How to Start Selling on Facebook – FB Online Store Setup Tips for Sellers

Steps for Selling on Facebook : Tips for Setting your Online Store on Facebook.


FB Online store Tips for sellers – How to be successful with your Facebook Storefront.


With over 1.65 billion active users every single month, Facebook stands to be the leading social media platform. Businesses are tapping the opportunities they are getting via Facebook. It is one of the greatest platforms to promote & market your products and services.

You can imagine yourself, when it has 1.65 active users, even if you target just 1 lakh customers you can have enough of potential customers to grow your business. Facebook is growing day by day at such a rapid speed paving way for you to get more potential customers.

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FB Sellers Tips for Selling Online through Facebook Store


What is a Facebook Store- an Introduction


You must have your Facebook store to sell on Facebook and grow your online business. In this article you’ll read about how to set up a Facebook store.Well, before getting into the process of how to set up a Facebook store, let us know what actually a Facebook store is.

To start selling your products, Facebook allows you to create a Facebook store on your Facebook page. Surely, you all must be aware of what Facebook page is.


In case some of you are not, for your knowledge, Facebook page is a public profile or we say a dedicated page you can create for your business, brand, organization, cause, community, website, etc.


Also, Celebrities & famous personalities often create their Facebook page. Facebook page is different from your personal Facebook account or profile. Learn how to increase Facebook page likes organically.


Facebook store can be included on your Facebook page as one of the tabs once you set it up. When the page visitors will see your Facebook store Tab on your Facebook page, they would click it and can make purchase from therein directly without any hassle.


Now this becomes very obvious for you to make sure that you are focusing on growing your Facebook audience or say community as one of your strategy or a part of your marketing plan to grow your business by maximizing your sales as a result of huge customer traffic on your Facebook store.


Target people with specific interest and share content effectively using these social media tools to make people know about you and what you offer.


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Setting Up your Facebook Online store:


It is quite a technical process and requires people who excel in that department but wait there are better ways instead through which even a nontechnical person can set up a Facebook store.

With such advanced technology available, you don’t need to smash your face against wall because of all the technical task. We have softwares available that automatically does your work & make things easier for you.

Various softwares are available for you to help you set up your Facebook store without the need to spin your mind around codes or other technical aspects.


You can create Facebook store via Ecommerce Builder Software, Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, Wix.


Let us highlight few of the above mentioned in detail:


Set Up Facebook Store With Ecommerce Builder Software



The software allows you to automatically create & update your Facebook store. All you need to do is update your product once, and your Facebook store will also be updated helping you saving your time.

Whatever changes you do to your product will get automatically updated on Facebook store as well.

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Set Up Facebook Store With Shopify


To your Shopify store, you just need to add Shopify’s free Facebook store app.

If you already have a Shopify store then you can Showcase and sell your products from Shopify store on Facebook by visiting this page.


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Set Up Facebook Store With Wix


Firstly It would require you to create a Facebook Page in your Facebook account, if you don’t have it already.


Now, To add your Wix Online Store to your Facebook page:


Click the Product Gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Manage Store > at the bottom left of the Wix Store Manager, click Get a Free Facebook Store. From the pop-up window, click Create Store > in the confirmation window, click Okay > select a Facebook Page from the drop-down menu > click Add Page Tab.

This will add a new page tab to your Facebook Page with your store.

You are now ready to go with your online store on Facebook. Just enlist your products listing properly over your FB store and start promoting it. Create deals, and start advertising your coupon over these sites for more sales and leads.


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