YouTube Marketing Beginners Guide 2022 for Business Branding, Promotion & Success

YouTube as Social Media Marketing Platform  – How to Advertise and Market your Business via Video Marketing


How to Advertise and Promote your website using Youtube based Video Marketing?


Submitting videos on YouTube is a great practice for promoting any business online today as this is one of the unique ways of Prevalent Online advertising where you get benefits from the two pillars of today’s best of the Internet marketing methods- Social media marketing and Search Engine Marketing.


Youtube Marketing for Dummies: Tips for Business Promotion and Branding

When you Promote your Small Business over YouTube it’s part of 2 two types of Internet marketing ways as stated above. Since YouTube is a popular social networking site, hence it becomes a part of social media marketing and advertising once you start publicizing your content on YouTube.

Tips for Video Marketing and Making


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YouTube Social Media Video Marketing Tips for Beginners


Some Simple Ways and Methods for Getting Free Traffic from YouTube

[ Why Advertise and Market your Business Website/ Blog over YouTube? Online Promotion Tips! ]

Youtube has become the social media giant where people search every kind of things today. That’s why most of the businesses today are regularly active on YouTube for online promotion, leads, and sales. YouTube is also used as one of the best means of paid advertising for business as it offers great traffic on your videos and hence your site.

And, all of you must be already knowing how well YouTube videos perform in search engine result pages from Google!  So, YouTube becomes a good source of search engine marketing as well equally.


You tube is a great way for Premium marketing methods as well. Your website or blog may get good traffic from Youtube. People also include YouTube in the list of directories for free website submission.



Why Use Youtube for Internet Marketing: Top 4 Benefits of using Youtube for Business Promotion


In today’s brutally competitive business environment cannot be overstated. It is absolutely undeniable that, for an enterprise to retain its relevance and remain competitive it must aggressively market its goods and services on the internet.


Youtube is arguably one of the best online marketing platforms. With regard to this widely known fact, every business establishment that intends to expand or maintain its market share must effectively utilize this ingenious marketing platform.


In this light, we are going to highlight some of the reasons why Youtube is a great social media marketing platform in addition to how it can be effectively used.


You Tube Social Media for Promoting a Business/website online


#1. Wide Audience

You tube has over 1 billion users. Marketing is all about numbers and you tube definitely has the numbers. By advertising on you tube, a blog or website has the opportunity to showcase its content, goods or services to millions of potential clients.


Additionally unlike other mediums of advertisement, YouTube adds can generate referral traffic due to the easily shareable nature of the videos.


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#2 . Low costs incurred

The cost of marketing goods and services on YouTube is a pale shadow of the cost incurred when using other advertising mediums. When one uploads a video to market his or her goods and services, the cost of producing the video is the only cost that will be shouldered.


Even if one does not use an uploaded video to market his goods and services, the cost of posting a paid ad on YouTube is relatively small.


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#3. Highly Effective


The effectiveness and efficiency of YouTube as a site or blog promotion tool is unquestionable. First and foremost, the advertiser has a lot of leeway with regard to content creation and hence can include all the content that he or she deems necessary.


Secondly, the targeted viewer views the advertisers content by his or her own volition unlike in TV where the ad is slotted in the middle of a program and hence is forcefully imposed upon the target audience. An advertisement that is willingly viewed has greater chances of resulting in a sale than one that is forced upon the viewer.


Furthermore, the advertiser only pays for the number of clicks resulting from an ad in the case of paid for advertisements. Referral traffic that results from you tube advertisements further highlights its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

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#4 Increases Brand Awareness


You tube can be effectively used to increase the brand visibility of the home based businesses such as sites and blogs via site and blog promotion. By posting a captivating video or paying for an ad on YouTube one can be sure that immense traffic will result from the video and hence the business’s brand will be subsequently publicized.


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How to Use Youtube for Business Marketing?



