How to Start Selling on Etsy? 9 Beginners Tips for Sellers on Etsy

How to Sell on Etsy? Starter Tips for Selling Handmade Products on Etsy, the Most Renowned Marketplace for Handicrafts.


➤ Etsy, a most popular e commerce platform to sell vintage items or handmade, arts and craft items. There has been a lot of noise for handicrafts and vintage stuff these days that millions of people working in this sector more specifically women, found e-commerce as one great platform to boost their sales of handmade items.


If you are willing to open an online store at Etsy E commerce website then read the article till end to grab some very common and important points to implement. To become a successful seller at Etsy is not too hard given that you take some fundamental steps wisely and thoughtfully.


Why to Sell on Etsy?


Selling vintage and handmade art and crafts pieces have never been easier before Etsy. It has emerged to be an exclusive haven for such products. Online sellers who want to start selling such items on Etsy find out how to start selling through this popular online marketplace for handicrafts.

There are various e-commerce portals that provide the same facility and Etsy is one of them. Today, it stands to be one of the most vibrant marketplaces for handmade and vintage goods.

➤ Now, in order to start selling on any portal there are certain rules for sellers and necessary steps to be taken. We usually call it a process or tips to consider when you start selling on e-commerce sites.

➤ How to Open an Online Store



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Beginners Guide on Start Selling on Etsy: Tips for Sellers


9 Steps Beginners Guide for Establishing your Online Store at Etsy Ecommerce Platform


Today we’ll see in this article how to start selling on Etsy, Here we go!

1- Decide The Name for your Etsy Online Store


➤ Naming the shop is the primary step here. Not much of a thought process goes into this. People hardly remember name of the shops online.

➤ Your shop name will not make your business, your products certainly would do. But this does not mean you must choose any irrelevant, unrelated name to business. One that goes according to the niche you are targeting must be chosen.

It shouldn’t be lengthy rather its better to apply rule of thumb i-e 1 to 3 words name is more than sufficient for creating a killer domain name.


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2- Shop Design


➤ People come to you to your shop for the products you sell when they come across your items via Google search engine.


➤ Designing your shop is important but not at the cost of your listings. Focus more on your listings as it will get you customers. Pick up on designing in a more energetic way once your sales starts. Initially basic design of shop would also do ok for you.
➤ You can even design an App for your services for which you can take services of a good eCommerce company for that purpose.  if you are willing to spend some money on your venture then here is a list of the good Ecommerce app designing companies



3- Create a Unique Logo for your Etsy Store


Logo stands as your identity. For creating a logo you have to have graphic designing skills. But need not worry about not having such skills as you can outsource the logo to someone.


➤ Make sure your vision, color scheme, design and rest of the things are clear to the one designing your logo for you so that you get the logo exactly what you wanted.


List of Online Logo Maker Sites where you could design a logo for your Etsy Store

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4- List Your Products


You might have the flawless design and a very unique shop name but unless your listing of products is good, you’ll stand nowhere. A few tips here can work for you, which goes like;


 Test Item By Creating A Prototype:-


Don’t start with testing several items. Create a prototype and test the item. Don’t go in too much detailing like checking every specific color or so.


Don’t waste your efforts on testing several items as you might feel bad when nobody buys it. Select the design that you come to conclusion of after testing and go with the color you find the best.


5. Perfect Photographs


Next comes is taking pictures of the products that will be listed on your Etsy shop. Take nice set of photos with neutral background. Investing a good camera as DSLR would do great here.

➤ DIY- Ecommerce Product Photography Guide for starters


6. Pricing Decision


Include all the cost that you incurred. Cost to make the item, upfront cost, cost to list the item etc and a little additional fee.

Ask for the price you think you deserve to receive in making the product available to the customers.


7. Time is Cost


To make a profitable product you need to see how much time you invest in making a single piece along with the cost of material involved. Time is cost. Value it.


8. Keep an Eye on Competitors


See what your competitors are up to and how their product is different from yours? What prices they are charging for the same? Wondering how to find your competitors on Etsy?


➤ You just need to type the keywords on Etsy homepage to see the people selling items similar to yours. Want to dig more into website ranking and competition analysis?


SEMRush is the perfect tool for making your website rank higher in search engines.



9- Products Descriptions & Detailings


Create a unique description for your listings. Test different methods of description. See how competitors are writing the description. Take note of that. Don’t copy though.


➤ Take tips. Craft your description in a perfect manner. Little details like what material item is made of, customizable or not and other such things could do good.


➤ The process can go on further by mentioning a few more tips after the aforesaid ones like:


– Watch out for your initial sales like first one or two.

– Note the response on each item like reviews on each item listed and comments.

– Advertise on social and get sponsored posts as well.

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