trend


Constantly check all new updates of tools and innovations on Facebook. For example, the chronicle is a recent great tool for self-presentation and advertising on Facebook. It can be used for a brief and concise presentation of the history of the company.


4. Always Communicate with your Subscribers


Pages that do not respond to their subscribers is one of the worst things. Nowadays, on Facebook and other social networks, we can see many pages that are not updating new posts or not responding to messages.

Subscribers are not interested in communicating with the company’s page when they don’t see the active live on them. Communicate and respect your target audience.


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5. Give people the interesting content, and only then – the advertisement itself


Do you like pages in social networks that state in each post: “our director made” and “we have a new sale”? We don’t. And, as shown by market research, consumers do not like it, too. It is not necessary to give only the advertising information.




Try to share the information that would be interesting to your audience. That could be some interesting facts or a beautiful picture. This will reduce the informational pressure on the audience, and disguise subsequent advertising on the Facebook page.

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6. Integrate Facebook Page in your Online Business


Allow users to navigate from pages of your official site to the advertising page on Facebook and vice versa. Bring the audience on your Facebook page – people do not like to think and search.


7. Remember the time – 11 a.m.


According to statistics, the majority of advertising messages on Facebook are published after 11 a.m. Thus, your new advertising on Facebook will simply be suppressed by information noise. Place ads when it’s relatively “quiet”. 11 a.m. will be a perfect time.



8. Evaluate Effectiveness


Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook.

The metrics for assessment of promotional activities can be:


– The dynamics of growth/outflow of visitors;

-Changing the number of subscribers;

-The number of “likes” and the dynamics of their growth;

-The popularity of application available through your page;

-Popularity of the content located on your page;

-A number of transitions to the main site from the advertising links placed on the Facebook page.




Facebook is an extraordinarily effective channel of paid traffic, but it should be tested regularly. As for the ads itself, the most important part of your advertising is an image.


You can create the most brilliant advertising text in the world, but if the image does not attract the user’s attention, you won’t get a single click through advertisements, and Facebook just won’t show it in future. So before you place an ad on the Facebook page, pick the appropriate image.

Do not use low-quality images, free public photos or any images, obviously copyrighted.

If your brand is not yet internationally known, you may not use your personal logo.

The main mistake of the most marketers working with ads Facebook is an incorrect targeting. Facebook advertising service is valuable for its “targeting” accuracy and flexibility of options.

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The ads on Facebook can be Targeted using the Following Criteria:


→ Location;

→ Sex;

→ Interests;

→ Communication;

→ Marital status;

→ Language;

→ Education;

→ Place of work.


Before creating an ad on Facebook, make up the profile of a potential customer, and be guided by these criteria.

Remember, the advertising on Facebook is like a hammer-even a professional can make a mistake and hit on the fingers. Experiment with your content and get new loyal customers through the Facebook page advertising.


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