In order to be successful in a business, it is vital to advertise it properly. Since this is the digital age, therefore the best way to advertise your business is advertising it on the social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Since everyone wants to find out cheap/free ways of advertising on these social sites, therefore in this portion of article I will share with you some tips for advertising on YouTube using Free as well as Paid methods.

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#1. Pay for Ad Space on YouTube:


One can pay for ad space at the beginning of videos uploaded on YouTube. A captivating advert will result in numerous clicks that will generate a lot of traffic to the business’s respective site and may eventually result in sales. The payments for the ads are dependent on the number of clicks that result from the advertisement.

If you have a YouTube video then according to Phil from Moz , you can also overlay ad into your video which will link back to your business website. For this you will have to create a Google Adwords account and link it to your YouTube channel. You can always choose in your Adwords settings to pay only when your ad is clicked. It will enable you to avail the facility of brand awareness in front of the huge online community of YouTube.


There is another option to go for in YouTube advertising which is in stream ad. In this type of advertisements, your advertisement video runs before or during a video, user has the option to skip it after watching for 5 seconds. You will be charged only if user continues to watch it for more than 30 seconds.


If you make a video ad of 35 seconds, in that case even if some user prefers to watch the complete ad, most probably he will skip it before the completion of ad i.e. before 30 seconds.


Another option is to create in-slate ads which are shown in the start of YouTube content which has duration of 10 minutes or more. Here you will pay only when the user watches the advertisement video.


In this technique, your business or product will be visible to many users making them aware of your business/ product. Similar is the case with in-search ads, which are placed on left and right side of Youtube search.

Only those users will watch the video in this case who will be interested in your product and they may become your good customers as well.


#2. Create your Own Channel:


The best way to create a free advertisement on YouTube for your business is to create videos about your business or products and upload them into your YouTube channel. Then you can avail any available technique to promote your video on YouTube. It will act as your permanent ad on YouTube.


By creating your business’s own video channel and effectively marketing it, sufficient traffic will be attracted to the channel. Subsequently, the business related videos will be viewed and there will be resultant sales and site views.


Subscription to the channel by potential clients may result in a certain degree of customer loyalty that may consequently result in repeat sales.


It is advisable for one to create a captivating trailer of the channel content in order to attract new subscriptions. It is extremely important to ensure that the content on the channel is always interesting. Also equally significant is to ensure that the content is relevant and adequately markets the business.


A well-managed channel with sufficient regular traffic will open new avenues for income generation through posting ads for other businesses. YouTube also allows the addition of social links to the channel.


#3 Optimize Your Video Uploads:


It is extremely important for the YouTube content to be optimized. This involves the structuring of the data that encapsulates the videos such as the title and tags in such a way that the videos will pop up whenever a related keyword is searched.


Due to the important purpose of the posted videos, a high level of professionalism is the key.


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Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube marketing


Youtube and Business Marketing –10 Things to Know about Youtube Promotion

Most Important Points to consider while promoting over YouTube for the maximum advantages for Biz Marketing

Youtube and Business Marketing – Pros and Cons (Revised)

Pros and Cons to Know for YouTube Business Marketing. Things to look when Promoting your business via YouTube. Online business tips for YouTube Biz Marketing.


When ‘not-so-successful’ brands search for online resources, tools and platforms at their end to become ‘more successful’, YouTube usually tops the list. In course of the last decade or so, it has proved its worth as the most effective host for visual content and probably the most sought after channel on the web.

No wonder, YouTube business marketing has come to stay. And the reasons are quite obvious too. Contemporary consumers no more feel happy with bland advertising text.

They need more amusing, more entertaining visual content in video format to satisfy their ever demanding consumer ego.  YouTube serves that purpose only too well. What’s more, YouTube, as a well-known video hosting site can reach millions of users across our lonely planet at one go.

That’s why You Tube is among the top tools for promoting business content today!

At the same time, it does not need any especial technical skill to manipulate YouTube platform in order to promote a business enterprise on a video.


The Good, Best, and Bad of YouTube Business Marketing


But is it always “Rose, roses, all the way; with myrtle mixed in my path”? Probably not so, as there are thorns too that often hamper your path to success.


