How Facebook Buy Button Helps Sellers with more Conversions

Facebook Buy Button is Proving to be a Bliss for the Sellers: Check out How!


With over 1.65 billion active users Facebook has made a huge mark in the world of social media. Today, social media has much more to offer than just connecting people. Businesses are tapping this powerhouse source to grow its sales increase the customer base.


Selling on Facebook gives massive opportunity to the sellers to find new prospects and convert them into its customers while retaining them for long in order to enjoy their repeated patronage.  Therefore, if you want to grow your e-commerce business you definitely must consider using Facebook Buy Button.


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Facebook Buy Button for the Sellers


Well, the process is nothing to detail about as almost everyone today is aware of how to sell on Facebook. By coming in contact with the people on Facebook, via Facebook ads and engagement you successfully grab their attention.

Now from here on you need to attract them towards your Facebook page as well as your website so that they can see your products and end up buying from you if they get interested in any of your offerings.


The people who have more detailed knowledge of how to sell successfully on Facebook or who are more savvy in using Facebook at its best for the purpose of selling/marketing or promotions would be having the Facebook store already set up on their Facebook page.


Basically Facebook store minimizes the long procedure of visiting your site and then purchasing the product. With the help of this store you can purchase directly from your Facebook page without the need to visit your website which could be unnecessarily time consuming.

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Indeed a challenge that is faced by the online sellers. Reason behind low conversion rate is that people might be visiting your page, watching your Facebook ads but they might not be purchasing. We need to face the fact and reality and not avoid it or try to cover up.


But nevertheless, nothing comes without a solution in this world. Similarly, there would be a way out to grow sales and improve conversion rate.


As a seller on virtual space, you try all sorts of hit and miss methods, tools and techniques to up your business game which is worth appreciating without a doubt.


But you need to think that the efforts you are putting in, the cost you are bearing is worth it or not? Are you getting the desired results out of it? Is there any kind of improvement in your sales graph? You must be true to yourself and your business.


Mostly it is seen that online business lay more emphasis on optimizing their sales. They try all the methods, variations, testing, layouts, designs etc but what they don’t consider important is tapping the opportunity that is right in front of them which is none other than the interested lot of prospects who are ready to buy from them then and there.


There are all kinds of people or say customers for that matter. Impulsive buyers who without much thinking would like try out a new product and on the other hand people who will resist from buying any new product because of so many ongoing doubts in their mind.


So, if you are a smart and savvy seller, you would be proactive to exploit the opportunity coming your way in the form of these ready to buy customers.


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Facebook buy button help you grow your sales. Set up an online store with Shopify which is one of the leading e-commerce website builders. More than 2 lac online vendors have benefited from it.


You don’t necessarily need to have technical knowledge like coding or so to build a successful e-commerce store. Shopify does it all for for you.




All you need is to connect your Facebook account to Shopify account and start posting products with Buy Button embedded. All the order you receive from Facebook, Shopify will help you manage them with the tools available therein.


Selling on Facebook became fun with Shopify. The Facebook Buy Button helps you grab more and more customers who are willing to buy from you. The conversion rate also increases as these customers click on buy button and make purchase from your Facebook page itself without any time wastage.


To conclude it, selling online is not an easy job yet if you make best use of the tools available that could be your support system, the nothing can stop you from winning the battle.

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