Best Video Player Apps 2022 on Google Playstore for Android Phone Users

List of Top 10 Video Player Apps for Android Users on Playstore


Movie player feature for android is not as good as it could be if considered. Not much has been done by Google in this section. But with the app trend nowadays the problem has been solved.

If you have a good android phone with fast processor then you can download any of these below mentioned apps which could give you more options for video viewing other than old playback options.


Best Mobile Apps for Playing Videos on Android Phones
Best Mobile Apps for Playing Videos on Android Phones


List of Best Mobile Apps for Playing Videos on Android based Phones

Android requires a good video player app for watching videos seamlessly on your phone. Find out the Top 10 best Apps for Playing Video on an Android based phone. List of Video Player Apps for Android.


# 1. Flixter


With its headquarters in San Francisco, California, Flixter was founded in the year 2007.

The app basically allows you to discover new movies, learn about the new trailers & upcoming movies in the box office.

Since January 10 flixter has been the parent of the website Rotten tomatoes. You can check out reviews, stream or download movies etc on this rotten tomatoes site.

Those who want to buy theater tickets can do so through this app by clicking “Get Tickets & Showtimes” & select the theater, movie time as per their wish. Integrated service is also available to complete the purchase process.

Overall flixter is a very user friendly app for video playing on android.

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# 2. MX Player


Amazing app for you to have a fabulous experience of watching movies.

It covers various features in terms of Hardware acceleration, Multi-core decoding, subtitle gestures etc. You can also zoom in & out by pinching & swiping across the screen.

Kids lock feature in this app stands out as unique because even your kids can have full entertainment enjoying the video/movie & you don’t have to keep eyeing them if they are touching unnecessarily on call button or stuffs like that. It has over 100 million downloads at present & counting more.

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# 3. Mobo Player


The app that assures you of providing the best playback experience & quality.

Users can easily watch the videos without having to convert them into certain supported format because mobo player supports all video formats.

You need to select “software decoding” mode. It also supports various subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS & SAA. MKV, MPV, MOV & other subtitles & multi subtitles are built in, thumbnails display of videos etc making it a big yes in terms of acceptance by the users.

Mobo player app is coming up as one of the best for watching videos on android & has got lots of more stuff to play around within.

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# 4. Crackle


A free app for streaming & downloading of movies. You would not find the latest releases though but it provides you with all the new stuffs as it gets updated every month i-e new movies & shows on monthly basis. No sign up is required.

On the hit of the button you can start watching your movies/ TV shows whatever you want to, wherever & whenever.

It has got hundreds of movies & thousands of full episodes of TV shows. An award winning app which allows you to watch complete uncut Hollywood movies & shows for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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# 5. Bigflix


With bigflix app installed in your phone, you can enjoy hundreds of popular movies or rather it should be written as Blockbuster movies in all major Indian languages.

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, English and others. This app is meant for the people with typical bollywood taste.

All Bollywood lovers can download this app to watch the movies they want. They say Bigflix as your ‘Personal Blockbuster Theatre’. The app is paid & very reasonable. Visit their website here at Bigflix.


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# 6. Netflix


World’s leading service in terms of subscription with 100 million users & more.

Netflix is a free app which allows you to watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone instantly after sign up. Not only this, it also provides you one month free trial of the app initially.

You just need to be a member of  netflix by signing up there & you can have access to unlimited TV shows and movies for a very low monthly amount to be paid.

You can search for & browse thousands of titles, and new episodes which are added on regular basis. The app also allows you to rate your favorite shows or movies in order to let Netflix suggest the stuffs as per your liking.

Visit here to find more about Netflix Videos


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# 7. Google Play Movies & TV


The app is quite different from others as it allows the users to watch movies & TV shows by purchase or rent option. Means to say you have to purchase your stuff on Google play for certain amount or if you don’t want to purchase then on rent you can enjoy your favorite stuff (Movies or TV series).

This app works on android phone or tablet or even on HDTV using Chromecast & the best part about this app is in case you don’t find the movie or show you are looking for or in case it is not available there then you don’t have to get dishearted because wish list option in this app comes to your rescue here.

Just wish list the movie or show to get a notification when it’s available to buy or rent.
Google play movies & TV shows had over 1 billion downloads that shows its acceptance & success worldwide.

Visit here for Watching Videos at Google Play Movies & TV shows.


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# 8. BS Player


With 10 million downloads already & 4.4 ratings, BS player is tough competition for all the other apps in this area. A free top hardware accelerated video player for Android smartphones and tablet PCs.

It has various amazing features for example it has hardware accelerated video playback ( increases speed and reduces battery consumption), Multiple audio streams and subtitles, background playback in popup window, child lock facility & many more.

This is one of the best apps for streaming & watching videos. You can also make the experience ad free on paying certain amount, means to say its paid version is ad free.

Visit here to download BS Player App at Google Playstore.


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# 9. GPlayer


Easy to operate app with Multiple-Window & Floating Pop-up Technique, GPlayer has about 1 million users.

Its wide video format support allows you to play almost all types of the media files.

It is an innovation video playback software for Android OS which can re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back with Group Media Sharing feature.

Its popup video technique is very interesting that lets you watch the video and do something else at the same time.

For the large amount of video files, its loading time is more fast and steady as compared to the other app’s video player. You can install the app and see what more it has in store for you.

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# 10. VLC Media Player


One of the most trusted of all apps in context of video watching is vlc media player.

This app came in the year 2012 and became a huge success as more than a decade ago VLC was launched for playing videos on PC’s so there was a positioning in the minds of the users and they find vlc as one of the most trusted amongst all.

Not merely media files rather vlc is a great app for watching HD content too reason being its feature that it is supported by the open sourced codec files that can be installed with the player.

Available for android, iOS as well as Windows devices.

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