In other words, YouTube business marketing also has its pitfalls that need to be analyzed and taken into consideration. Nevertheless, to take stock in a more comprehensive manner, this post will take into account the pros and cons of YouTube business marketing as it stands in its present form.


Pros of YouTube Marketing Process:


#1. One of the biggest plus points of YouTube marketing process is that it has no qualms to accept nearly all forms of videos, regardless of its category or quality as long as it’s essential terms and conditions remain fulfilled.


So, even a reasonably designed video can jolly well become an exemplar of YouTube marketing process. YouTube also allows all varieties of videos, either home-made or professional, to be uploaded as well accessed by all and sundry.


#2. The viral-ability of approach proves to be yet another advantage of YouTube marketing. Millions of users strewn all over the universe surf YouTube for the newest  video every day, every hour irrespective of the topic, duration and time.


YouTube also proves to be the most ideal platform for marketers to realize enormous viewing audience almost at the drop of a hat to heighten their business. In fact, it has become the second largest search engine drawing more than 55% consumer traffic on the Internet, as of July 2014.


An immaculately designed and developed business video, as we all know, can secure a high page ranking from most of the popular search engines, while a first page listing on Search Engine Result page can be compared to a ‘shot in the arm’ for most businesses and brands.


Then there is the chance of the video going viral if the content proves captivating, engaging and relevant for the viewers.


#3. Yet another  advantage of promoting a video on YouTube comes from the unwritten but sturdy support by Google as YouTube is the brainchild of the all powerful search engine that reigns supreme on the WWW. As a result, viewers, in their heart of hearts, fall for the video or videos that are uploaded on YouTube merely for its nearness to Google.


At the same time, a YouTube video has the benefit of gaining a better chance of a higher ranking by Google to attract more traffic to the business website.

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#4. YouTube offers benefits galore for cash trapped greenhorn business owners and marketers because of its cost effective marketing platform that offers almost free and fruitful facilities to harvest tons of potential leads, yet using not many tools if the designer is thoroughly occupied with the objective and the theme.


Above all, YouTube is unique in a way that engages a visitor freely and convincingly about a message in an animated form that thousands of written words could seldom achieve.


Cons of YouTube Marketing Process:


Even though the foregoing paragraphs may convince the reader that YouTube is the ideal, most effective faultless marketing platform ever created by God for the benefit of marketers in this material world, the following paragraphs may disillusion them to some extent.


#5.  One of the devastating disadvantages of YouTube marketing stems from the realty that there is practically No Guarantee of the end result since the facility is free sans any compulsion on the viewers to sustain the enterprise. Over and above, if the video is not appropriately created or set up with an Opt-in feature or unambiguous backlink, viewers are more likely to reject it.


Also, there is no surety of the preferred outcome with YouTube marketing since the viewer holds the ultimate say in regard to accepting or rejecting the video content or business offerings.


In many cases, viewers may feel entertained by the video content, but seldom feel inspired or constrained to carry on with the Opt-in or provide support for the business.


Despite all its plus points, YouTube seldom offers  any flexibility while customizing videos posted on its platform and also has some restrictions that surely puts a check on the dynamism of the video when used as a promotional issue.


This is mostly felt in regard to the limitations imposed by YouTube on calls-to-action feature which is not the case with other video hosting platforms that are more generous in this respect.

However, the worst part of the whole story revolves round the fact that YouTube, being a free posting platform can become a beehive for each and everybody to throw a stone on it in the form of unpleasant or adverse comments that can neither be deleted nor removed by force.

Needless to say, these could be extremely disappointing for marketers who have to withstand the rigmarole with anguish in their hearts.




Even though YouTube with its free facility provides an excellent platform for attracting hordes of organic traffic along with numerous benefits, marketers and small business persons should take into consideration the pros and cons of using it for marketing purposes.

Probably the best idea would be to understand pros and cons and then make your plans accordingly. In that case Pros will weigh more than the cons features.

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