Top 8 Key Elements of an eCommerce Product Listing Page


Benefits and Significance of Maintaining a Quality Product Data for your Online Store


Maintaining a quality product data is crucial to any e-commerce store before starting off its promotion and sales. The better the product information and segregation the more appealing and authentic it looks.

Prior to an online purchase any informed shopper will pay close attention to the product data – the description, reviews, star rating, etc.

In online e-commerce space where the product is not physically present before the buyer to have a look and feel of it, it becomes all the more important to provide the customer with the apt data online and all at one place.

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Key Elements To Quality Product Data for e-commerce


A clean product picture with all inclusive descriptions shows the authenticity and credibility of the product at the very first sight.

So, it states the importance of maintaining a good picture and well written description which can be in a very simple and understandable language but well describes the products in all its dimensions.

Other than this maintaining and running an online shop includes multitude of other factors which are significant for online sales of the product.

Unless & until the prospects gets to know about how & what the product is and certain other important aspects related to it, they won’t undertake the risk of buying.

It’s the product data that does all the talking when it comes to e-commerce platform. The success and failure of the e-commerce site is largely dependent on product data, the contact generated by the site.

So, here’s listing down some of the key components that’s crucial for creating quality product data which in turn is crucial for the success of the e-commerce website.


8 Most Important Factors of an Ecommerce Product Page


Let us take a look at these:


1. Product Title



Product Title-640x480
Product Title

The name or title of your product is its identity to grab customer’s attention. Although, many a times it is so that you hardly have any control over it as the product might be in the name of the manufacturers but still you can make the product stand unique from your competitors means the other vendors in some way or the other.

Moreover, if you have the authority and ability to name your product then do not rush.

Go easy, think wisely and in a creative manner so as to come up with a title that rocks the search engine ranking as well as appeal the masses while being user friendly too.

A good title should be such that it makes the product stand out while making it searchable and easily discoverable. Even the Marketplaces search algorithms are structured in a way that they pick up the most relevant items quickly.

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2. Product Listing Description


Product Listing Description-1024x768
Product Description


Short as well as longer description both makes a part when it comes to product description.

Talking about the importance of each then, short description is basically to give a quick overview, idea of the product and is found moreover on the right hand side at the top of any product whereas on the other hand the longer description is to get a more detailed knowledge about product.

As you scroll down to read more about the product, that’s what the longer description is. Both of them are equally important.

To make the longer description look simple to read & understand you can break it up into small paragraphs or bullet points whichever you think goes apt with the description you are going to put and not just straight away throw the description in a raw form. It might look lengthy & frustrate the customer.

3. Make Product Listings SEO Friendly:


SEO-for-Ecommerce Product Listings-600x400


SEO is a critical element for any website. It does the work of increasing the traffic on website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine. Moreover, in the world of eCommerce, SEO holds extreme importance. Must Read these Killer SEO Tips for e-commerce Websites Herein, it is the page title and the product description that will play a role in making your position in search engine rankings as these will be displayed in search results and be seen by the users/audience.


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4. Attributes


As we know that there are products with wide range of attributes like size, height, color, technical aspects, length, etc.

These attributes play a huge role in deciding the categories to put the product in or in the language of e-commerce portals let’s say the categories filter to guide the audience about the product and be more specific to what they are looking for.

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5. Product Images


Use Images for Product Listings-252x200

Images are yet another very important component for any e-commerce website. It is the image of the product that attracts the customers and provokes them to check out more about the product.

A single image won’t do any good here instead you need to put five or six pictures of the product showing it from different angles and its different variations so that the customers can get a complete idea of how the product looks like. High quality images are crucial for the success on this platform.

Therefore, it is important to have high resolution images but make sure that the images are optimized so that the speed it doesn’t hamper the speed of the site as with large images site speed tends to slow down.


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6. Using Videos for Product Listings

Using Videos for Product Listings-260x194


Although not used by all yet videos have come up as one great component to influence the masses and many e-commerce companies are making it a part of their strategy.

It gives more connecting feeling to the buyer when they see the product live or functioning in the video as per the real performance. Still images of the product can’t invoke that kind of connect as compared to a product video.


Many cost effective methods to create videos exist today for example you could just create videos by using images only if you cannot do much in that section.

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7. Product Reviews



Product Reviews-279x181

Reviews are important as to a great extent the decision of a customer to finally purchase a product or not is dependent on it.

People want proof of the success of the product (i.e its effectiveness, quality, etc) which can’t be given in a way better than reviews from the customers who have already used the product.

Having reviews from your customers paves for your success on e-commerce platform provided the reviews are positive. To get positive reviews your product must be good in all respects.

Therefore encouraging customers to review your product is also necessary therein.




8. Outsourcing the Product Listing Work


Outsourcing the Product Listing Work-634x332


When you have a wide range of products, it gets tough to create product data for the purpose of content and usually manufacturers are not expected to provides quality content that can be uploaded. In such cases there are outsourcing companies that exist for your rescue. These companies does the work of aggregating & creating the product data for you thereby giving you useful, informative and quality content to offer to the customers via e-commerce portal.


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