Facebook Marketing – 14 Do’s and Don’ts that Every Marketer Must Know

What Do’s and Don’t of Facebook Social Media Marketing every Digital Marketer Must Know?


Learn the Do’s and Don’t of the Facebook Marketing and see the better results over the time!


Facebook marketing is absolutely indispensable tool and everyone is doing it to keep up with the pacing world and remain in the market. However there is a different from one to another business how and what they are doing to achieve the desired results from their Facebook marketing. In this article we would try to quickly brief some of the do’s and don’ts of the Facebook marketing so that you get the best results and know what is right and what is not apt to do when you plan out further.


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Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook social media marketing



7 Do’s of Facebook Marketing



#1. Focus on Content


Same content over and over would lead to boredom of followers and they will ignore or hide you post from their timeline.



Focus on Content_while_posting_on_Facebook-600x400
Content must be the Primary Focus while promoting on Facebook


Appealing, creative and fresh content would attract anyone’s attention and provoke them to go into the detail of the stuff.

It would be better if you post interesting videos, helpful blogs, quality pictures and short content without compromising on the message you want to convey. Remember, the art of writing matters.



#2. Stay True


The stuff you share on your page should reflect the your identity clearly. What industry you belong to, what aim you have, what is your brand, where you want to take it, etc.


Stay true to what you represent and what you share to your audience at Facebook


The page should hold the image of your business in a way that the audience/prospects can recognize you. You should be genuine enough to portray exactly who you are without any kind of vagueness or false image.



#3. Share 4-5 Posts Per Day


Nobody likes to get their notifications or timeline spammed. You may feel like posting every hour of the day but you shouldn’t. Studies and researches have revealed the fact that 45-50% of people start unliking brands because these spam their news feed.


Share wisely on Facebook and go for quality over quantity 



Therefore 4-5 post a day would be enough to be seen on Facebook and getting due attention from the followers.

You may even make it 5-6 on somedays but make sure the you are not losing followers because of that.

The time you wish to give on posting every now & then could be utilized in making your work creative, your posts extraordinary and more impactful.



#4. Recognizable Profile Picture


A very important thing to be kept in mind is the profile picture should be able to reflect your brand, One that could be recognized by the audiences.

Say for instance, Nike’s tick mark, or Airtel’s bob cut ad girl, the tagline of your business and much more. The picture should have something that could be related to your work so that you are easily found on social media.


#5. Respond


Be responsive to your followers, potential customers. Moreover try to revert back to their queries within 24 hours. The main motive to do Facebook marketing is to promote your business, know your potential customers and engage with them.

If you are not using this platform in a proper manner than you won’t benefit from it anyhow.

For every comment on your post by the followers, you should reply in a polite and pleasing way like ‘thanks’ when a follower praises the products, inbox the prices when asked for, drop the message & tell them to check their inbox, handle queries positively, ask them their requirement and try to fulfill in a way mutually beneficial to both.



#6. Get Organic followers/ likes


Gaining followers via paid medium would not be of great benefit as you never know the ones you get will have any interest in your offerings whereas on the other hand getting followers organically will give you the lot that has liked your page because they are interested in your products, your brand and want to see more of what’s coming.


#7. Check your post’s performance


You should track how your post is performing. Facebook has the feature which shows how many are talking about your page, total reach of your posts, total likes, number of shares. weekly total reach etc.

You should keep a watch over the how a certain activity on page is doing. Is it doing great, okay or not so okay.

This way the post that does great would make you understand what kind of stuff the audience is looking for and interested in and similarly you can design the posts in that way, develop more of certain products, focus on that vary thing and likewise.



7 Don’ts of Facebook Marketing



#1. Don’t always try to sell


Everyone gets fed up with advertisements every now and then. Do not try to just keep on selling and selling your product via Facebook page.

Focus on creativity and other important aspects instead. No followers would tolerate ‘selling’ ads or posts on its timeline continuously.



#2. Don’t Use your FB page for personal stuff


For liking or commenting stuffs that you like of others, do not use your business page, create a separate personal page for that matter.

Again because this also increases the unwanted feeds for the followers which could frustrate them and you may end up losing them.


#3. Don’t Overpost


Please do not. Short, creative, fresh, limited posts can only do well. Other than that overposting would make the followers lose interest in your stuff and hide your activity from their timeline.


4. Don’t Use FB Profile for Business purpose


Create Facebook ‘page’ for your business and promotion work not the Facebook personal ‘profile’. If you use FB profile to promote then you will loose your sheen and your  connections might unfollow you. Personal and professional things.



#5. Don’t Avoid ‘About us’ Section


It is the X-ray of your business. Do not take it lightly. Give due focus on this area and write your ‘about us’ section beautifully depicting what you do, your brand, your mission and other important things that you like to add. Do not make it too lengthy though.



#6. Don’t Ignore Negative Comments


Respond to negative comments in a positive way.  A way that shows your class, standard and attitude to take negativity with a pinch of salt. Never avoid naysayers.

Respond smartly without giving up on politeness. Let others watch your standard.



#7. Don’t Spam


Do not spam the followers by over-posting, continuous sales posts, liking/commenting for personal use and many other aforesaid things.


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