9 Best Apps for Teachers and Tutors for Android and iOS

Best Mobile Apps for Teachers: Find out the Top 9 Apps handpicked for you.


Teachers have to look after a lot of stuff. Manage so many activities related to students & class. Attendance, behavior analysis, lectures, assignments, explanation, reports to parents & lots more.
How about reducing their workload by simplifying the methods of doing things. Yes, with apps today you can manage & make tasks easier then they would be otherwise.With digital revolution everything has evolved even the conventional teaching practices have been replaced by new hi-tech ways. Let’s discover in this article the best mobile apps that are useful for the teachers.

Best tuition sites for Tutors and Teachers

Best Mobile Apps for Teachers
Best Mobile apps for Teachers


Top 9 Mobile Apps for Teachers and Tutors

Ultimate Mobile Applications for the Professionals related to Teaching Field.
Bringing you top mobile applications that could be a great helping tool for teachers and some of these for students as well:-


1. Pocket: A Great App to save your favorite things

Education is not merely restricted or confined within the boundaries of classroom. It can be by various sources. This app Pocket is one of such sources that lets you instantly save articles, videos, and other content that could support your future lectures as we are talking about teachers here.

Anything you save offline can be viewed later. A beautiful reading experience is assured & you can share with your friends by telling them what you’re reading via this app.

2. Class Dojo

The app helps the teachers in a different way & that is by allowing them to send parents public and private messages regarding their child’s behavior, his/her progress & feedback from teachers as well through comments like he/she is ‘working hard’, ‘improving’, ‘no improvement’ ‘need to work hard’ etc.

No dependency on school newsletter now. The app is available for free. Why not try this?

Class Dojo app on Google Playstore
Class Dojo app on Apple app Store

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3. Creative Writing

Writing involves a lot of creative thinking, framing of sentences & perfect blend of words etc. This app Creative Writing helps  teachers as well a students in aiding their writing efforts.

Creative writing provides more than 1,000 starting lines to improve & enhance one’s writing process.

You can also save and share your  work through social media sources in case you want to. The app is a great tool for all the aspiring writers & hence they should benefit from it.

Creative Writing App for android
Lists for Writers- Ideas for creative writing app for iPhone

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4- Edmodo:-

With Edmodo app you don’t have to worry about limited time left for school to get over. Yes, because the app lets your discussion to continue even after the school.

For the purpose of sharing content be it assignments, polls, sharing files, videos etc teachers and students can use this app & take learning beyond the classroom. Available for both android as well as iOS.

Download Edmodo for Android
Download Edmodo from Apple app store

5. Teacher’s Assistant Pro


Classroom Management Notes:-

Available for iOS users just for $6, the app allows teachers to keep the behavioral records of each student that’s under you, so that any change or downfall in terms of performance or other behavioral aspect can be tracked & noticed easily.
Teachers even have access to email facility via Teacher’s Assistant Pro which helps them to directly shoot email regarding certain act or incident related to the student.Teacher’s Assistant Free and Pro app for Android, iPad, iPhone


6. Screenchomp


Available for iPhone users, the application Screenchomp allows you to sketch while you explain certain idea on your iPhone or iPad. It helps you give a pictorial presentation of your idea along with your narration.

It’s up to you whether you want to sketch on a plain background or want some image from your photo gallery to sketch on.For more details on Screenchomp

7. Teacher Aid Pro 2


With this app that’s available on Google play & Amazon, teachers can easily record the attendance as well as other information of students. You just need to click on the name of the student and there you have all the details of the students, parents & immediate emailing or calling facility provided too. The app is available for $15.



8. StudyBlue: online flashcards and Homework help


With millions of downloads already, the StudyBlue helps you to create digital flashcards with which you can study anytime anywhere you want. It gives you access to more than 350 million student made flashcards & notes from world’s largest digital library.

Teachers can utilise its features for creating digital sets of flashcards, quizzes, guides to search for matter or important topics and that too with optional audio and video facility.

You can set your notes in organized form so that they are easily accessible without having to waste time in searching. Students can enjoy better grades in their studies with the use of this application. The app is available for free and of great benefit for teachers & students as well. You can download it from Google play, iTunes or Amazon.Download Studyblue app for Android from Google Playstore


9. eBackPack


A free application that helps you share information, class assignments with certain groups or whole class, review, explain & then return them digitally. You can view all your assignments on your calendar as you’re allowed to integrate these to your calendar.

ebackpack is a service that provides teachers, students, and administrators the ability to do the entire classroom workflow process without the need to print any paper.

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