Ecommerce Promotion Tips – 5 Best Ways to Promote an Online Shopping Store

Beginners Tips to Promote an Ecommerce Online Shopping Store


5 Key Techniques to Promote your eCommerce Store : Beginners Tips to Start getting Sales Instantly with the Help of SMM, SEM, Content Marketing.


Got amazing products to sell? Get an eCommerce storefront website created easily here. Now that you have already created an eCommerce store to sell across these amazing products you need to know what exactly it takes to get traffic and sales coming in.

We understand how difficult it could be for new eCommerce entrepreneurs to start getting sales. We will in this article ease it out for you and you will start getting instant sales.



Promote your eCommerce Store

What are the 5 Best Ways to Market an Online Store

Here are the much needed 5 Keys to Promote an eCommerce storefront website:

1. Traditional Marketing Methods


Everybody now a days talk about online marketing but that does not mean traditional marketing be left out. Traditional marketing still yields results like no other medium. It still boasts of credibility, authenticity and more trust in the buyers when they are reached through these methods.


Following are the best traditional marketing methods:


a. Print

Advertisements in newspapers, magazines, brochures,fliers, tent cards and other printed material for distribution.


b. Broadcast

Radio and television commercials, movie theater advertising, Live Media, etc.


c. Direct mail

Materials that are printed and mailed directly like fliers, postcards, brochures, letters, catalogs, etc.


d. Telemarketing

Requested calling and /or call back requests and cold calling. Generate Leads Without Cold Calling . Read these Tips to get leads from telecalling.



2. Public Relations


A good press coverage is likely to be far more effective to reach the target demographic than any other method. Make the right strategy and understand why the target demographic would express interest in what you are conveying.
Compile a list of all journalists, bloggers and influences across different print and electronic media. Make sure to reach those who cover your industry only. Develop interesting content ad stories to attract their attention.


Start by sending to the smaller channel, blog or newspaper. Continue building relationships with the key person who is the decision maker across different print and electronic media.


There are many professional agencies in the market and many actively working for eCommerce start-ups Pr activities. Get hold of them and before you finalize. Meet and understand from a couple of them which will help you in decision making of choosing the right agency.


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3. Social Media for Marketing Ecommerce Business


Social media plays a great role in marketing any business today. Follow the below given tips to promote your online storefront.


a. Facebook


Facebook Business page can be turned into a powerhouse to promote your eCommerce business. Do regular updates. Come up with an interesting and engaging content every day along with eye catching info-graphics to keep the fans connected.

Keep separate special discount coupons and offers for first likers of your posts on daily basis. This will keep them coming back to check you post again and again.

Be innovative and start some contest and/or offers for the fans. Encourage buyers to like your Facebook page to increase the fan base count.

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b. Instagram


Startle the followers with the stunning pictures of your products. Instagram has become second largest powerhouse of promotion after Facebook for most of the ecommerce stores. Many even start selling on instagram even before starting their ecommerce stores.

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c. Twitter


Use hashtags and increase your visibility among your audience. Either a trending topic or your relevant topics, wisely select the hashtags.

For example if you are selling Nike shoes select hashtags like #Nike #Shoes #SportsGear #RunningShoes #Run #Running #Sports #Jogging ##NikePlus #NikeRunning #Football #Soccer

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d. Youtube


Think of an engaging video rather than a promotional commercial to reach out your niche. Put direct links into the video to specific landing pages on your website.

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e. Pinterest


With 70 million registered users and 40 million active users Pinterest is still the most underestimated platform by the businesses.

One of the biggest platforms for image sharing inspires 70% of its visitors for their buying decisions according to a report.

Keep the Pinterest button with each of your product so that your visitors can pin it and that’s how you get promoted. Create a business account and keep creating smart boards relevant to your industry type.

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4. Search Engines


Search engine marketing helps to attract targeted traffic to your website. Consumers search on search engines using specific words or phrases which generate results. These results which search engines generate are of two types. One is organic and another is paid. The organic search results appear on the main page as results while the paid results appear as ads on the same page.

To appear higher in ranking we need to employ search engine optimization (SEO) for fee organic ranking results and Pay Per Click (PPC) for paid ads.


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5. Content Marketing


A killer content is the honey-trap to trap all those sales and leads you been ever thinking about. A great content shall be intriguing for the consumers. Don’t be scared of writing about anything that sells. Write about that your readers least expect, breaking the convention. But always back up all what you brag with facts and data to support.

Use visual content or visually appealing content to keep the reader glued.

Use social trends to take advantage of what’s trending on social media and gain visibility for yourself.

Benchmark’s content marketing report reveals that enewsletter gets the maximum number of respondents (55%), White papers (53%), Videos(53%), Case Studies(47%), Webinars (39%), Research Reports (36%), Infographics (31%) and then Product Demos (27%).

So now you know how and where to keep your focus while planning your content strategy.


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