Creative Writing Apps – Best Mobile Apps for Writers in 2023 [ Android and iPhone]

Best Mobile Apps for Writers as Helping Tools for Better Writing


The Top Mobile Apps for Content Writing – The Apps that are Making Life Easier and Successful for Content Writers


With the advancement in Technology writing has become a much easier task. There has been a major shift from desktop to virtual writing. With tablets, smartphones, ipads & many other devices that come with writing tools with superior word processing capabilities, things have changed. Writers have become more productive than ever with these mobile apps to make their writing and editing tasks easier. Find out yourself in this article about the most popular apps for creating writing.


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Content Writing Apps- Top Mobile Apps for Writers


There are two types of apps available when you search for “Creative Writing Apps”:


  1. The apps that offer various tools to help you writing better. They contain visual content editor tools and features that help you writing in better way. You get better editing and writing tools, Grammar and Sentence correction and decoration tools.
  2. The apps for writers which help in learning writing in creative way. They help you in becoming a better writer with lots of suggestions, feedback, learning, language skill tools, etc. Basically they come into educational and learning category apps.


Creative Writing Apps for Writers in 2023 : List of Popular Apps for Content Writing


Writers have become more productive than ever with these mobile apps to make their writing task easier. Find out Best Apps for Content Writers as Cool writing tools. The apps are here nowadays for helping writers up their writing game.


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Mobile apps for Writers



Here are a few outstanding mobile apps for writers:-



1. Jotterpad



Jotterpad- a very popular app for creative writing



A nicely designed app with a fair amount of features. The reason why jotterpad is considered to be one of the best writing apps is because of its clean typing interface.


Its text editor covers all the text editing tools right from undo redo option to word count, extended keyboard, built-in dictionary, etc.


Different fonts for typing with syntax highlighting is available therein and even has export options to PDF and DOCX too. The app is free to download but to enjoy creative mode, you are required to to purchase additional features.


[ Download Jotterpad Writer App Free from Google Store ] [ WriterRoom App at iTunes- Jotterpad best Alternate for iPhone ]


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2. Monospace Writing and Notes App (android)



Monospace- A Popular App for Creative Writing and Notes



It is the writing app with modern style editing features. Like if talk about it’s hashtag feature then unlike that old folder system, here the app does the organizing job for you just by adding hashtag to it.

The app allows for exporting via Markdown & its latest version supports dropbox sync as well. For minimal notes & writing this is the most apt application though it is still in BETA. Available for free with 4.3 ratings given.

[ Monospace Writer Writing and Notes App free download at Google Play Store ]


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3. Write: A Productivity App for Writers





Supporting tons of sharing services, pass-code lock, granular interface control, and others, this app has one unique feature which you won’t find in any other competitive app is a cursor nub that allows you to accurately place the cursor while typing & the swipe selection makes selecting the part of text error-less.

You can easily switch to full-screen mode as it allows you to concentrate on what’s important.

The shortcut toolbar therein provides markdown formatting & markdown preview while writing. Custom fonts, brightness control & lots more features are there in this app which makes it good platform for writing.


[ Download Write Productivity App on Android ] [ Write App Alternate on iTunes store ]


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4. Microsoft Word



Microsoft Word-app-for-android-ios-500x400
Microsoft Word App for Writers for Android and iOS



Well, the name is enough. The app allows you to Create beautiful documents with Word. You can view, create & edit documents on your phone without having to depend on your laptop, PCs.

It covers all the familiar features of word be it Images, charts, footnotes, formulas, tables, pictures, fonts etc. Templates too are available to save your time.

Share your documents with others & don’t let your work get hampered because of place or time. Stat productive with Microsoft Word app.

Available for both iOS & Android users.


[ Microsoft Word on Google Play Store ] [ Download Microsoft Word App from iTunes ]


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5. Drafts 4




Drafts4 app for iOS



The app is usually for the purpose of instantly writing what’s on your mind, your thoughts, things to recall later, etc.

You can even use it for proper writing work like you would do using any other writing app. For markdown shortcuts if you see there is a customisable bar  present right above the keyboard.

With its Apple Watch app you can easily view your Drafts inbox.
Overall the app is good & supports iOS device. Not available for android as yet.

[ Download Drafts4 App from iTunes Store ]


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6. Evernote



Evernote- Productivity app for writers


The app with over 100 million downloads already is proving to be a great helper to all. It helps you write notes, create checklist, organize articles & so much more. You can attach PDFs, office docs etc to it.The best part being its offline access.


You can work on it even if there’s no internet connection. Evernote is a very wide application that could help writers in numerous ways. Available for free but you can enjoy extra features with its premium subscription.


[ EverNote Apps on iTunes ] [ Evernote App on Google Playstore ]


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